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Friday, April 28, 2006

Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 1

[Posted @ 4:36 PM]
Because I feel like doing something good today cos it's my cousin's one year old birthday =]. I tried to post just now but suddenly there was a black out and i was 'happy' enough to repost it again lol.

Anyways, here's a Side Story from Tours Mai HiME Volume 3 Doujinshi. Probably would be doing another one more later but i only got two translated yeah, so i can't translate anymore.

Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 1.

Sorry, i know it's abit messy but the space is this small lol, i don't know what to do, so just bear with it ba =]. If you don't understand, basically, Shizuru has a motive in helping Natsuki XD and Shizuru demands her reward in forms of 'Eating' Natsuki out lol. [Wiggle Eyebrows Heh] I think this is the meaning ba, then Natsuki going ... mou, can't we kiss sometimes instead of 'eating' me out? LoL. Cute~~~

Anyways, gotta go cya!

[Signing off @ 4:56 PM]

PS: Back from aunt's house, tried to post just now but couldn't and i HAD to go cos it was going to rain lol. I managed to post it on otaku.com first but not here so i'll just post it now =].

Oh yeah, i added a search function in this blog, so yeah, if you're lazy or what, use the search function ... =]


  1. hey how did u make ur blog look like this?

  2. Uh, toughy. I used one of Blogger's templates, edited, added and changed some stuff, and there you have it lol.

  3. Fufu, Shizuru as Duran! XD