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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Crappy Brief Overview of Mai Otome

[Posted @ 11:34 PM]
I watched 15 Eps of Mai Otome in one shot this afternoon. Started at Ep 12 ... on to finale which is Ep 26.

It was ok ... i was just breezing through ... people dying and Mashiro changing her bratty character and finally acting like a queen ... Arika making her decision and blah. I'm ok with the whole Arika x Sergay romance ... i mean i don't really care hahaha.

One thing, i can't understand Tomoe's ... acting like a baby hobby lol. It wasn't explained too heh. Maybe she just needs some motherly love haha.

I laughed when i saw Akane's Neko Mimi Otome suit~~~ LOL SO CUTE!! HAHAHA. Too bad, didn't get to see an actual Nao 'Materializing' scene, that's pretty sad haha, i'm liking Nao in Mai Otome rather than Mai Hime. LoL, it's so funny when she was chosen as one of the five pillars and she was like 'Darns, my life plan is all gone! I'm going to be in the group of old hags!!!' LOL. And Miss Maria heard it hahaha. Ahh really, Nao in Mai Otome is such a kind young girl haha. No. Really.

Too bad, we didn't get to see a Natsuki X Shizuru dramatic renunion scene. COME ON!! A HUG WON'T HURT RIGHT?! When they ran towards each other, i was expecting a HUG but ... they stopped in front of each other and crapped some stuff i don't remember lol. But at least we get to see a Chie x Aoi dramatic renunion scene =).

Ahhh, Miss Maria is not an old hag?! LOL. She actually looks kinda hot hahaha. Nice twist.

Anyways, overall an ok ending, dead people are left DEAD. LoL, no, Erstin didn't come back to life, neither did Mimi and some other people i couldn't remember which means they're insignificant. LOL. Everyone was happy, i laughed at the 'Sunflower Castle' haha, i mean, i'll really burst into laughter if there's a real castle like that haha.

Ahhh, how about the Arika X Nina X Sergay love triangle? ... Arika realized she had better things to do than love 'Otou-sama' and probably gave him up or she realized that Nina needs Sergay more than she does ... and gave him up. I mean Arika got an Otome job to do and her dream to realize ... whereas Nina ... had nothing. MANZ, this reminds me of ... Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien aka Rumbling Hearts ... Arika is Haruka, Nina is Mizuki and Sergay is Takayuki. Manz, but Sergay is a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCHHHH more reliable person than that Bakayuki lol.

Nina and Sergay lived happily ever after in this castle far away where noone know that they used to be father and daughter. Sergay lost his little memory so ... Nina can you know heh heh. So their love would not be condemn there. I mean for goodness sake, they're not really father and daughter anyways ... foster father and daughter, so i guess i'm ok with it ... or rather i read too much taboo stuff that i'm even ok with any sort of relationships le haha.

Overall, an ok watch, Ep1-10 were GREAT, i couldn't wait for spoilers to come out but slowly in later Eps ... probably cos of projects or what, my interest died down ... so i see no point of blogging it since it ended and i've no interest haha. That's all cya.

Mai Otome OVA anyone? Not me. This ending is enough for me. Well, if the OVA is about Natsuki and Shizuru ... it's another story ...

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

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