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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep1

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Strawberry Panic! Ep1~ Let the yuri begin =] Noone seems to really care about the story except there’s a lot of yurish scenes here and there and rambling about no kissing scenes. Shessh, 好戏还在后头嘛, good stuff are always at the back lol. Anyways, I do care about the story and I bet there’s a dark past about Shizuma, so I’m doing a good summary so bare with me ok? =)

Oh before that, characters introduction! Basically there are three yuri girls’ schools on Astraea Hill, St Miator Girls’ School, St Lulim Girls’ School and St Spica Girls’ School. So I’ll be separating the characters into the ‘Schools’, the ‘Onee-samas’, the ‘Main Characters’, the ‘Best Friends’, the ‘Kawaii Kouhais’ and others respectively.

St Miator Girls’ SchoolSt Lulim Girls’ SchoolSt Spica Girls’ School
Hanazono Shizuma.Minamoto Chikaru.Ootori Amane.
Hanazono Shizuma - 6th Grade, Snow Class, Number One Star Idol, Etoile.Minamoto Chikaru - 5th Grade, A Class, Student Council President of St Lulim.Ootori Amane - 5th Grade, Trois Class, The ‘Prince’ of St Spica. *Trois means Three in French.
Aoi Nagisa.Hyuuga Kizuna.Konohana Hikari.
Aoi Nagisa - 4th Grade, Moon Class, Klutzy and expressive.Hyuuga Kizuna - 2nd Grade, B Class, Active and cheerful individual.Konohana Hikari - 3rd Grade, Un Class, Loves beautiful things. *Un means One in French.
Suzumi Tamao.Natsume Remon.Nanto Yaya.
Suzumi Tamao - 4th Grade, Moon Class, Nagisa’s best friend and likes to see Nagisa’s bothered expression.Natsume Remon - 2nd Grade, B Class, Cheery but timid individual.Nanto Yaya - 3rd Grade, Un Class, A rich man’s daughter, likes to tease Hikari or just vying for her attention?
Tsukidade Chiyo.Byakudan Kagome.Okuwaka Tsubomi.
Tsukidade Chiyo - 1st Grade, Flower Class, Timid and shy individual, admires Nagisa very much.Byakudan Kagome - 1st Grade, C Class, Her best friend is her teddy bear, Ashiba.Okuwaka Tsubomi - 1st Grade, Trois Class, Energetic and headstrong individual.
Rokujou Miyuki.Toumori Shion.
Rokujou Miyuki - 5th Grade, Flower Class, St Miator Student Council President.Toumori Shion - 5th Grade, Deux Class, St Spica Student Council President. *Deux means Two in French.

Yeah, I guess that’s basically covered your understanding of the main characters in Strawberry Panic! and of course there’ll be more characters later =)

Strawberry Panic! OP 1.Strawberry Panic! OP 2.Strawberry Panic! OP 3.

I kinda like the OP, ‘Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete’ by Aki Misato, it’s fast paced, and oh so teasing hahaha, man and what’s with the animes recently having rose/sakura petals twirling around? Must be because it’s April haha, it’s driving me crazy in a good way =), I like. I like the way the OP portrays Shizuma as this untouchable, angsty and mesmerizing goddess =) muahaha.

Ouch.Kiss On Forehead.Fufufu Bondage Time Nagisa~

The anime started pretty differently from the manga, in the manga, the main character, Aoi Nagisa was already in her St Miator Girls’ School uniform and her first meeting with Hanazono Shizuma was more refine and fantasy-like, it’s like ‘Come to me, baby’ kinda feeling ahaha. In the anime, it’s more humourous ba, Nagisa’s more klutzy in the anime, and how in the world can anyone run into a bunch of bushes and fall into some forest? Nagisa did. Nagisa doesn’t seem to have a really good impression of Shizuruma at first, [Damn, I keep typing Shizuru instead of Shizuma.] with Shizuma pecking on her forehead on the first meeting.

After fainting from being kissed on the forehead only [Can she handle other places?] by Shizuma, Nagisa awoke to only find herself in St Miator Girls’ School infirmary and Suzumi Tamao staring lustly at her. Tamao’s really aggressive in the anime, I could almost hear the near coming cat fight between Shizuma and Tamao soon lol. Tamao tricked Nagisa into taking body measurements for the uniform when actually there’s a standard size LOL. When Nagisa questioned Tamao about it, Tamao replied without hesitating and flashing that precious notebook of hers of Nagisa’s full biological data lol.

After that, Tamao began introducing Nagisa the surroundings, the three girls’ school and stuff. Halfway, Tamao was asked to meet the director and unwillingly left Nagisa to walk back to the dorm lol. While walking to the dorm, Nagisa noticed Shizuma walking towards some forest like place and followed her. Like a Ninja, Shizuma magically disappeared, realizing that she lost Shizuma, Nagisa ran back to the dorm as she’s late for the 6 PM curfew Tamao had warned her about.

Syaoran: 'SAKURA SAKURA SAKURA!'Your Lips Looks So Sweet.Shizuma, Stop.

Nagisa’s been lectured in the room by the Sister for being late, but was saved by Rokujou Miyuki, the student council president of St Miator. Almost dinner time, Nagisa, Tamao and Rokujou-kaichou walked into the cafeteria where everyone from the three schools gathered to have dinner. Everyone around were pretty excited over the newly transferred student and a brief display of the other characters of Strawberry Panic! I’m really looking forward to the Hikari x Amane x Yaya love triangle lol and Yaya just so possessive with Hikari XD. Before entering the cafeteria, Rokujou-kaichou told Nagisa to greet Etoile, the most loved and respected student among the three schools. Walking into the cafeteria, Klutzy Nagisa lol mistaken one of the students as Etoile and before anyone could explain anything to her, Shizuma walked up behind Nagisa and whispered into Nagisa’s ear that they meet again.

Shocked, Nagisa began pointing at Shizuma that she’s the person from the morning and doing … that sort of thing to her XD. As Shizuma inched closer towards Nagisa, Nagisa got flustered and began to protest saying that they’re in front of the most incredible and powerful Etoile-sama. Amused, Shizuma used her Sharingan eyes to kinda paralyzed Nagisa’s movements and edged closer to kiss Nagisa but was interrupted by Rokujou-kaichou and the darn clock.

Scene changed to them starting dinner and the real Etoile, Shizuma began the prayer. After the prayer, Shizuma even give a little wink to the stunned Nagisa who had just realized that Shizuma’s Etoile, the most loved and respected among the three schools. Back in the dorm room, Tamao’s drying Nagisa’s hair with a hair dryer and commenting how soft and beautiful Nagisa’s hair was. Nagisa began wondering what will happen from then on with that unhappy stuff happening to her on the first day haha XD. - END -

Strawberry Panic! ED 1.Strawberry Panic! ED 2.Strawberry Panic! ED 3.

ED, ‘Himitsu Dolls’ by Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu, the relationship between the two seiyuu portrayed in the ED was really canon with that near kiss in the end haha. They are mimicking the OP where Nagisa and Shizuma shared an almost kiss. It’s quite special though, having seiyuu acting and singing in the ED but I can’t help but swoon at the nice manicured nails they had XD. Btw, the credits were blocking the view lol.

Art: 6/10
Story: 6/10 [Subtle sweetness.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Not much, except for Shizuma.]
Overall: 6.5/10 [Just a start right?]

XD, Strawberry Panic! Ep2 next~ I couldn’t control my hands and I went to download the Mandarin version of Ep3 lol, pretty easy to understand to my surprise =] I'll post Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 4 Page 11, 12 tomorrow.

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