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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ouran High Host Club Ep1 [First Impression]

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Hallo, here's my first impression of 'Ouran High Host Club' Ep1. First, a little intro on the main characters.

Haruhi Fujioka.Haruhi Fujioka [Note: Female] - Commoner, peasant but was enrolled and given a scholarship in Ouran High because of her exceptional grades.
Tamaki Suou.Tamaki Suou - Dense, reckless and egoistic haha, president and founder of Ouran High Host Club and also the other 'Daddy' of Haruhi. The last to realize Haruhi's a female until he saw her in undress lol.
Kyouya Ootori.Kyouya Ootori - Cool and calculative, vice-president of Ouran High Host Club and also the assumed 'Mummy' of Haruhi lol. The first to realize Haruhi's a female in the anime.
Hikaru & Kaoru Hatachin.Hikaru [Elder] & Kaoru [Younger] Hatachin - Mischievous and loves to play tricks, the pranksters of the Ouran High Host Club. The third and fourth to realize that Haruhi's a female when they tried to help Haruhi change.
Mitsukuni Haninozuka.Mitsukuni Haninozuka [Honey/Hani-sempai] - Uber kawaii~, the second to realize that Haruhi's a girl in the anime lol =). The seiyuu for Honey-sempai is also seiyuu of 'Tomoka' from Girls Bravo and it's very distinctive here haha, but it's also suitable, I'm okay with it.
Takashi Morinozuka.Takashi Morinozuka - Kind-hearted, strong but doesn't talk much. The fifth to realize Haruhi's a female when he carried her up.

Ouran High Host Club OP 1.Ouran High Host Club OP 2.Ouran High Host Club OP 3.

The OP, 'Sakura Kiss' by Chieko Kawabe is pretty catchy =), sakura/rose petals floating around, making it rather attractive.

Welcome To Ouran High Host Club.The 8 Million Yen Vase!Kyaaaahhh~.

Ouran High Host Club Ep1 pretty much followed Chapter 1 in Ouran High Host Club Manga. LoL, but with the animation, it's really better. The introduction of Haruhi to the Host Club in Music Room 3, the rose petals breezing towards the screen ... it's like a scene from Maria-sama ga Miteru!!! LoL. I almost expect a ‘Gokigenyou’ to come out from there XP but 'Welcome' came out instead ... ah, it's pretty good. The animation art is quite good, I kinda like this kinda art, although the manga’s art is of course better haha, it’s above average for me =).

I'm beginning to enjoy the rose petals floating around and stuff =) and the background music is really suitable for scenes, giving this really royal and prestigious atmosphere. The flow is pretty good, like Tamaki doing this pointing pointing thing and forcefully declaring that Haruhi's their dog lol. And as I've mentioned, the story followed Chapter 1 from the manga pretty closely, starting from Haruhi breaking the vase, forced to be the dog of the host club, a little introduction of Tamaki, Kyouya, Hikaru, Karou [Twins], Mitsukuni [Honey-sempai] and Takashi selling points lol and making commoners' coffee for them. In the manga, Haruhi even had to demo how to eat peasant instant cup ramen for them haha. The twins, Hikaru and Kaoru have more screening time in the manga ... and they’re more mischievous and evil haha.

Lol, Tamaki's dramatic poses were well animated lol, I was laughing the whole time at the scene where Haruhi was thinking of a word to describe Tamaki. Ah, in the manga, Tamaki took Haruhi's spectacles off, but in the anime, Hikaru took it off and so begins the O_O expressions lol and extreme make over for Haruhi haha. So the story’s pretty much the same from Chapter 1 in the manga, Haruhi being a natural, sweeping the girls in the Host Club with her sincere smile and attitude.
LoL Tamaki.1000 Clients!?Kawaii Haruhi~.

One of Tamaki's clients, Ayanokoji got jealous and probably got someone to throw Haruhi’s bag into the school’s pond. Tamaki came along and helped Haruhi look for his wallet in the pond too but Ayanokoji got even jealous. As Ayanokoji designated Haruhi, Haruhi realized that Ayanokoji was jealous hence her actions. Ayanokoji got angry, flipped the table and tried to accuse Haruhi of getting violent with her. Hikaru and Kaoru poured water on Ayanokoji while Tamaki issued the final blow by siding Haruhi and politely asking her to leave the Host Club. After Ayanokoji left, Tamaki said that Haruhi's 'debts' had increased to a thousand lol. As Haruhi was changing, Tamaki saw Haruhi in undress and finally realized that Haruhi is a girl lol.

Haruhi even replied 'Yeah, biologically I'm a girl.' when Tamaki asked if she's a girl lol. Ah, we didn't get to see Haruhi in a girl dress in the manga but we’re given an eye candy of her here in Ep 1 =). The end of Ep 1 was quite the same as the manga, with Haruhi telling Tamaki that he looked cool back then and is it a beginning of a romance? Tamaki's soo cute when he blushed. Then Haruhi turning around, murmuring that it might not be that bad to be surrounded by girls then with Tamaki going '?!' in the background and Haruhi deciding to use 'Ore' to address herself from then on. –END- The manga's version is funnier, Haruhi ended with 'I think I might be interested in girls and blah' while Tamaki went 'What?! What about my romance?!' LOL.

ED – 'Shissou' by Last Alliance, is quite rock, nice but I won't download haha. The manga pages scenes in the ED is quite nice too.

Ah, i expect the rest of the Eps will be followly quite closely with the manga ba ... saw the screenshots of Ep2 and yep, quite similar ... yeah i'll continue watching this, no doubt, it's funny haha =).

Art: 7.5/10
Story: 7/10 [Funny but not as funny as the manga =)]
Characters: 7/10 [Need more Twins fun!]
Overall: 7/10

Phew. Finally. I was helping mum making curry puffs just now haha. Cya later for curry puff pics =).

EDIT: Forgot to take pictures lol. No curry puff pics le ... too bad XP. Oh btw, Desert Punk airs on Arts Central tonight! Yay.

PS: 'Your mama has armpit hair!!' LOL. [Taken from Desert Punk Ep1 XP]

[Signing off @ 6:27 PM]

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