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Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's raining.

[Posted @ 5:22 PM]
Sigh. Saturday. I missed today's Ep of Pretty Cure lol. I was sleeping very soundly, maybe because i didn't sleep much yesterday, i woke up at 7 AM you see. Feeling really bored and my tummy hurts, it's tough being a woman.

The weather ain't helping too, sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, before you know it, we got sick. Even YanZi got sick, ahhh, hope she gets well soon, next week she'll be at the Padang for that concert and of course I'm going la, it's free entrance right? I'll probably be going there at 7 AM lol.

Going to my aunt's house later, it's her grandchild's birthday, so, it's my nephew/niece's birthday? LoL, sorry not really close with my dad's side family members. I don't even talk to my cousins over my dad's side. They're either married and 15 years older than me or 15 years younger than me. I predict in 10 years i could be a grandaunt already! -.-|||

I think i better switch off lappy, in case thunder strikes and ... no, i don't even wanna go there.

Anyways, my love to all, here's a damn hot hug of Amane and Hikari from Strawberry Panic! Novel lol.

Amane x Hikari

Dynasty Scans is doing a good job on translating ... and their latest released chapter is 5, so i think catching up on Chapter 7 is no problem =]

[Signing off @ 6:09 PM]

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