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Monday, April 17, 2006

Gokujou Seitokai Ep17

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I know I'm slow, but, better late than never ha and I'm pretty proud that I'm one of the few ones who are actually blogging Gokujou Seitokai seriously. Cut the talk, do the walk, here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep17 =)

Cindi's Mum Is Coming Today?Cindi-Kaichou, Love Love LoL.We're Lovers.

A Cindi Ep, the Ep started with Cindi getting crapped up over a letter from her mum who’s coming over to Miyagami Gakuen [Miyagami Academy] to visit her and Gokujou Seitokai. What's so bad about a mother coming over to visit her daughter? The problem is that Cindi apparently had made up stories in her letters and was worried that when her mother comes, she would know that all those stories were lies as interpreted by Puc-chan LOL. Cindi was like 'Ehh, Huhh, Ehh, Oh, No.' and the rest couldn't understand but Puc-chan could lol. Kind Kanade suggested to make the stories in Cindi’s letters come true since Cindi's mother was coming to school for a day so putting up an act for a day won't hurt or so she thought. Seems like Cindi's mother was coming on the day itself when Cindi confessed about it LOL, Nanaho was like 'HURRY UP!'

Cindi's mother arrived in this flashy yellow sports car however, her use of Japanese was worse than Cindi lol, she's like using uh impolite and weird words while putting on a smile lol. So when Cindi went out to buy some time for the rest, the stories Cindi made from her letters were listed amounting to 200 over LOL. The biggest lie of all was that Cindi's the president of the Gokujou Seitokai LOL. So an announcement was made to the school that the presidency was transferred to Cindi haha, so everyone in school was like waving to Cindi, calling her Cindi-kaichou lol. Next lie, Cindi’s very popular with the girls in school, especially Kaori and Rein who were always fighting over her lol, later we see Kaori and Rein pretending to fight over Cindi lol. Next lie, Mayura was like, uh am I allowed to say it? LoL, seems like Cindi had lied that she had a boyfriend named, Mousuke and Nanaho being the masculine type, had to act as her boyfriend LOL.

Next lie, holy crap, Kanade in a maid outfit with megane [Specs] too!! Along with Kuon!!! Kyahh! LOL. Now Kanade and Kuon were Cindi’s maids lol. The scene was pretty awkward lol with the crude 'I don’t have balls' joke lol and Cindi seems to keep staring at Rino? Puc-chan?

Kanade In Maid Outfit And Megane!Kuon ... In Towel!Ahh Puc-Chan.

The rest were taking a break while Cindi was showing her mother around school.
Mayura then read out the rest of the list to everyone, 1. Dinner was always a full course French cuisine 2. Entertainment during dinner was hula dance lol 3. In the bathroom, personal maids would wash Cindi's back and give her massages lol. Nanaho was like, we couldn't have Kanade doing that, so Kuon, I'm leaving it to you lol. 4. Before Cindi goes to bed, she and her boyfriend will always have a goodnight kiss LOL. Kuon reimbursed the treatment from before by saying, Nanaho, I'm leaving it to you and did a cute 'Hmph' when Nanaho tried to explain lol. Nanaho was like, no choice then, I will do it, yes I will do it, and I'm a desperate beast tonight!!! LOL. 5. Cindi apparently travels the world as a car racer lol but that was easily fixed with a little photoshop editing XP. Meanwhile, Kanade-kaichou's having fun with her maid outfit and megane in her room LOL.

During dinner, Rein, Sayuri, Seina, Rino, Minamo and Mayura were doing the hula dance lol, while Kanade and Kuon served the dinner. Cindi's mother noticed Cindi's stares at Rino? Puc-chan and shook her head. After dinner, it's show time for Nanaho LOL, the time where she had to be a desperate beast! Nanaho was like so hyped up but was spoilt by Kuon when Kuon asked if that would be Nanaho's first kiss lol. While walking to their dorm rooms, Rino spotted Cindi and her mother walking out and rushed out to follow her. The rest and Kanade also noticed and followed out too. Meanwhile Kuon's in the bath wrapped in only a towel [?!] wanting to serve Cindi but she's not there. Kotoha magically appeared from nowhere and informed Kuon about Cindi's whereabouts. Rino found Cindi and her mother at a coast of some rocky seaside and they're having a damn LOL weird conversation. The rest caught up a while later and suddenly Cindi's mother slapped Cindi, everyone thought that the cover's blown up and began apologizing to Cindi's mother.

Cindi's mother began speaking in some gibberish language again but was saved by Puc-chan again lol who translated what Cindi's mother said to sentences. Cindi's mother was not angry about the lies but that the fact Cindi's hiding from her true feelings was unforgivable. Cindi's mother then pointed out that Cindi doesn't like Nanaho but ... Rino?! Puc-chan then translated that one that Cindi really liked was the puppet on Rino’s hand LOL. Cindi blushed and confirmed it lol and even confessed to Puc-chan lol, Puc-chan was like uh, let's start off as friends ok? Haha. Everyone was like clapping and cheering for them but then they realized that Puc-chan's a puppet! LOL. So in the end, Cindi's mother left for Kyoto, Cindi was given a treat of holding Puc-chan's hands to school and Rino was left crying that she had nothing to do with this at all lol. - END -

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Well we learnt a little more about Cindi already did we?]
Characters: 7/10 [Kuon in wrapped in towel rocked.]
Overall: 7/10

It's been half a year since I blogged Gokujou Seitokai, lol really the last I checked was Ep16 on October 17, 2005 and it's April 17, 2006 now and I'm blogging Ep17 lol, this is nuts. Ok off to watch Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire VCD le lol, yes yes I'm slow, everything I do is slow.

[Signing off @ 3:24 PM]

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