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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep3

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School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep3~. Sorry for the long wait.

Pervert Cosplaying ‘Eri’! LOL.Look. A Rainbow.Cool Karasuma.

Ok, continuing from Ep2, the ‘Eri’ introducing himself as a humble butler, Nakamura to Asou and Suga. As Asou pointed his gun at Nakamura, he reacted and instantly appeared behind Asou and prepared to pull his trigger. But he was interrupted by a sniper shot by Itoko-sensei. Itoko-sensei managed to keep Nakamura down and he probably decided to lie back for the moment. Somewhere, Tanaka and Nagayama were defending the ‘Café’ faction and Tanaka asked Nagayama out for a date if they survived. But sadly, they were shot by Karasuma. [Ohhh I love the blood splating against the window as they were shot XD] Meanwhile, Mikoto stepped into the ‘Play’ faction classroom and found that the members of the ‘Play’ faction were taken down. As Mikoto wondered who they had fought just now, Yuki from the ‘Band’ faction began cornering Mikoto and was about to take a shot but was saved by Hanai. Yuki saw Hanai and was reminded of the time that Hanai gave her a ride home when her spectacles broke. Along the way, Yuki was puzzled on why Hanai’s so helpful to people around even though he’s already a high schooler. As Hanai pedaled up the hill, he stopped and showed Yuki a view of a rainbow through a fragment of her spectacles.

Back to the scene, Yuki told Hanai to shoot her since her defeat was inevitable, but Hanai refused. As Yuki prepared to launch her shot with her catapult, Mikoto shot her. Hanai grieved for Yuki and Mikoto reminded him that they’re in a war lol. Running back to their base, Mikoto informed Asou and Suga that the ‘Band’ faction were about to get their flag. Retreating back to base, Asou and Suga were too late and taken down by Karasuma. Meanwhile, back in the ‘Play’ faction base, the last defenders were Tenma and Eri. When Eri saw a shadow outside the classroom, she went out and checked but was taken down by Karasuma. Tenma hearing the gunshot, ran out of the classroom only to see Eri’s lifeless body and Karasuma standing in front of the moonlight looking cool lol. Karasuma began to ramble that the ‘Band’ faction probably won’t win while Tenma kept asking why Karasuma’s here.

Elsewhere, Hanai was taking out Fuyuki and Mikoto handled Sagano and Ichijou, they proved to be no match for the last survivors of the ‘Café’ faction. Mikoto heard footsteps behind her and assumed it to be Hanai but boy, was she wrong, it was Harima! Mikoto pulled the trigger of her gun but was out of bullets, as Mikoto rushed forward to gain purchase of a gun, Harima kicked it away. Just then, Hanai ran towards them and like any evil boss, Harima shot Mikoto right in front of Hanai’s eyes earning a sweet ‘MIKO-CHAN’ from Hanai LOL. Back to Tenma and Karasuma, touched by how much the band had practiced, Tenma pointed the gun to her head. Karasuma stopped her, placed the gun to his chest and shot himself. Cradling Karasuma against her, Tenma lets out a blood chilling scream, followed by the sound of a gunshot. Tenma shot herself.

Evil Grinning Harima.Make A Great Performance Ne Karasuma?Bring It On.

The only survivors were now Harima and Hanai, they squared off at the rooftop. In the mist of their battle, Hanai asked Harima if he loved Yakumo from the bottom of his heart lol. Harima taunted Hanai by refusing to answer his question, so the battle continued with the count to 10, turn and shoot kinda duel, like those cowboys back in the old days. The duel was won by Hanai because Harima didn’t have the will to fight Hanai since he didn’t like Yakumo at the first place. Harima didn’t explicitly said he didn’t like Yakumo but hinted that he had someone else he loved but won’t say who lol. Thus, the end of the survival game movie, directed by Takano Akira LOL with Hanai carrying Harima in bridal style against the moon.

The next day, Kouriyama-sensei lectured 2-C for the night before lol and yelled at them that they could do BOTH the play and the café anyways lol. 2-C was then easily let off on account of Itoko-sensei. Back in class, Suga was telling some guys that he saw an old dude with a moustache cosplaying dressing up as Eri lol but noone seems to believe as Eri was defending the ‘Play’ faction flag the whole time. Since they could do both the play and café, some worried that they might have no time to finish up, Hanai, in his good old spirits again, assured that everything would be in good hands. This was supported by Mai and Yuki, oh the band will be also performing lol. Pissed when Tenma said that Hanai was as reliable as always, Harima whispered, ‘Miko-chan’ in the middle of discussion LOL. This caused the guys in class to assume that Mikoto and Hanai were an item and teased them lol, making both of them blushing and denying everything.

LoL Bridal Style.WHAT?!LOL!

After school, Tenma walked home with Karasuma and encouraging him to express his feelings the Tenma way lol and having fun with everyone =]. Meanwhile, back in Eri’s mansion, Eri questioned her butler, Nakamura if he had joined in the survival game lol. Nakamura acted stupid while Eri couldn’t be bothered and asked for her uniform back LOL.

Oh, I love side stories lol, this is funny, it’s about Eri’s butler, Nakamura. Nakamura finally admitted to being the pervert cosplaying ‘Eri’ in the survival game lol and apologized to Eri and Itoko-sensei. He was worried about Eri and thus joined in the game, but his ex-solider instincts kicked in and he went too far. Then Nakamura recalled a time when he was in a mission in South American, rescued a young girl and even encouraged her to be like her mother who was a maid. That girl was adopted by him and was working in Eri’s mansion as well. A door knock was heard and a maid walked in with more tea. It was the girl Nakamura had saved and apparently, she was not a girl but a man LOL!!! Itoko-sensei was giving me this impression of ‘Get the hell outta my sight you cosplaying perverts!!!’ LOL.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Great way to end lol.]
Characters: 7/10 [Cosplaying perverts!~]
Overall: 7/10

Sure took me a while, because I was distracted by many things lol, my bros watching ‘King Kong’ so I tagged along. After that, I watched Holland V repeat then it’s slacking time, so I typed a while before I went for dinner. Then it’s TV time till now, I finally finished XD.

I better buck up, time to blog Strawberry Panic! Ep3, I just downloaded Ep4 [Mandarin again] lol, holy crap, Amane-sama~~~ wait for me~~~~ Oh, Strawberry Panic!, Ouran High Host Club, Girls’ High OPs are out =], they’re all very nice. I watched Girls’ High Ep3 last night lol, all I can say was, ‘God damn hilarious’ lol, last part was unexpected, a moving vibrator in the end lol. Oh Simoun Ep2 sub’s out ... finally. Maybe I should switch to Mandarin versions or not lol.

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