Na-Na-Naruto Ep126/127/128

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Ya know, everyone's always asking me why my posts are so long. But hey, i like mah lol. It's nice to read long posts right? I like to tok abt my stuff alot. Hahaha, well, here's Naruto Ep126/127/128 screenshots~

Kayaahh! Gaara's So Cool!Tsunami? LoL.LoL Mai-HiMe Ripped Off!
That Gotta Hurt.Sasuke's Evilllll~Yaoi. LoL
Oof.Kayyyaah Itachi's So Cool!!!~Naruto's Getting A Blast From Sasuke.

Ok, these 3 eps rock! Hahaha, Gaara's so cool! Itachi's so cool! Sasuke's so cool! Hahahaha ... Ok Gaara won. Naruto finally caught up to Sasuke and was asking him why he turned to evil and stuff if i'm not wrong. Then flashbacks of Sasuke and Itachi ... blah blah blah. Itachi's soooo cool! Especially screenshot 8 ~~~ Sooooo cool! Naruto then fought with Sasuke and Sasuke seems to be winning with his 'new' powers ... That's all i could remember.

Ok next to my animes downloading status lol. I'm still downloading Loveless Ep1, it's 97% now ... and still downloading Gundam Seed Destiny Ep27 ... almost done ... yeah. I switched my lappy off cos i went out and i wanna let my lappy rest after 3-4days of non-stop downloading lol. God. I'm downloading some Sailor Moon Haruka X Michiru doujinshi over IRC ... some were quite nice la. Some art were well horrible lol. But most are quite ... acceptable. Heh. Manz, i'm wondering if i should update my web lol ... it's been a long time. I bought new mangas today too!~ Woo ...

Ms T.T and I went to Ngee Ann City to visit LC and poor LC was there standing, trying to sell da perfume hahaha. K was there too haha, they were wearing this pink shirt given when you purchase this 100ML perfume. But i dun really like shirts lor ... so i bought the 50ML onez, with free shower gel and moisturizer. Muahaha, so Mothers' Day Gift is done. So after i bought the gift, LC, Ms T.T and i wenta have our lunch. After that we sent LC back and Ms T.T and i went to Kinokuniya~~~ Woooo i saw many imported english mangas all from VIZ ... bleh all $16+, Ms T.T was like WHAT THE?! LoL. Then i was like manga tour guide, introducing all the different mangas to Ms T.T lol. I think she looks kinda bored too, haha, then we went back down, said goodbye to LC who was wearing a pair of wings lol goin to the tunnel to promote and give samples of the perfume to passer-bys. Yeah i sat the MRT, went to North Point, bought 4 mangas, TCZ II Collectors' #10, Gundam Seed #5 [End], Tsubasa #6 and Mythical Detective Loki Season 1 #1. I actually forgot to buy Love for Venus #9~! NOooOooooo. Nvm, i'll buy it with Zettai Kareshi #3 and Slam Dunk #24 next week mauahhaha.
Anyways, when i first saw the cover of Loki #1, i was like hm, looks good wat. Haha when i flipped.
I sketched wat how i reacted below.

I titled it, 'What Happened To Loki's Eyes?!'

I used some darkening on comic strip by using some picture editor dunno wat la, haha so can see the art more clearly .. i juz scribble it in 10mins so it's ugly bleh. Actually the art aint so bad, it looks like the art style from Ragnarok - Into the Abyss lor, haha i was juz surprised at first to see such a HUGE change. But after a while, i was ok with it. Juz weird to see Loki suddenly with those ... long eye lashes lol.

Ok i need to go update TCZomic by scanning the stuff yeah. So cya

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PS: Manz, i'm gettin this serious stomach ache...
i wonder what i ate ... Gota go scan stuff cya!~

Jinki : Extend Ep10

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Hmm, yeah here's Jinki : Extend Ep10 screenshots ... i finished the series already and ... lol at the end of Ep12, there is this 'To Be Extended' rather than 'The End' so i expect a season 2? Hahaha.

Ya Naked Ya Know?Aw, Don't Cry Cos I Saw Ya Naked.Don't You Tell Anyone You Saw Me Naked K?
It Depends How You Treat Me Of Course Heh Heh Heh.That's The Best!Uh ... Nice Robots.

Uh i dun quite remember much from Ep10 lol, i know Akao woke up with Shiba looking over her then Akao was surprised and stuff then made friends with Shiba. Shiba kept calling Akao, Akuma-chan, meaning Little Devil. Later we will know that actually Akao is part of Shiba then when Akao killed Shiba, Shiba's spirit hopped over to Akao's and made her a devil or some sort la. Aoba is also part of the Akao-Shiba devil hahaa ... aiya ya'll know more in Ep11/12.

Yay, i finally bought a Creative Mp3 Player juz now hahaha, it's an old brand ba, i dun wanna waste too much money on it ... yeah. I uploaded 70+ songs inside le hahaha, i dun waste any time do i? Hahaha, tomorrow going with Ms T.T to Taka to visit LC selling perfumes. I dunno wat to buy for mum for mothers' day, so i figured why not buy the perfume and at the same time show my friend some support hahaha. Two in one. [Grins] Haiz, i'm so tired tonight i wanna sleep le .. no i juz wanna watch animes lol, i finally finish downloading Loveless Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3 ... the art looks nice and the OP/ED are composed by Yuki Kajiura so it's sure to be great! Muahaha. Going to download them if i could find the torrent for them. Heh. Finished downloading Naruto Ep 131 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep26 ... so i'm still downloading Naruto Ep132 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep27 ...

As for manga scanlations, i'm downloading Love Monster V6 C38 from ShoujoMagic! Yaaaay more bishounens~~~ Wooo i love Kurou~ Sooo handsome hahaha. The art's pretty nice, did i said pretty? Yep, it's pretty lol. Oh i downloaded Haa Haa V2 C5 by Yuki Yoshihara, aha the 'sex' jokes in all her works are really funny de lor haha. Her art is pretty nice too heh. Very out of character but so true. Hmm i'm downloading Pastel V5 C37 from Animewaves ... the art is quite nice la ... since it's main character, Yuu is the champion of the Animewaves' poll thingy. Heh. Oh i went to Popular juz now too, didn't find the latest mangas there keh, didn't find TCZ II Collectors' #10 too ... sigh ... but i got TCZ II Coloured Version #27 this afternoon!!! YAY! LoL, i was like so shocked when i see my mailbox and saw the TCZ Studio logo on the letter and thought to myself if TCZ Studio sent two copies of #26 to me or what. Haha boy, i was surprised, they didn't and it's #27! I was online last night over the TCZ webbie, no updates abt it. Then after i got my copy, i went to the TCZ web then moments later, the latest updates were updated lol. And i was happy to be the first to post the topic of #27~ Muahahaha, it's been a long time. Subscribers ROCKS!

Here's a little summary abt TCZ II #27 i wrote over the TCZ forum, so i'm copying and pasting here.
'Guess what? LoL Tian Mo Xue Wu jumped in to interupt the battle between Wang Chan and 5 Elements. But from the looks of it, Wang Chan is kinda winning and beginning to issue his 'fatal' fu xi 8 trigrams - 8 in one, no way 5e could win against tat. Then Tian Mo Xue Wu attacked Wang Chan by whacking his head ... Ziyan also saw Tian Mo Xue Wu carrying the injured Wang Chan away. Xue Wu and RP came long and missed the action but Xue Wu knows where Tian Mo Xue Wu went ... Panda found some pictures in the cave, and some wordings, pan gu combined essence formula!~ Xing Yun fought Demonic Dragon and won, but didnt kill him cos he remembered the previous Green Dragon, Jian Ao's pleds to be lenient to DD. But DD aint grateful and attacked Xing Yun when he's back is turned!

Ziyan lost track of Tian Mo Xue Wu. 5e caught up with her and suggested that they team up, Ziyan agreed. Xue Wu and RP found Tian Mo Xue Wu, RP was surprised to find tat there were 2 Xue Wus!~ Anyways, Wang Chan chopped off Tian Mo Xue Wu's right hand right then in the second last page, his hand is back agaiN! GOD, he's now like a lizard which can grow its tail back! Hahaha... Xing Ling's health's acting up again. [My Words] Will the Aura of E-mei react again? Will Xing Ling lose control of her powers again and set 'beams' around again? Stay tune to TCZ II #28, The Diabolical Celestial Demon Cavern coming to u end of May at da book fair.

Speaking of the June Book Fair, TCZ is going to be there as usual for the 6th time. 5 new TCZ stuff are gona be sold there.
1. Xing Ling's Snow Heart Sword
2. TCZ MMS A2 Poster
3. TCZ Posters [5 Diff Sets]
4. TCZ II Bookmarks
5. TCZ Anniversary Souvenir Cards
Hmm, for me i'm going to get the 1 TCZ MMS A2 Poster, 1 TCZ Poster [Chi Xue One], 1 set of TCZ II Bookmarks and da TCZ Anniversary Souvenir Cards~ Xing Ling's Snow Heart sword's $210 mind ya lol. I didn't managed to get the Chi Xue, Blood Red Sword last year!!!~ DAMMITTTT WHY WHY?! LoL i got no space also. Shessh. The book fair's gonna be from 28th May - 5th June 2005 at Suntec City, 4th floor as usual. TCZ's at booth SP21. I'll tok abt it again when the day's near heh. Oh yeah, if u purchase more than $20 u get a Chibi Chi Xue Magnetic Badge!!! I already subscribed to TCZ II #29-#40 le, so they giving me one too. So i'll have two in total! Yay lol. Muahahahaha *Evil Grin* I'm a Chi Xue hardcore fan~ Woo.

Ok, tonight's post is long, i'm afraid that blogger might not take the heat lol, laggin to upload long posts la. Hahaha so cya here. More TCZ news on May.

Oh i forgot to mention that i went out today to see my little cousin lol, i didn't managed to see her yesterday cos the car can't fit in 5 people ... kaoz. LoL. So i'll have to sit this one out and go today on BUS. So yeah we saw the little girl, she's cute with a small dimple on her right cheek. When i first saw her and she tried to open her eyes, i was like, huh, her eyes so small ah lol. Juz a day old, so she still quite swollen lor. Hahaha, i think 1 month later more fun le muahahaha. Ok cya here then lol i'll go read my Love Monster and Haa Haa scanlations~ and watch MORE animes ... Hope i can buy my hard drive soon~

Anime Song of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic - Harenai Hana by ??

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PS: I hope can take the heat of my long posts now, and in future and forever. LoL.

Gundam Seed Destiny Ep21

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Surprise surprise! A post in the afternoon hahaha, it's weird huh, nah i'm juz bored and dun wanna post in the night for today. I'm off to visit my aunt later who's giving birth today too heh, so i figured out why dun i juz post now since i so free.
Anyways it's been along time since we had Gundam Seed Destiny ... so here's Ep21's screenshots! Ep20 is not here cos it's juz a recap, and i'm lazy to screenshoot them.

Lacus In Athrun's Room?!Lacus Kisses Athrun?!Luna-maria Ain't Happy.
Whale Belly Flop!Shin: 'I'll Protect You!'Fan Service? -.-|||

Ok, Ep21's roughly abt Luna-maria jealous over the fake Lacus, Mia Campbell's over-zealous stickyiness with Athrun. Haha, Athrun seems to make a poor attempt to cover up for himself. And so we finally sees the 'first' contact of Shinn and Stellar face to face. Even though they met each other a few times over battle but they never knew who they were fighting haha. Stellar was like hopping around a cliff feeling very happy, Shinn was there too, he was juz there feeling the breeze and stuff. Suddenly, Stellar fell down the cliff and into the sea, Shinn saw it and jumped in after her and saved her. They took refugee in a uh cave then Stellar went nutty crying that she's gonna die. Shinn calmed her down saying that he'll protect her. So she calmed down. Then they exchanged names and 'gifts' haha. Shinn then broke his tracker thingy so tat Athrun will know he's in danger and come save him. Yeah. The ep ended with Stellar calling Shinn's name like forever [Rolls eyes] lol I was like juz shut up already. But, i like Stellar ahaha. So yeah. That's all.

Oh yeah! Latest updates! My aunt gave birth to a kawaii baby girl! Hahaha, she yearn for a girl le after the first was a boy. Lucky aint she? Boy and girl. Juz right. LoL. And i'm proud to say i chose the english name for the little girl. Andeline. Yeah my aunt loved it when i juz anyhow ramble abt it. Hahaha. But i dunno if my aunt's gonna use it. Hahaha, she very fickle minded de la [Opps]

I'm gonna watch School Rumble Ep19 later yeah, i got 2.48GB left yay. I think i'm going over to Taka to visit my friend, lc who's selling perfume for mother's day. Ehh, but i dunno when le hahaha, i might buy one ... i dunno it's expensive le ... i never used perfumes cos i'm allegic to it. Hahaha, and i wanna buy mangas, hard drive and mp3 player! So i think i'm going to buy everything in a day hahaha. I'm a 'Buy-everything-today-and-i-dun-wana-go-out-anymore' kinda person. Yeah tat's abt all i guess.

Oh yeah, here's a similar banner i made for haha, juz smaller and yeah.

Banner For

Yeah, check it out, it's a Stefanie Sun Yan Zi layout hahaha, i changed the template the thingy gave, it looks like my YanZi fansite hahahaa. I'm lazy to think of new layouts la, besides i think it looks ok to me. Well cya then!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Madlax - Nowhere by FictionJunction Yuuka

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PS: Manz, the padding looks so freaking weird ... keh.
to the hell with it la, Man this thing sure is laggy hahaha.
Or is it my lappy? I dunno la who cares.
Manz, i've been trying to post up this post for 30mins lol.

I'm Watchin Animes

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LoL, i was busy the whole afternoon doing up the template and codes for my blog over at ... yeah i haven't finish it yet, and i want to, so cya. I'll chat more later, lazy to type much stuff now.
Oh yeah, i'll still blog here so don't worry haha, the other blog's juz for show ... it's tough to do up html and xml codes. Hahaha.

Feel free to visit it anyways, i'll juz post watever i post here on there too heh.
why akayuuki? Haha cos someone used akayuki already so no choice i have to use the double 'U' ... haha

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More Magic With Magister Negi Magi!~

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Woo ... the art sucks at times but the humour is there, haha i can always refer to the manga to MAKE myself laugh hahaha. The anime ain't bad la, juz sometimes the art is abit off. Ok, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep10 screenshots!

Nani?!Sell My Negi-Sensei?!*Whisper* They Still Suck Their Thumbs At *THAT* Age?
Gods, What Ugly Teacher You Have.I Share The Same Intentions With You Onee-sama!LOL Ripped Off From Maria-sama ga Miteru!

Lol, this ep is funny, especially at the end lol, last screenshot, tat is soooooo obvious! A rip off from Maria-sama ga Miteru lol, with the cheesy pink background, bubbles around, the 'hand holding' position and the eye contact spark. Hahaha, i laughed my guts out when i saw it.

This ep is abt 2-A 'fightin' the senpais over the court then later over Negi-sensei lol. Ayaka's expression were so funny, hahaha i kinda like her in 'wacky' mode expression. The seiyuu for Ayaka is great too! Her voice is juz the right tune for Ayaka heh. The senpais were so funny hahaha, especially the 'head' of the group, when she showed the pic of her sensei, see screenshot 4, haha i cut out the pic of the sensei ... She practically screamed that how could they understand them having to face such a sensei everyday while 2-A get to have such a cute Negi-kun. Ayaka went gaga haha and did the 'Onee-sama' saga and they held hands then Ayaka shared pictures of Negi-sensei with her in the background. Hahaha totally wacky.

Hmm, let's see ... i watched alot of animes these few days, let's see my notepad! I watched TRC Ep1/2, Ichigo 100% Ep1/2, Mai Hime Ep24/25, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep15, School Rumble Ep18, Negima Ep13/14 and Gakuen Alice Ep6! Whoa 11 animes in 3 days! Oh i watched Jinki:Extend Ep12 [End] juz now, well it's a lame anime lol, halfway i dun understand what's it all abt till Ep10 and Ep11 and the ending is pretty lame ... happy ending yeah. I'm going to watch Ichigo 100% OVA, School Rumble Ep19 and Devilman Lady Ep24-26 [END] later. Heh.

So yep, it's one title down and time to pick up a new title! LoL, ok this time i picked a Shounen-ai title, Loveless, the review for it is pretty good, plus it's a new anime, so why not. Besides the art looks good [I'm a sucker for good art animes LoL] so yeah, i'm in the process of downloading Ep1 now. I'm downloading Magister Negi Magi Ep15, Ichigo 100% Ep3, Loveless Ep1/2/3 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep26/27. Hahaha, i'm rambling about animes alot tonight.

Heh, cos i wanna buy a hard drive to storage my animes! I have already picked out the animes i wanna store in my hard drive when i buy one. I will buy it! I read over the what Digital Life and saw this Seagate portable external hard drive, looks pretty slick and nice. $439 with GST ... quite expensive ... 100GB ... the writing speed is pretty fast too, 13GB in less than 15mins ... whoa. Ok when i buy this hard drive, i will store moi Ayashi no Ceres, FMP, FMP Fumoffu, Marimite 1/2 and KNM in it! I think it will take roughly around 20GB le. Then i'll add in Karekano and ALL my YanZi clips in it. Which will take roughly around 20GB too lol. Almost half of it gone le haha, then my PC will have 8GB free, my lappy will be at least 10GB free and my bro's lappy be 10GB free too! Hahahaha. Then i'll download MORE MORE MORE great animes! I wonder if there's an hard drive that can store 1000GB of stuff? LoL 100GB seems too little.

*Surf net* whoa, i found an external hard drive with 400GB with Firewire and stuff .. but i dun need it le. Without ... only can store 250GB the most. Manz, why?!
'External Hard Drive: Priced at $699 for the 400GB version' Whoa, $700 le ... LoL 400GB might seem alot now, but i dun think so lor ... sooner or later i will use it all up heh. Ok set, i think i will purchase the $700 with 400GB! It's a good investment. Probably go buy it in Best Denki or Harvey Norman ... or Sim Lim Square ... i wonder if they have or not. Ehhh, i dunno le i never tried buying computer stuff haha. I need an MP3 player badly ... i got alot of animes songs but i can't listen to it in sch unless i bring my laptop ... haha most probably buy a creative MP3 player with the hard drive ba ... Ok enough of rambling, must go watch animes! i think i'll consider it abt more, $700 hard drive + $150 MP3 player = almost $1000 lol ... great investment. *See bank account* ... i saved $ for the past 2 years ... it seems like ... so little hahaha ... kkk cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
School Rumble Character Song - Feel My Feeling by Yui Horie

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Gakuen Alice Ep5 ...

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Wooo, it's been along time since we had Gakuen Alice! So here it is, Gakuen Alice Ep5 screenshots!

I'm Da King Of Da World.Stop Drooling.What?! I Lost?!
I'm Ranked Zero?!Slave Driver!Get Away From Me.

Haha, Gakuen Alice's a great anime, never fails to amuse me ... Ep7's up for grabs now, i'm watching Ep6 later along with Mai Hime Ep24 and Ep25 i hope. Also with Magister Negi Magi Ep13 and Ep14 LoL. I am a very busy person. Ok speaking of Gakuen Alice, Mikan's finally been accepted offically into Alice Gakuen. However, Hotaru is still as cold as ever to her. The class still is not really accepting her much haha. Especially Sumire, she played a trick on Mikan and angered the teacher teaching. So the teacher, i forgot his name, gave Mikan a 'Zero' star(s) ranking. Hahaha, so funny, then the 'Zero' star ranker must clean this, do this and do that. Then i forgot what happened le hahaa.

Another day of 'A Conversation With Me, My Father And Mother'.
Mother: 'So When Are You Going To Take Your Highway Code?'
Me: '...'
Father: 'Yeah, I Took 2 Years.'
Me: 'Hahahaha, 2 Years To Take One Little Test?!'
Father: '2 Years To Finish Taking Up The 5 Classes Hor.'
Me: '...'
Mother: '...'
Father: '...'
Me: '... Oh ... That's Cool.'
Mother: 'Well, Since Your Daddy Can Drives All Sorts Of Vehicles. You Should Take All 5 Too.'
Me: 'WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!'
Uh, there are 5 classes, motorcycle, car, lorry, bus and i dunno. LoL .. But it's great my dad can drive all sorts of vehicles.

Hm, nothing much happened today, juz more animes to watch muahahahaha! So cya!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Kannazuki no Miko OST - Kannazuki no Miko by Kubota Nami

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Depressing Shock ...

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It's a depressing night, tell ya more later. Here's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep13 screenshots.

Kinkel Da Vampire.Kinkel's A Day Walking Vampire. '?!'Onii-sama.
Hazuki: 'Careful Onii-sama.'Satay Kinkel.A Little Nap After Vampire Killing.

Ok, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep13 ... eh abt Hazuki and company killing the baddie vampire Kinkel lor, then Kinkel here is a day walking vampire. Which means he can go out walking in the day la lol. Hazuki is also a day walker, but she didn't know till the end when she rushed out to stop Kinkel from killing her Kouhei Onii-sama.
A conversation between me, my father and mother once again.

Father: 'So When Are You Going To Get Your Highway Code?'
Me: '...'
Mother: 'Yeah Lor, Now You're Having Holiday Mah, So It's The Best Time To Go For It.'
Me: 'B-But ... I Need Time To Prepare Myself [Can Also Mean "Time To Prepare My Heart"] Le.'
Father And Mother: 'o_O'
Father: 'It's Not Like You Are Getting Married Or What *Laughs* Prepare What La.'
Me: '... B-But Still ... Need To Prepare ...'
Father And Mother: '=_='
Father: '...'
Mother: '...'
Me: '...'
Father: 'You Are Just Giving An Excuse Only Right.'
Me: 'Bingo!' [Opps.]

Oh yeah, i was staying at home watching animes all day long hahaha. Woke up at 11.45am to brush my teeth, wash my face and eat as usual. Then went to watch Jackie Chan and Adventures then One Piece! After that i switch over to Channel News Asia and watch the "Nippon Hour" where they show the Mount Akagi and the restuarants there with the great food. Soya bean soaked in spring water ... and stuff. Next week is on Mount Fuji~ woooo hahaha.
After watching it, i went to my laptop and watched Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep15, Ichigo 100% Ep1/2, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep1 ... going to watch Ep2 later then hmm screenshoot them and delete them haha. Then went on to download Jinki : Extend Ep12, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3, Ichigo 100% Ep3, Negima Ep15 and Gakuen Alice Ep7.

Manz lol my laptop sure is busy huh, hahaha later gonna watch Mai Hime Eps then delete them ... hahaha ... no space le with the 2 vols of drama tracks + 2 OSTs ...

Oh yeah, i went to Sembawang Shopping Centre juz now, yeah had our dinner there then before that, my mum went for a little shopping in Giant. Then my bros and i went up to level 5? i think to play the arcade games there, my bros played the shooting ghosts one. They are really good, while i could juz watch lor. LoL, i'm not really good in shooting games, or rather im not really interested in shooting games. Watching is more fun. They played till the last level then i was in charge of sloting in the card for them to continue playing then came the both game over situation while fighting the last boss, the damn card cocked up LoL. I sloted the da card in 5 times and 5 times error sia. Then 10 seconds was over, GAME OVER. Manz, so wasted. Hahaha. Even though we always go there and play tat particular game and win it, it's so sad we lost it now haha. Damn wasted. Damn card.

After spending $5 on tat game, we went down to Giant to locate our mum. Then i picked up alot of chocolates muahaha, two packs of Chocolate Pocky + a bar of dark chocolates and a box of nestle chocolates lol. I got sweet teeth! Then we went over to pay our stuff.

While paying, a lady came over while i was looking after my 3 yr old cousin, asked if i wanna buy encyclopedia. Of course i said i dun wanna lor. I didn't even wanna listen to what she wanna say. I juz refused and said dun wanna.
Here comes the DEPRESSING SHOCK of my entire 18 years of living in this tiny little world.
She asked how old is my daughter. I was like EXCUSE ME?! DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKING MUM?! LoL. God, i was so damn depressed. I told the lady that the girl is my cousin, she was like oh my god, really? Sorry! ... i was like =_=|||| *Ducks in corner and mope around* Manz, now i really wonder if i look tat OLD? ... For god's sake ... i'm only ... 18 yrs old ... hahaha ... god. Maybe cos i let down my hair ba, my hair's grown pretty long le haiz ... but a mum? I gotta be 15yr old to give birth to my cousin ba! ... I should try my luck by entering a casino le ba hahaha, since i got a 'Mum-Face'. Later my bro came along after the lady left and asked me wat happened. I was like, oh nothing much, she thought i was Nicole's [My Cousin's name] mum. My bro went o_O Hahaha no kidding.

Aiya i dun wanna think abt it anymore. Hahaha ... ok, let's tok abt Animes and Mangas ... ok i toked abt animes juz now le, animes i watched and wanna watch later, animes i wanna download ... Oh i downloaded Pretty Face Vol6 Chapter 49 juz now, haha it's a funny manga. Haiz ... *Still brooding over the incident above* ... Ok remember to watch The Apprentice later at 10pm on Channel 5. Cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Condor Hero - Yuu by NoR

[Signing off @ 9:47 PM]

PS: I also bought 'Her World' featuring Stefanie Sun Yan Zi! Yay Hahaha. It's $5 ... but for YanZi, it's worth it! Hahaha.

Devilman Lady Ep16 ...

[Posted @ 10:54 PM]
Woo, it's been a long time since we had Devilman Lady screenshots, so here's Ep16 of it!~

Jun's Feeling Down.So Is Kazumi.Kazumi: 'Look Into My Eyes.'
Kissu.Sweet Lips ...Tinky Winky To The Rescue With One Finger!

Uh, i forgot what this Ep is abt le hahaha, i think basically juz Kazumi knowing that Jun's a beast and was afraid at first and stayed away from her. Then fake Kazumi came and seduced Jun, then later Jun will kill that fake Kazumi and on to kill more beasts!

Ok, hm i slept till 12 noon cos Gundam Seed is over le replaced by Sonic X, which i have no interest in. Then i went to wash my face, brush teeth, tie up my hair then eat? Yeah i think then watch tv and slacked around. Go online, read Magister Negi Magi scanlations and read fanfics. After that, went to Ang Mo Kio's Courts to look around, along the way, my father asked when i am going to get my Highway Code. Below is the exact conversation between me, my father and mother.
Father: 'When Are You Going To Get Your Highway Code Huh?'
Me: '...'
Father: 'When Ah? You're 18 Already Right? Or You Want Me To Go With You To Get It? *Sniggers*'
Me: '...'
Mother: 'Yeah Lor, Go Get Your Highway Code La, Then We Go Out Also More Convenient, No Need To Keep Asking Your Dad To Bring Us Here And There.'
Me: 'Oh, So You Mean If I Can Drive Le, Daddy No Value Of Use Le Ah?'
Father: '...'
Mother: *Laughs*
-End- lol

Then we wenta Courts and see the fridges ... my mum is complaining the fridge not big enough haha. Then we chose this Panasonic brand and i was like hm this is good, then my mum kept asking me, it's good? It's big? Or this is bigger? I was like how i know lor, i dun put stuff in. My mum went, but you keep opening and closing the fridge de mah, so you should know. -.-|||| [Win le la!] After that, we wenta have supper, SATAYS! Yay! Hahah ... then after that we went home. Then i took afew pics of my bro haha, then recorded a video clip of my second bro, manz, his voice like girl's when he squeaks ahaha.
Ok then no more le, i'm reading scanlations now. Cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Kiddy Grade - Future by Little Viking

[Signing off @ 11:21 PM]

More Mai Hime Anyone? Heh

[Posted @ 10:16 PM]
Well well well, the subject speaks everything right? Heh, here's Mai Hime Ep22 screenshots!~

Is Shizuru Gonna Be Jealous Of The Doggy?I Think It Looks Like It, She's Jealous!Goodbye Tate, You Suck. *Sniggers* It's My Turn To Reject You.
Natsuki ... Kissu ...Yukino: 'Haruka-Chan, She's Gonna Kill Us If You Scream!'Shizuru: *Anger* 'Too Late, I HEARD You.'
Natsuki: 'My God, I Dreamt Of Shizuru Kissing Me!'Goddamn Sexy Shizuru ... *Shivers Down Spine*Haruka Looks Cool Too.

Whoa Whoa Whoa, here's Mai Hime Ep22 screenshots! Ep22 rocks manz! Never knew Haruka is so cool hahaa, i thought she's juz a big talker with no brains ... -.-||| uh, she'll have no brains later too lol. Ok, from the screenshots, Shizuru healed Natsuki back to health but Dhuran still didn't come back ... and Shizuru cooked the doggy for supper cos she's jealous [opps] uh sorry, wrong comic lol haha, ok then Mai rejects Tate and ran back to Reito!!! [Drags the crazy nutty to her room. *NoooOooooooOoo*] Ok sorry wrong comic again, lol juz my personal fantasy ... ok Mai rejects Tate and ran off with Kagutsuchi and flew to the uh .. i forgot ... to the uh .. i forgot la, the lair of Reito i think LoL.

Yes, then Shizuru saw the sleeping soundly Natsuki outside and wanted to call her in to the warm room, but Natsuki's sleeping face is tooooooooo much for her to bare and she blushed first, hesitates for a while then attempts to kiss her ... then the shot zoom off where we dunno whether she did kiss her or not, i think she did. We will then hear Haruka's muffled sounds covered by Yukino then Haruka's loud voice booming that she can't believe what she saw. Shizuru turned with tat cold but cool stare of hers, she doesn't look happy at all, not at all and invited both of them somewhere to chat ... Manz, the way Shizuru "invited" them sooo like chilling ... haha, her expression, so evilly cooL! Hahaha ...

Ok, Natsuki woke up after dreaming of Shizuru's "White" face coming near her and ... wanna kiss her, she woke up with a start and covered her mouth instinctively and told herself that Shizuru will never do something like that to her. [Familiar familiar? Himeko woke up and remembered that she was kissed by Chikane and shook it off as a dream and told herself that her Chikane-chan will never do something like that to her. GOD!] LoL ... then she heard voices in the backyard and walked over ... and overheard the conversation between Shizuru, Yukino and Haruka. Yukino and Haruka [Unwillingly] want Shizuru to come back to the Council to help out, but Shizuru juz shrugged it off and left everything to Haruka. Haruka, pissed, but Yukino here is more pissed! LoL, she blackmailed Shizuru into telling Natsuki what she saw ... when Natsuki was sleeping [Scene changes to the groping scene, i dun have it here, but it's basically juz Shizuru taking off her Kimono then sliding down to the sleeping Natsuki and ... touching? Dunno then off] Natsuki heard it and covered herself instinctively, like as if she's being raped. Now, Shizuru is pissed off too, and insulted Yukino by saying that peeping is her hobby. Followed by a slap from Haruka.

Haruka yelled at Shizuru to NOT insult Yukino and she condemned the forbidden love of the same sex saying it's disgusting, the same for Shizuru and Natsuki ... [SLAP] Shizuru would never let Haruka insult Natsuki like that. Shizuru ... turned to Yukino ... telling her that she would do ANYTHING for the sake of her love one. Then she summoned her Naginata. *Aims* *Fire* LoL. Mai and Negi goes off to the Love lair of Reito. End.

Whoa, this review is long lol, manz, i get draggy when it comes to Mai Hime Eps lol, uh ok let's see, today nothing much, i slept and slacked, read fanfics, eat as usual lol.
Ah, i downloaded Love Celeb V2 C6 YAYAYAYAYAY! MORE SMUT!!! Hahahah MORE CHIBI GIN-SAMA Haha.. ok gtg read it cya and watch Inuyasha later heh. Last Exile is over ... Dio died, Delphine died, alex died. ... Sad. a new start, nice ending anyways.

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