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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep 14 !!!! + I'm Sleepy

[Posted @ 10:40 PM]
Ah, i'll make a fast one cos i wanna go watch Austin Powers lol ... ok here's MORE Devilman Lady Ep14 screenshots!

Poor Mum And Kid.Stingray?Octopus.
He-man.Jun Crying Shot.Grandma, What Fat Cheeks You Have. LOL.

Ok, make it fast! This ep is abt this man whose child and wife is killed by a beast then he tracked the beast who killed them then thought it was Jun who killed them. Phew. Then the little boy, he's an evil one, uh then i forgot, i juz remembered the man died, Jun killed the beast who kinda killed the man and the little boy ran away saying he'll be back.
Next, i went to "Shao Mu" haha now i'm all tanned ... red .. sore and tired ... i came home then i slept for an hr then ran off to read fanfics... then bathe then ... slack and re-read Magister Negi Magi #4 heh ... ok start le cya

[Signing off @ 10:45 PM]

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