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Friday, April 22, 2005

More Mai Hime Anyone? Heh

[Posted @ 10:16 PM]
Well well well, the subject speaks everything right? Heh, here's Mai Hime Ep22 screenshots!~

Is Shizuru Gonna Be Jealous Of The Doggy?I Think It Looks Like It, She's Jealous!Goodbye Tate, You Suck. *Sniggers* It's My Turn To Reject You.
Natsuki ... Kissu ...Yukino: 'Haruka-Chan, She's Gonna Kill Us If You Scream!'Shizuru: *Anger* 'Too Late, I HEARD You.'
Natsuki: 'My God, I Dreamt Of Shizuru Kissing Me!'Goddamn Sexy Shizuru ... *Shivers Down Spine*Haruka Looks Cool Too.

Whoa Whoa Whoa, here's Mai Hime Ep22 screenshots! Ep22 rocks manz! Never knew Haruka is so cool hahaa, i thought she's juz a big talker with no brains ... -.-||| uh, she'll have no brains later too lol. Ok, from the screenshots, Shizuru healed Natsuki back to health but Dhuran still didn't come back ... and Shizuru cooked the doggy for supper cos she's jealous [opps] uh sorry, wrong comic lol haha, ok then Mai rejects Tate and ran back to Reito!!! [Drags the crazy nutty to her room. *NoooOooooooOoo*] Ok sorry wrong comic again, lol juz my personal fantasy ... ok Mai rejects Tate and ran off with Kagutsuchi and flew to the uh .. i forgot ... to the uh .. i forgot la, the lair of Reito i think LoL.

Yes, then Shizuru saw the sleeping soundly Natsuki outside and wanted to call her in to the warm room, but Natsuki's sleeping face is tooooooooo much for her to bare and she blushed first, hesitates for a while then attempts to kiss her ... then the shot zoom off where we dunno whether she did kiss her or not, i think she did. We will then hear Haruka's muffled sounds covered by Yukino then Haruka's loud voice booming that she can't believe what she saw. Shizuru turned with tat cold but cool stare of hers, she doesn't look happy at all, not at all and invited both of them somewhere to chat ... Manz, the way Shizuru "invited" them sooo like chilling ... haha, her expression, so evilly cooL! Hahaha ...

Ok, Natsuki woke up after dreaming of Shizuru's "White" face coming near her and ... wanna kiss her, she woke up with a start and covered her mouth instinctively and told herself that Shizuru will never do something like that to her. [Familiar familiar? Himeko woke up and remembered that she was kissed by Chikane and shook it off as a dream and told herself that her Chikane-chan will never do something like that to her. GOD!] LoL ... then she heard voices in the backyard and walked over ... and overheard the conversation between Shizuru, Yukino and Haruka. Yukino and Haruka [Unwillingly] want Shizuru to come back to the Council to help out, but Shizuru juz shrugged it off and left everything to Haruka. Haruka, pissed, but Yukino here is more pissed! LoL, she blackmailed Shizuru into telling Natsuki what she saw ... when Natsuki was sleeping [Scene changes to the groping scene, i dun have it here, but it's basically juz Shizuru taking off her Kimono then sliding down to the sleeping Natsuki and ... touching? Dunno then off] Natsuki heard it and covered herself instinctively, like as if she's being raped. Now, Shizuru is pissed off too, and insulted Yukino by saying that peeping is her hobby. Followed by a slap from Haruka.

Haruka yelled at Shizuru to NOT insult Yukino and she condemned the forbidden love of the same sex saying it's disgusting, the same for Shizuru and Natsuki ... [SLAP] Shizuru would never let Haruka insult Natsuki like that. Shizuru ... turned to Yukino ... telling her that she would do ANYTHING for the sake of her love one. Then she summoned her Naginata. *Aims* *Fire* LoL. Mai and Negi goes off to the Love lair of Reito. End.

Whoa, this review is long lol, manz, i get draggy when it comes to Mai Hime Eps lol, uh ok let's see, today nothing much, i slept and slacked, read fanfics, eat as usual lol.
Ah, i downloaded Love Celeb V2 C6 YAYAYAYAYAY! MORE SMUT!!! Hahahah MORE CHIBI GIN-SAMA Haha.. ok gtg read it cya and watch Inuyasha later heh. Last Exile is over ... Dio died, Delphine died, alex died. ... Sad. a new start, nice ending anyways.

Anime Song of Da Day:
One Piece - Before Dawn by Ai-Sachi

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