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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jinki : Extend Ep10

[Posted @ 9:08 PM]
Hmm, yeah here's Jinki : Extend Ep10 screenshots ... i finished the series already and ... lol at the end of Ep12, there is this 'To Be Extended' rather than 'The End' so i expect a season 2? Hahaha.

Ya Naked Ya Know?Aw, Don't Cry Cos I Saw Ya Naked.Don't You Tell Anyone You Saw Me Naked K?
It Depends How You Treat Me Of Course Heh Heh Heh.That's The Best!Uh ... Nice Robots.

Uh i dun quite remember much from Ep10 lol, i know Akao woke up with Shiba looking over her then Akao was surprised and stuff then made friends with Shiba. Shiba kept calling Akao, Akuma-chan, meaning Little Devil. Later we will know that actually Akao is part of Shiba then when Akao killed Shiba, Shiba's spirit hopped over to Akao's and made her a devil or some sort la. Aoba is also part of the Akao-Shiba devil hahaa ... aiya ya'll know more in Ep11/12.

Yay, i finally bought a Creative Mp3 Player juz now hahaha, it's an old brand ba, i dun wanna waste too much money on it ... yeah. I uploaded 70+ songs inside le hahaha, i dun waste any time do i? Hahaha, tomorrow going with Ms T.T to Taka to visit LC selling perfumes. I dunno wat to buy for mum for mothers' day, so i figured why not buy the perfume and at the same time show my friend some support hahaha. Two in one. [Grins] Haiz, i'm so tired tonight i wanna sleep le .. no i juz wanna watch animes lol, i finally finish downloading Loveless Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3 ... the art looks nice and the OP/ED are composed by Yuki Kajiura so it's sure to be great! Muahaha. Going to download them if i could find the torrent for them. Heh. Finished downloading Naruto Ep 131 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep26 ... so i'm still downloading Naruto Ep132 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep27 ...

As for manga scanlations, i'm downloading Love Monster V6 C38 from ShoujoMagic! Yaaaay more bishounens~~~ Wooo i love Kurou~ Sooo handsome hahaha. The art's pretty nice, did i said pretty? Yep, it's pretty lol. Oh i downloaded Haa Haa V2 C5 by Yuki Yoshihara, aha the 'sex' jokes in all her works are really funny de lor haha. Her art is pretty nice too heh. Very out of character but so true. Hmm i'm downloading Pastel V5 C37 from Animewaves ... the art is quite nice la ... since it's main character, Yuu is the champion of the Animewaves' poll thingy. Heh. Oh i went to Popular juz now too, didn't find the latest mangas there keh, didn't find TCZ II Collectors' #10 too ... sigh ... but i got TCZ II Coloured Version #27 this afternoon!!! YAY! LoL, i was like so shocked when i see my mailbox and saw the TCZ Studio logo on the letter and thought to myself if TCZ Studio sent two copies of #26 to me or what. Haha boy, i was surprised, they didn't and it's #27! I was online last night over the TCZ webbie, no updates abt it. Then after i got my copy, i went to the TCZ web then moments later, the latest updates were updated lol. And i was happy to be the first to post the topic of #27~ Muahahaha, it's been a long time. Subscribers ROCKS!

Here's a little summary abt TCZ II #27 i wrote over the TCZ forum, so i'm copying and pasting here.
'Guess what? LoL Tian Mo Xue Wu jumped in to interupt the battle between Wang Chan and 5 Elements. But from the looks of it, Wang Chan is kinda winning and beginning to issue his 'fatal' fu xi 8 trigrams - 8 in one, no way 5e could win against tat. Then Tian Mo Xue Wu attacked Wang Chan by whacking his head ... Ziyan also saw Tian Mo Xue Wu carrying the injured Wang Chan away. Xue Wu and RP came long and missed the action but Xue Wu knows where Tian Mo Xue Wu went ... Panda found some pictures in the cave, and some wordings, pan gu combined essence formula!~ Xing Yun fought Demonic Dragon and won, but didnt kill him cos he remembered the previous Green Dragon, Jian Ao's pleds to be lenient to DD. But DD aint grateful and attacked Xing Yun when he's back is turned!

Ziyan lost track of Tian Mo Xue Wu. 5e caught up with her and suggested that they team up, Ziyan agreed. Xue Wu and RP found Tian Mo Xue Wu, RP was surprised to find tat there were 2 Xue Wus!~ Anyways, Wang Chan chopped off Tian Mo Xue Wu's right hand right then in the second last page, his hand is back agaiN! GOD, he's now like a lizard which can grow its tail back! Hahaha... Xing Ling's health's acting up again. [My Words] Will the Aura of E-mei react again? Will Xing Ling lose control of her powers again and set 'beams' around again? Stay tune to TCZ II #28, The Diabolical Celestial Demon Cavern coming to u end of May at da book fair.

Speaking of the June Book Fair, TCZ is going to be there as usual for the 6th time. 5 new TCZ stuff are gona be sold there.
1. Xing Ling's Snow Heart Sword
2. TCZ MMS A2 Poster
3. TCZ Posters [5 Diff Sets]
4. TCZ II Bookmarks
5. TCZ Anniversary Souvenir Cards
Hmm, for me i'm going to get the 1 TCZ MMS A2 Poster, 1 TCZ Poster [Chi Xue One], 1 set of TCZ II Bookmarks and da TCZ Anniversary Souvenir Cards~ Xing Ling's Snow Heart sword's $210 mind ya lol. I didn't managed to get the Chi Xue, Blood Red Sword last year!!!~ DAMMITTTT WHY WHY?! LoL i got no space also. Shessh. The book fair's gonna be from 28th May - 5th June 2005 at Suntec City, 4th floor as usual. TCZ's at booth SP21. I'll tok abt it again when the day's near heh. Oh yeah, if u purchase more than $20 u get a Chibi Chi Xue Magnetic Badge!!! I already subscribed to TCZ II #29-#40 le, so they giving me one too. So i'll have two in total! Yay lol. Muahahahaha *Evil Grin* I'm a Chi Xue hardcore fan~ Woo.

Ok, tonight's post is long, i'm afraid that blogger might not take the heat lol, laggin to upload long posts la. Hahaha so cya here. More TCZ news on May.

Oh i forgot to mention that i went out today to see my little cousin lol, i didn't managed to see her yesterday cos the car can't fit in 5 people ... kaoz. LoL. So i'll have to sit this one out and go today on BUS. So yeah we saw the little girl, she's cute with a small dimple on her right cheek. When i first saw her and she tried to open her eyes, i was like, huh, her eyes so small ah lol. Juz a day old, so she still quite swollen lor. Hahaha, i think 1 month later more fun le muahahaha. Ok cya here then lol i'll go read my Love Monster and Haa Haa scanlations~ and watch MORE animes ... Hope i can buy my hard drive soon~

Anime Song of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic - Harenai Hana by ??

[Signing off @ 10:25 PM]

PS: I hope blogger.com can take the heat of my long posts now, and in future and forever. LoL.

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