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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Magic With Magister Negi Magi!~

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Woo ... the art sucks at times but the humour is there, haha i can always refer to the manga to MAKE myself laugh hahaha. The anime ain't bad la, juz sometimes the art is abit off. Ok, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep10 screenshots!

Nani?!Sell My Negi-Sensei?!*Whisper* They Still Suck Their Thumbs At *THAT* Age?
Gods, What Ugly Teacher You Have.I Share The Same Intentions With You Onee-sama!LOL Ripped Off From Maria-sama ga Miteru!

Lol, this ep is funny, especially at the end lol, last screenshot, tat is soooooo obvious! A rip off from Maria-sama ga Miteru lol, with the cheesy pink background, bubbles around, the 'hand holding' position and the eye contact spark. Hahaha, i laughed my guts out when i saw it.

This ep is abt 2-A 'fightin' the senpais over the court then later over Negi-sensei lol. Ayaka's expression were so funny, hahaha i kinda like her in 'wacky' mode expression. The seiyuu for Ayaka is great too! Her voice is juz the right tune for Ayaka heh. The senpais were so funny hahaha, especially the 'head' of the group, when she showed the pic of her sensei, see screenshot 4, haha i cut out the pic of the sensei ... She practically screamed that how could they understand them having to face such a sensei everyday while 2-A get to have such a cute Negi-kun. Ayaka went gaga haha and did the 'Onee-sama' saga and they held hands then Ayaka shared pictures of Negi-sensei with her in the background. Hahaha totally wacky.

Hmm, let's see ... i watched alot of animes these few days, let's see my notepad! I watched TRC Ep1/2, Ichigo 100% Ep1/2, Mai Hime Ep24/25, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep15, School Rumble Ep18, Negima Ep13/14 and Gakuen Alice Ep6! Whoa 11 animes in 3 days! Oh i watched Jinki:Extend Ep12 [End] juz now, well it's a lame anime lol, halfway i dun understand what's it all abt till Ep10 and Ep11 and the ending is pretty lame ... happy ending yeah. I'm going to watch Ichigo 100% OVA, School Rumble Ep19 and Devilman Lady Ep24-26 [END] later. Heh.

So yep, it's one title down and time to pick up a new title! LoL, ok this time i picked a Shounen-ai title, Loveless, the review for it is pretty good, plus it's a new anime, so why not. Besides the art looks good [I'm a sucker for good art animes LoL] so yeah, i'm in the process of downloading Ep1 now. I'm downloading Magister Negi Magi Ep15, Ichigo 100% Ep3, Loveless Ep1/2/3 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep26/27. Hahaha, i'm rambling about animes alot tonight.

Heh, cos i wanna buy a hard drive to storage my animes! I have already picked out the animes i wanna store in my hard drive when i buy one. I will buy it! I read over the what Digital Life and saw this Seagate portable external hard drive, looks pretty slick and nice. $439 with GST ... quite expensive ... 100GB ... the writing speed is pretty fast too, 13GB in less than 15mins ... whoa. Ok when i buy this hard drive, i will store moi Ayashi no Ceres, FMP, FMP Fumoffu, Marimite 1/2 and KNM in it! I think it will take roughly around 20GB le. Then i'll add in Karekano and ALL my YanZi clips in it. Which will take roughly around 20GB too lol. Almost half of it gone le haha, then my PC will have 8GB free, my lappy will be at least 10GB free and my bro's lappy be 10GB free too! Hahahaha. Then i'll download MORE MORE MORE great animes! I wonder if there's an hard drive that can store 1000GB of stuff? LoL 100GB seems too little.

*Surf net* whoa, i found an external hard drive with 400GB with Firewire and stuff .. but i dun need it le. Without ... only can store 250GB the most. Manz, why?!
'External Hard Drive: Priced at $699 for the 400GB version' Whoa, $700 le ... LoL 400GB might seem alot now, but i dun think so lor ... sooner or later i will use it all up heh. Ok set, i think i will purchase the $700 with 400GB! It's a good investment. Probably go buy it in Best Denki or Harvey Norman ... or Sim Lim Square ... i wonder if they have or not. Ehhh, i dunno le i never tried buying computer stuff haha. I need an MP3 player badly ... i got alot of animes songs but i can't listen to it in sch unless i bring my laptop ... haha most probably buy a creative MP3 player with the hard drive ba ... Ok enough of rambling, must go watch animes! i think i'll consider it abt more, $700 hard drive + $150 MP3 player = almost $1000 lol ... great investment. *See bank account* ... i saved $ for the past 2 years ... it seems like ... so little hahaha ... kkk cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
School Rumble Character Song - Feel My Feeling by Yui Horie

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