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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep12 ...

[Posted @ 10:30 PM]
It's gettin so boring. Oh i remembered what i typed last night. But first, here's tonight's screenshots! Tskuyomi Moon Phase Ep12~

Boo.Glow In Da Dark.! EVA!
Nope, It's Hazuki's Mummy.I Need Blood.Don't Just Stand There! Help Me!

LoL i forgot wat this ep is abt le. I watched it a month ago O_o lol *See the modified date* I think is abt Hazuki finally realizing that the "Mum" she sees is not her mum but an evil vampire up to catch her back to the castle. Then she needs Kouhei's blood to power up and tried to defeat the evil vampire whom i forgot his name, Count something lol.

Ok i remembered what i typed last night, uh i was typing about how much mangas scanlations, animes and yanzi clips took up in my laptop. Ok, i got 7.31 GB worth of manga scanlations ... 100 over manga titles. I got hm 8.10 GB worth of animes, and 15 titles. And ... i got 6.14 GB worth of yanzi clips hahaha ... quite alot huh. I love my lappy! My PC can only hold 8GB worth of yanzi clips and i used it all up le. I need to buy a hard disk! Hahaha to store all my anime clips ... CDs can only last for 2 yrs ... Sad.

Oh, heard over the news, read the newspaper and my friends all toking abt the Casino thingy. Uh, to put it in a nice way, IR lol aka Integrated Resort, i was like wat IR? Internal Relations? Hahaha, ok the darn paper is in front of me now ... hmm let's see, besides the main thing, which is the Casino, there are other stuff built too. Set in Marina Bay, the entire area will be filled with hotels, shopping malls, convention and exhibition space, museums and threatres. Cool!!! Added with a possible Formula One race track! WHOA SO COOL! LoL, i read somewhere before that Senior PM Lee rejected to have a Formula One race track last time and now he regreted it ... his two regrets yeah i forgot the other one. So Marina Bay is gonna be an entertainment cum business cum finanical cum residential hub huh. So typical of Singapore lol, squeeze everything in one little space. ... God, it's gonna take 15-20 years?! LoL... I'll be 30+ by tat time manz! ... Hmm $2-4 Billion to develop the area ... with gardens ... trees to keep us cool .. duh.

Another place for IR might be in Sentosa, with another casino along with beaches, theme park, shopping complex etc. Yeah Sentosa is getting pretty boring hahaha ... need to "upgrade" le.
Anyways i dun mind having a casino in Singapore, can create jobs and bring in income from tourism, so why not?
There's always pros and cons in a project, cons? Cons are what if Singaporeans are hooked in gambling? So? Not like Singaporeans are not hooked in gambling even before the casino comes right? LoL. It makes no difference lor, as long as u control urself, everything's fine isn't it? It's all in the matter of controling urself. And if Singaporeans go abroad like Genting, Australia , Las Vegas and Macau, gamble there and lose their money there and let those countries earn OUR MONEY? LoL. I know i'm sounding selfish here, but why give other people a chance to earn our money and not our people to earn it? Besides, the Singapore government will surely slap some rules, restrictions and FINES lol to control us yeah know?

Yeah, besides Singapore's Casino wouldn't be so sloppy ... surely damn high class de haha not all people can access de, if wanna build something, aim for the best. I read over a newspaper, strive for an international status like SIA aka Singapore Airlines. Yeah, make it the best.

Hmmm, ok besides the casino thingy, what else have i gotta say ... hmmm oh, i gotta go back and watch Naruto lol, Gaara is so darn cool!!! Haha ... defeat Kimimaru!!! YEAH! well cya then.
Oh, the anime song of the day, it's the second version of Magister Negi Magi's OP, Happy Material, there are six different versions of it, same title and lyrics but sung by different seiyuus and different tunes. Very cool.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Magister Negi Magi - Happy Material OP2 by Itou Shizuka & Kanda Akemi & Bandou Ai & Watanabe Akeno & Deguchi Mami

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