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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mai Hime Ep21 ~

[Posted @ 11:07 PM]
Yo, time for Mai Hime Ep21!

A Hole In Ya Head?Nao's Fave Pic.For Their Love Ones, One May Become A Demon.
Nao: 'Why Is Everyone Picking On Me?!'Shizuru: 'But Your Like And My Like Is Different.'Cool Mashiro.

Hmm Mai Hime Ep21, Natsuki knew of the info tat her mum sold her to SEARRS and went into depression and lost her will to summon her child. Her MIP, i think is her mum ba, when she realized her mum betrayed her, mummy lost the MIP status thus Dhuran can't be summoned. Then Nao 'tripped' over Natsuki's high speeding bike and bondaged her up. Yeah see screenshot 2 and see took a pic too! Hahaha. Shizuru, the last hime came and kick Nao's ass!!! Hahaha, she's pretty freaky in screenshot 3 but cool! I like the part where she summoned out her element sword, a Naginata SOOOO COOL! I got the GIF of it! If ya want can msn, i can send ya. Heh. Nao's ass got kicked and her complaining why is everyone picking on her. Duh, dun mess with Shizuru's Natsuki! Hahaha. Then Shizuru brought Natsuki over her home and heal her wounds and stuff. Shizuru then declared to Natsuki that she would keep from harm and protect her and that she like her. Juz before Shizuru leaves the room, Natsuki also told Shizuru that she likes her too. Then Shizuru juz closed the door and murmured "But, your like and my like is different ..." Wah kaoz so heart wrenching! Hahaha ... manz, it reminds of the Kannazuki no Miko's Chikane ... Chikane also said something around there too ... Hahaha ... oh there's abt Mai in this ep too but i forgot ... uh i think oh, she was resting in Reito's home, then wearing juz a 'over-larged' button shirt ... haha then Reito consoling her and stuff. Then uh, last screenshot ah, Mashiro is actually Fumi's child! Fumi's a hime too! And she fought with Mikoto ... and lost. End.

Hmm ok i watched 'The Apprentice' at 10pm on Channel 5 juz now and it was so cool! Hahaha Last week was cool too! Two got fired, Wes and Maria ... keh both are weak anyways. Hahaha Wes is too weak for a leader, he can't control. Maria is a hmmm ... well, she blinks alot ... and she's juz too confident le, then when it falls apart, it's over. Ok tonight's was great! Apex is finally a great team! With Kelly as the leader, they come in damn strong. Well as for Jen, haha, Mr Trump finally realized that she's an air-head. XP ... Andy got fired. Sad for a debate cham hahaha, got cornered by Jen and Sandy over in the boardroom. Hahaha. Ok, i guess tat's it cya!

Song of Da Day:
Yes, I Love You by S.H.E

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