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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

School Rumble Ep16 N I'm Feeling Slack, What's New?

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Manz, i'm feeling very very lazy after i finally typed finished TCZ II #22 review ... haha i didn't do it last night ... so i did it this afternoon and i plan to hit on #23 review but ... i was suddenly sucked into the world of fanfics~ Hahaha ... so, i'm gonna make it tomorrow then heh. Ok here's tonight's screenshots, School Rumble Ep16!~

LoL Flying In Da Air Never Fails To Amuse Me.Ooooh! Yuri Glare? Hahaha ...Onee-Chan Power!!!
*GASP* Someone's Making Out In There?!LoL, This Was Funny.We Were Making Out Just Now And Tore Our Clothes In The Process.

LoL, School Rumble eps never fail to crack me up.
Man, i'm too engrossed in reading fanfics lol that im lazyyyyyy to type now ... and i'm sleepy ... i finally managed to get my lazy butt to watch Devilman Lady Ep23 only hahahahahaha ... i watched Gundam Seed Destiny Ep22 and Ep23 too! Whoa Ep22 ended with a great BANG! Freedom and Kira wooo soooo cool! Ok back to School Rumble Ep16, uh the girls went for some camping thingy and the guys ran after them. Harima and Eri misunderstandings are still burning hahaha, i love it when Eri gives Harima that u-better-do-as-i-say-or-u-are-dead-meat look hahaha. Tenma thinks that Harima is trying to hit on Yakumo which is not, Harima is juz trying to get some info from her and Yakumo wants to get some info from Harima abt toking-to-animals power. Later, Tenma challenged Harima to some showdown by testing their courage. Then while running in the woods, it rained and both of them were drenched so they took refugee in a wooden house with Eri and Yakumo outside ... listening ... Ah and many funny things happened la, see screenshots, Harima tried to get more cloth to warm Tenma up and juz then Eri's cloth was near a hole and he pulled ... haha and pulled her out. Speechless for a while. Then pushed her back again hahahaha that scene was damn funny. Ok end ba. I'm going to write TCZ II #23 review tomorrow then watch Jinki:Extend Ep10 and Ep11 i downloaded tomorrow too, i wanna sleep early tonight ... So ... Off ta read more fanfics yay! cya

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