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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep12 And Jinki : Extend Ep7,8,9 !~

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Ah, yes i've updated both webbies! TCZomic and stefanie_yz ... heh heh heh, and later i'm so gonna watch Devilman Lady Ep23-26 and delete it.. cos lappy no space! Then maybe write abit of TCZ II #21 review ... argh... ok, here's two series of screenshots i promised!
Devilman Lady Ep12~!

... That's A ...Damn Ugly Face.'Hands' Pool Anyone?
Mr Beast 1.Mr Beast 2.Jun Wins. Mr Beast Sliced Off.

Uh, i dun really remembered abt this ep... and wat's it all abt hahahahah... i think it's some blood sucking beast going around sucking people and Jun hunts it, kills it and victory! That's all hahaha.

Next! Jinki : Extend Eps 7,8,9!~

'Onii-Chan ...' INCEST INCEST LoL.Cool.Sexy.
Cool.The Moon's Cool.Uh, Cool.

Uh, i dunno wat to say ... ya know why i wanna suddenly continue this series? Cos i saw the screenshots for the raw and saw ... lol some shoujo-ai between Aoba and Rui heh heh heh
Ok i forgot abt this 3 eps too lol my brains were filled with exams stuff la, gotta take some time to throw away those stuff and get my brain back hahaha so sorry ... I only remembered Mai Hime stuff LOL... sorry sorry, ah yes i still can't believe Mai Hime has ending, it was a happy ending yep. Ok tat's all hahaha.
Hmmm, ok i was updating both webbies today ... and i went to my aunt's house and visit my cousin who was ill and juz came back from da hospital ... boy he was skinny. I mean he was skinny but now he skinnier hahaa.. Ah then we played ball in the HDB flat lol. Ah gotta go watch Devilman Lady le la and Girls Bravo! Hahaha ... Ep 2 like nice le... *dl* cyaaa

Anime Song of Da Day:
Prince of Tennis - Make You Free by Hisoca

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