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Monday, April 4, 2005

First Offical 'Holiday' Day .. What The? Hahaha

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Ah, the first offical day of my 'holiday' hahaa, well sat and sun dun count! Ya know i have a little confession to make. I didn't watch Devilman Lady Ep23-26 last nightttttttt!!! WHY?! WHY?! I dunno what the hell i was doing last night too! Oh, i was watching the Kotoko PVs i downloaded last night hahahaha it was around 1GB manz ... i managed to watch GSD ... yeah i'm downloading ep22 and ep23 now. Ok on to tonight's screenshots! Devilman Lady Ep13!!!~

Jun: 'Where Are You Going Little Wabbit?' *GASP?!*S&M? Bondage?... Bondaged Jun.
Snake's Outta The Bag.Snake Chow!It's Raining Men~ ... Uh I Mean Blood.

Heh, it was a slacky day, i was slacking around the whole day cos it was raining and raining till 1pm+ ba so i was lazing around in my bed cos it's sooooooo comfortable! Hahaha ... I still haven't written TCZ II #22 review yet, man i'm starting to slack. Oh i forgot to tok abt tonight's screenshots lol. Uh Devilman Lady Ep13 ... *See Screenshots* Oh yeah, i remembered this lol. I think my brain remembers those 'sex scenes' better argh, i'm perverted!!!! LoL... i dunno why bleh hey speaking of perverted ... im so gonna tok abt the mangas banning thing again later. Ok regarding Devilman Lady Ep13 again, hmm Jun was i think jealous of her agent, i think she likes him so when her agent tok to his wife over the phone, she flirted with the male model to the extent of kissing him on the lift! GOD. I was in total shock... how the kind... gentle.. Jun i know ... be this ... nnooooooooooooo... *pulls hair in despair* ok i'm drama here. Ok, next uh i forgot wat happened but Asuka told Jun there's are many cases of missing ladies around a place and thinks it's the work of a beast. And yep, the beast was doing a light S&M game with the girls as seen in screenshot 2 and later with Jun. *Kayyyaahhh* In the end, it was the sister of the beast who was lurling innocent girls to her place then feeding to her little otouto ... mind you, the onee-chan's perverted lol, she lust after her brother ... *INCEST* -.-||| ok. The beast, a snakey thingy killed the sister yeah, Anaconda style woo! LoL. Jun killed the beast. End. Phew.

Man, i must watch Devilman Lady Ep23-26 ... blah blah blah hahaa.. well i hope. I must type out TCZ II #22 review tonight though, after i finished blogging. Hmm ok i downloaded Jinki:Extend ep10 and ep11, it's gonna end soon yep ... ehh and i'm now downloading Negima ep11 and ep12 heh heh heh ... Oh yeah, i must tok abt the mangas banning thingy!

I was watching Channel U while eating in the living room, uh well i always eat the living room hahaha ... i was watch this jap show starring Takuya Kimura~~~ Hahaha he's soooooooo dashing! Hahaha ... ah then this advertisment for this talkshow came out ... they are going to tok abt the banning of mangas and i was like yep, this i gotta see. Then this guy was saying all of us watch A show [A show=RA shows] before then this another guy from the panel i think he's some reporter or some idiot i dunno said what US? I never watch A show onez. I was like rolling on the floor laughing till my sides hurt. Hahahaha so old le still act innocent. Man, i mean not all RA shows are sex-sex-sex-sex u know. Some RA shows are educational and artistic too!
That guy need to go for counselling manz, sex to him is like a taboo. Not all mangas are filled with sex u sex-deprived moron! Even if there is sex, the ones i read are mostly implied sex or didn't show anything cos got censored away.

There are many great shoujo smut mangakas who's works are not all sex but with substance too! Mangakas like Shinjo Mayu, Yuu Watase, Miyagi Riko, Hasebe Yuri, Shimaki Ako, Kayano, Yoshihari Yuki and Anisaki Yuna.
Especially for Shinjo Mayu, my fave smutty mangaka, if u read Haou Airen before, besides the sex and rape, there is deep love between Hakuron and Kurumi and most of all, there is a plot k?

Also for Yoshihari Yuki, besides sex, there is alot of humour in it and i will giggle at the sex jokes she made and stuff but there is also a moral of the story in every chapter though. As for Yuu Watase, her art is pure heaven, i love her art alot. Bishounens everywhere ... kayyaaahahhhh *Squeals like a fan girl* Excuse me... uh .. ok yeah it's really dumb if they ban comics even those sex explicit ones, cos won't it encourage the black market even more? If you sell them legally and juz slap a fucking yes i juz said a fucking age limit on it and everything is solved what! If the adults still think that reading these sex explicit mangas makes them horny, ain't you happy? More children right? Keh.

If reading sex explicit manga is so effective in making people horny why don't you juz send a copy to every couple who are married but refuses to have children? There, another problem solved!
Not like it will affect me or wat if they put a restriction, i mean i was really surprised they didn't put a restriction to it. How could they? Now then u turn around and blame mangas, how irresponsible can u get? *Oh yeah, i'm getting bitchy* And kids, if you are not matured and old enough to watch or read sex explicit stuff plz dun watch. Don't let your hormones run wild ok? I was a good little girl and i dun watch those stuff i wasn't supposed to watch nor read those stuff i wasn't supposed to read.

Till now even if i'm well over 18 i still haven't even watch a single movie which is NC-16 nor M-18 ... But i can't deny i read smutty comics by Shinjo Mayu haha, hey her art is good. Her latest work, Love Celeb, the main character, Gin-samaaa is so cute! Esp in his Chibi form and Chibi expression. Oh, did i mention my fave scanlators are Shoujo Magic? They scan mostly smutty mangas and some serious ones too ha, those non-manga readers shld try reading a manga before they say anything without going through their thick little skull because they are living in their own little world.

Well it's a long post, i dun think i have anything to say anymore. Hahaha i dunno why i'm in such a toking crap mood... maybe because juz now i was browsing through this blog www.xiaxue.blogspot.com by this Singaporean named Wendy, nicknamed XiaXue. She won some best asia blog thingy ba and her blog url was on Sunday Newpaper and i was curious so i went in, hahaha her entries were funny, witty and typical-singaporean-style complaining every single thing under the sun. Hahaha juz like me, i was complain too! Hahahaha well i dun really mind, it's her blog, her world, her views. I'm a very libreal person. LoL. Ok i think i need to go type out the TCZ II #22 review. Heh so cya. Oh yeah before i sign off here's a banner i made this afternoon of my blog yay. It looks nice. Heh.

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