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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Depressing Shock ...

[Posted @ 9:15 PM]
It's a depressing night, tell ya more later. Here's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep13 screenshots.

Kinkel Da Vampire.Kinkel's A Day Walking Vampire. '?!'Onii-sama.
Hazuki: 'Careful Onii-sama.'Satay Kinkel.A Little Nap After Vampire Killing.

Ok, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep13 ... eh abt Hazuki and company killing the baddie vampire Kinkel lor, then Kinkel here is a day walking vampire. Which means he can go out walking in the day la lol. Hazuki is also a day walker, but she didn't know till the end when she rushed out to stop Kinkel from killing her Kouhei Onii-sama.
A conversation between me, my father and mother once again.

Father: 'So When Are You Going To Get Your Highway Code?'
Me: '...'
Mother: 'Yeah Lor, Now You're Having Holiday Mah, So It's The Best Time To Go For It.'
Me: 'B-But ... I Need Time To Prepare Myself [Can Also Mean "Time To Prepare My Heart"] Le.'
Father And Mother: 'o_O'
Father: 'It's Not Like You Are Getting Married Or What *Laughs* Prepare What La.'
Me: '... B-But Still ... Need To Prepare ...'
Father And Mother: '=_='
Father: '...'
Mother: '...'
Me: '...'
Father: 'You Are Just Giving An Excuse Only Right.'
Me: 'Bingo!' [Opps.]

Oh yeah, i was staying at home watching animes all day long hahaha. Woke up at 11.45am to brush my teeth, wash my face and eat as usual. Then went to watch Jackie Chan and Adventures then One Piece! After that i switch over to Channel News Asia and watch the "Nippon Hour" where they show the Mount Akagi and the restuarants there with the great food. Soya bean soaked in spring water ... and stuff. Next week is on Mount Fuji~ woooo hahaha.
After watching it, i went to my laptop and watched Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep15, Ichigo 100% Ep1/2, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep1 ... going to watch Ep2 later then hmm screenshoot them and delete them haha. Then went on to download Jinki : Extend Ep12, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3, Ichigo 100% Ep3, Negima Ep15 and Gakuen Alice Ep7.

Manz lol my laptop sure is busy huh, hahaha later gonna watch Mai Hime Eps then delete them ... hahaha ... no space le with the 2 vols of drama tracks + 2 OSTs ...

Oh yeah, i went to Sembawang Shopping Centre juz now, yeah had our dinner there then before that, my mum went for a little shopping in Giant. Then my bros and i went up to level 5? i think to play the arcade games there, my bros played the shooting ghosts one. They are really good, while i could juz watch lor. LoL, i'm not really good in shooting games, or rather im not really interested in shooting games. Watching is more fun. They played till the last level then i was in charge of sloting in the card for them to continue playing then came the both game over situation while fighting the last boss, the damn card cocked up LoL. I sloted the da card in 5 times and 5 times error sia. Then 10 seconds was over, GAME OVER. Manz, so wasted. Hahaha. Even though we always go there and play tat particular game and win it, it's so sad we lost it now haha. Damn wasted. Damn card.

After spending $5 on tat game, we went down to Giant to locate our mum. Then i picked up alot of chocolates muahaha, two packs of Chocolate Pocky + a bar of dark chocolates and a box of nestle chocolates lol. I got sweet teeth! Then we went over to pay our stuff.

While paying, a lady came over while i was looking after my 3 yr old cousin, asked if i wanna buy encyclopedia. Of course i said i dun wanna lor. I didn't even wanna listen to what she wanna say. I juz refused and said dun wanna.
Here comes the DEPRESSING SHOCK of my entire 18 years of living in this tiny little world.
She asked how old is my daughter. I was like EXCUSE ME?! DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKING MUM?! LoL. God, i was so damn depressed. I told the lady that the girl is my cousin, she was like oh my god, really? Sorry! ... i was like =_=|||| *Ducks in corner and mope around* Manz, now i really wonder if i look tat OLD? ... For god's sake ... i'm only ... 18 yrs old ... hahaha ... god. Maybe cos i let down my hair ba, my hair's grown pretty long le haiz ... but a mum? I gotta be 15yr old to give birth to my cousin ba! ... I should try my luck by entering a casino le ba hahaha, since i got a 'Mum-Face'. Later my bro came along after the lady left and asked me wat happened. I was like, oh nothing much, she thought i was Nicole's [My Cousin's name] mum. My bro went o_O Hahaha no kidding.

Aiya i dun wanna think abt it anymore. Hahaha ... ok, let's tok abt Animes and Mangas ... ok i toked abt animes juz now le, animes i watched and wanna watch later, animes i wanna download ... Oh i downloaded Pretty Face Vol6 Chapter 49 juz now, haha it's a funny manga. Haiz ... *Still brooding over the incident above* ... Ok remember to watch The Apprentice later at 10pm on Channel 5. Cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Condor Hero - Yuu by NoR

[Signing off @ 9:47 PM]

PS: I also bought 'Her World' featuring Stefanie Sun Yan Zi! Yay Hahaha. It's $5 ... but for YanZi, it's worth it! Hahaha.

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