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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Results Day ...

[Posted @ 10:09 PM]
Ooohh i got back my results but, let's tok abt it later ne? Haha here's tonight's screenshots! School Rumble Ep 17~

Yakumo ...LoL Tenma Juz Sucks In Everything.Ya-Yakumo ...
Kawaii Yakumo-Chan!!!!Harima And His Band Of Animals.Cool 3D Side Story.

Whoa guess what i'm doing right now! I'm juggling between typing, reading Magister Negi Magi [Chinese] scanlations, watching animes, screenshooting it, reading fanfics and chatting all at the same time! LoL i got like 14 windows up and down seeking my attention! Hahaha ... god, i'm so busy. Ok School Rumble Ep17 ... is abt ... uh all abt Yakumo? Hahaha, abt this boy who likes Yakumo alot and stays over at their house then uh yeah and left. Later then we know this boy is Harima's little brother. Yeah, Yakumo looks sooooo nice in this ep!!! Especially screenshot 4, wish i could wake up and see her face like tat lying beside me ... *Thinking like a perverted old man* Kayyyaaahhh haha. Ok what the hell am i thinking?!

I dunno hahaha maybe cos i'm nuts over my results i got this afternoon ... my friend called me on my hp which luckily i had SWITCHED IT OFF! Yay so i slept till 1pm lol then i woke up, brushed my teeth, wash face, had my lunch, tied my hair, on the hp and zzzZzzzz, a message ... open ... nooo, message back, go online, pestered to check and i checked. Let's see ... ok ...
1. Financial Management - B+
2. International Economics And Finance - D+
3. Business Law - B
4. Human Resource Management - C+
5. Cost & Managerial Accounting - C+
6. Japanese - A+
7. Popular Culture - B+
then got 2.79 points ... average ... aiya not bad la lol as long as i passed IEF, i'm grateful and thank god.

Oh, ok on to what i did today, hm let's see ok, i watched Naruto today, kayyyahhh Itachi is sooo kawaii~ Hahaha ... and i watched Gundam Seed Destiny Ep24, then i went to download the OP3 single ... it's cool. Sung by a 15 year old, her voice quite power, suddenly in front 'BOKUTACHI WA' lol ... the "BO" + the sudden drums or what haha the impact very strong. Yeah, so i'm ok still reading scanlations ... and typing this, chatting ... listening to music ... haha more relaxed now uh ... Ok downloading School Rumble Ep19/20, TRC Ep2, Ichigo 100% Ep2 ... lappy left hm 1.56GB, better than last time lol 768MB lol ... ok so... hmm oh my results, yeah i went to Marketing lor, first choice then got in, quite a few from my class also got into Marketing ... ahaha ... well yeah. Oh~ it's been an ok day for me, reading scanlations, fanfics, watching animes, oh yeah Last Exile ... last ep tonight! Must watch! Duh lol. After Last Exile should be Inuyasha 2nd Season ba ... hehe.

Yeah, shld be abt it le ba, haha ok cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed Destiny - Bokutachi no Yukue by Takahashi Hitomi

[Signing off @ 10:37 PM]

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