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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Mai Hime Ep20!

[Posted @ 8:45 PM]
Wooo, another Mai Hime day! Here's Mai Hime Ep20 screenshots!

Nao's Getting Evil ...Goodbye Takumi.Mai's Angry And She Snaps.
Mikoto Went Nutty Too.The Last Hime! *Shizuru*Kagutsuchi Fires At Mikoto.

LoL, yes i know i know, Mai Hime ended, some say the ending rocks some say it's cheesy ... for me, how about in between? Hahaha some parts rock, some parts dun and some parts were left unexplained and everyone lives happily ever after. Wat Da? Ok on to Mai Hime Ep20, Nao seeks revenge for her lost eye ... uh and i dunno le hahaha then Takumi become green poof when Akira's Child got beaten by the bridal hime ... which is i dunno yet as in Ep20 ... but ya will know in Ep25 la hahaha ... *Hint, "Onii-Chan!!~"* Hahaha but Mai mistaken it and thought it was MIKOTO who killed Akira's Child and killed Takumi hence she snapped and both of them fought. Mikoto also nutty de, i think it was the effect of the necklace that turned Mikoto nuts, and went around fighting others and over protective of Mai.
Oh yeah, guess who came to the rescue when Natsuki is being attacked by the bridal hime? See screenshot 5! Yeah, it's Shizuru ... hahaha it's juz like tat Kaicho's figure~~~~ Woooo ... Yeah so uh Mikoto suddenly snapped back to reality when Natsuki kinda yelled at her that she's fighting Mai and don't you love her and stuff, i forgot ... then Kagutsuchi went out of control and was uh coughing out a fireball straight at Mikoto ... End. Hahahaha~
Oh, it was reading fanfic day again, hahaha i was reading Noir's fanfics and forgot the time ... till it was 6pm le then aiya i lazy to go buy books and my TCZ II #26 is nottttttt here yet!!!!!!! NooooOoooooOooo! Hahaha So i'm going to write TCZ II #24 and #25 review later as i promised ... and watch Jinki:Extend Ep10 ... and Ep11 lol manz ... Oh, i went see the TCZ Wallpapers on the starhub webbie and boy they were cuteee! I love all 4 Chi Xues one of course hahahaha and i'm so gonna dl it ... too bad i'm a Singtel user ... bleh so gonna wait lor.
Ok, i go write le cya!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Shaman King - Over Soul by Hayashibara Megumi

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