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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep16 ...

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Woo, it's been a long time since we had Devilman Lady screenshots, so here's Ep16 of it!~

Jun's Feeling Down.So Is Kazumi.Kazumi: 'Look Into My Eyes.'
Kissu.Sweet Lips ...Tinky Winky To The Rescue With One Finger!

Uh, i forgot what this Ep is abt le hahaha, i think basically juz Kazumi knowing that Jun's a beast and was afraid at first and stayed away from her. Then fake Kazumi came and seduced Jun, then later Jun will kill that fake Kazumi and on to kill more beasts!

Ok, hm i slept till 12 noon cos Gundam Seed is over le replaced by Sonic X, which i have no interest in. Then i went to wash my face, brush teeth, tie up my hair then eat? Yeah i think then watch tv and slacked around. Go online, read Magister Negi Magi scanlations and read fanfics. After that, went to Ang Mo Kio's Courts to look around, along the way, my father asked when i am going to get my Highway Code. Below is the exact conversation between me, my father and mother.
Father: 'When Are You Going To Get Your Highway Code Huh?'
Me: '...'
Father: 'When Ah? You're 18 Already Right? Or You Want Me To Go With You To Get It? *Sniggers*'
Me: '...'
Mother: 'Yeah Lor, Go Get Your Highway Code La, Then We Go Out Also More Convenient, No Need To Keep Asking Your Dad To Bring Us Here And There.'
Me: 'Oh, So You Mean If I Can Drive Le, Daddy No Value Of Use Le Ah?'
Father: '...'
Mother: *Laughs*
-End- lol

Then we wenta Courts and see the fridges ... my mum is complaining the fridge not big enough haha. Then we chose this Panasonic brand and i was like hm this is good, then my mum kept asking me, it's good? It's big? Or this is bigger? I was like how i know lor, i dun put stuff in. My mum went, but you keep opening and closing the fridge de mah, so you should know. -.-|||| [Win le la!] After that, we wenta have supper, SATAYS! Yay! Hahah ... then after that we went home. Then i took afew pics of my bro haha, then recorded a video clip of my second bro, manz, his voice like girl's when he squeaks ahaha.
Ok then no more le, i'm reading scanlations now. Cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Kiddy Grade - Future by Little Viking

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