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Saturday, April 16, 2005

East Coast Chalet Pics, Lots To Say ...

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Ok, i'm now in a better mood to blog, i guess .... well yeah, uh yeah. Uh yeah. Here's my chalet in East Coast on 13th-14th pics, actually it's supposed to last from 13-15th but i can't stand it anymore, got air-con like no air-con, damn hot. I can't sleep and i'm freaking cranky.

Man, My Shadow Spoils The Whole Scene Hahaha.Looks Like Hawaii In Some Way.SUN YAN ZI! I Wrote On Da Sand!
BBQ Pit.The Room With Air-Con But No Air-Con.The Chalet, Block E.

Yeah, dun start me rumbling on the stupid got air-con like no air-con room. Haha ... well it was fun la although i didn't sleep much. Ok, first i meet WT at Bedok MRT on 1.30pm on Wed, 13th. Then before tat i bought Magister Negi Magi #5 and Mirmo Zibang! #2 at Northpoint, then sat 969 to Tampines Interchange then sat MRT to Bedok ... haha yeah then WT came and she said she's meeting 8 people, we waited for a while then she called i think 2-3 people then they say they coming later, so no need wait for them. Hahaha WT's face was like "Wah kaoz, dun come dunno how to call me first ah!" I was like giggling all the way. Then another of my friend came 15mins later ... WR. Then we went to the Shuttle Bus stop and waited for freaking 45mins. Then another two of my friends came, C and N. Pissed, we took a cab. Yeah 5 people haha. Then we reached there, met K, checked in, placed our stuff and slacked around while C and WT went to get the BBQ pit. So after, N went to swim then we slacked and watch American Idol LOL. We go there and watch tv sia, cos it's so hot and boring. Ahh i dunno. Then my another friend came, LC, she bought food and her friend drove her to the chalet. We went to pick her up, placed the food in the fridge. Then chatted for a while, Nic and JZ came, we slacked around and watched TV.

Then K and Nic started the BBQ, they used up all my 10 starters lol, when my mum said 3 is enough -.-||| hahaha so funny lor, K really so pitiful, haha i see him start and place the charcoal and stuff ... luckily got Nic to help him while the rest of us girls, dodo de, dunno how to help hahaa. Then finally K and Nic got the fire starting and we started with the bacon i think after we placed the corns below. K so funny, he threw the bacon in the middle and used two thongs then kinda like those "Hawker Centre Uncles" where they throw the food in with the big fire and stirred and tossed it around. Haha, it's good anyways, abit burnt. K did most of the cooking, hahaa then we were like "Hey, u want food, ask Chef K." Of course we fed K la, we not tat heartless and eat everything ok LOL. Then yeah i dun wanna say wat happened later. Skip. Into the night, i tried to sleep but darn, no air-con and damn hot. So luckily i brought my mangas! I read Magister Negi Magi #5 then went down to the 1st floor and see my friends play Mah Jong.

Then later we watched "The Eye", haha, JZ and WR like quite scared of Ghost movies ... and it was like 5am when we watched it lor. It's ok actually for me, i'm not really scared. The most scared one, WT went to sleep le hahaa, she got work on the next day mah so she slept early ... well it's a reason hahahaa. "The Eye" is pretty mild, not really scary, i think it's pretty touching especially for the last few bits, where the main character went to thai-chinese girl and freed her soul. It's really touching and the main character trying to warn the people tat they are going to die, tat desperation and stupid people like "Huh? Huh? Huh?" around is damn like fustrating hahaha. Not scary, to me it's touching. It's not like the ghosts wanna scare u or watz, they are juz doing what they want and stuff. Hahaha i like the part where there is this little boy, kept asking the main character for his report book. "Jie Jie, Ni You Mei You Kan Dao Wo De Cheng Ji Dan Ah?" Hahaha ... translated as "Big Sister, Did You See My Report Book?"

Then it was said that people who commit suicide will repeat the same process again and again, over and over, day and day of the sinful "crime" until the restless soul is forgiven or something. It's pretty heart wrenching. Haiz. For the case of the little boy, he commited suicide by jumping off the building, so the main character saw her jumped off the building and screamed. Ouch. Whoa, and the lift scene haha, the old man behind her. She wanted to enter the lift and saw the back of an old man inside the lift, but when she saw the cam which shows wat is in the lift, she sees noone. Then she was like lookin in the lift, then cam, lift then cam, lift, cam LOL. So funny. Then she went to another lift, but the old man is in that lift too! Wah! The old man's feet like rottening and stuff hahaa quite disgusting, i won't say scary.

Ok, then finish the show le, it was around 7am le ba then LC woke up, then watched the news, C, N, K, Nic and JZ went to sleep. Leaving LC, Me and WR to watch tv. WR was dozing also on the table. Later LC and me went to have a walk around the beach and i took the photos yeah. Hahaha i was feeling pretty cranky, cos it's the first time in the holiday tat i didn't sleep much and walking around at 7am! Hahah ... Yeah we chatted and toked then went back. Later, WT woke up and 3 of us chatted abt stuff then WR went up to sleep. Oh we had McDonalds' too, i had Big BreakFast! Yay Hahaha. Then 3 of us chat and stuff yeah. Then the rest woke up and we slacked around, i tried to go sleep again but i can't stand it hahaha, so i went home la. Hahaha then last night LC told me stuff tat happened over MSN, the rest went for night cycling and they played games, uh what Zhong Ji Mi Ma ... where the people cannot say the number stated lor. Like the number 10, if someone say tat number, will kena punished lor. Haha kaoz, i go home le then they play ahhhhh! Nooo haha. Nvm i missed my bed too much anyways. Wah this post is long, ahaha i guess i'm in a good bloggin mood anyways. Heh. Ohhh well, i think i better go, watch animes! 5eps of Naruto waitin for me and my lappy left only 1GB le! ahhh Cya!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Midori no Hibi - Sentimental by CooRie

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