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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm Watchin Animes

[Posted @ 12:01 AM]
LoL, i was busy the whole afternoon doing up the template and codes for my blog over at blogger.com ... yeah i haven't finish it yet, and i want to, so cya. I'll chat more later, lazy to type much stuff now.
Oh yeah, i'll still blog here so don't worry haha, the other blog's juz for show ... it's tough to do up html and xml codes. Hahaha.

Feel free to visit it anyways, i'll juz post watever i post here on there too heh.
why akayuuki? Haha cos someone used akayuki already so no choice i have to use the double 'U' ... haha

[Signing off @ 12:03 AM]

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