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Friday, April 8, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep 8/9 ~

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Woo, after a long time, it's time for Magister Negi Magi Ep8/9 screenshots combined!~

Cute.Cool.Double Kissu.

Ok, uh the Ep8, is about Evangeline waiting for a black out then transfer the energy powers to herself then suck Negi's blood. Haha ... she failed of course, with Asuna's help, yep first one to have a pactio with Negi. Woo, it's cool. Then for Ep9 the twins, Fumi and Fumika .. i think yeah brought Negi around the school and met different girls in their clubs and wat they're doing and stuff ... then double kissing him on the cheeks. Yeah end.

Ah, i'm kinda tired ... tonight, cos i was watching this movie till 4am last night ... then i woke up at 12noon then wenta play and then read fanfics till now hahaha ... arghh lazy to type TCZ II #25/26 reviews le ... tomorrow need to go "Shao Mu", Clean The Graves of my grandpa ... yeah then dunno wat time will come back ... dunno got energy to type TCZ II #26 review or not hahaha but i'll type #25 tonight after watching double anime bill on Arts Central Muahahahaha...

Woo, i downloaded Love Celeb Ch5 from Shoujo Magic!!! YEAH! I haven't read it though muahahaha, later then read ok ... then yeah i'm downloading the Ichigo 100% OVA ... the art looks kinda nice ... yeah i read the manga too, it was cute haha.. ok cya cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Shaman King - Trust You by Megumi Hayashibara

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