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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep11 ~

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Ah, it's a great sunday, i dun have to worry abt mondays anymore cos i'm on holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Woooooo! I've never been so glad in my uh, in 2005 before haha. I didn't get to enjoy the holidays during Dec 2004 cos got attachment mah, so i'm puttin 4 months of joy in this 2 months muahahaha. Here's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep11 screenshots!

Ya Got A Death Wish Punk?'OooOoooh, I'm So Drunk.' Underaged Drinking!This Pizza Taste So Gooooood!
Cat Walk.Cat Roll.Don't Make Me Punch Ya.

Hahaha, this ep was funny! Kouhei is still recovering from his injury and Gramps is still in hospital. The two girls from Kyoto .. uh i think yeah came to visit and chaos! Hahaha later they wanna go visit Gramps but Kouhei is still sore from his injuries and Hazuki can't go out ... she's a vampire ... and Vampires are supposed to be afraid of sunlight and will turn into dust if sunlight touches them ... Yeah, so she made this 'Cat Suit' hahaha and brought them to the hospital with the help of her little neko ... i forgot her name.. ah yes, i think it's Haji or something. Hahaha ... then Hazuki was so darn hot in the suit ... there are no holes mah if not sunlight will go in ... and she was basically stuffed inside and panting. Cute ep heh.

Oh yeah, i finally typed finished TCZ II #21 reviewwww! Yay! Haha i'm on to TCZ II #22 review .. hope i can finish by tomorrow ... cos i need to watch Devilman Lady Ep23-26 tonight LOL. I didn't watch last night cos my friend was showing me Yugioh fanarts and i forgot abt Devilman Lady argh ... then i went off to see some Mai Hime fanarts and read some fanfics ... lol. So yep, tonight's Devilman Lady Ep23-26 for sure! I watched Gakuen Alice and Negima this afternoon hahaha both eps were great! Negima well the art kinda ... suck again. The near views were so-so but when it's like a far view, man it really sucks like hell. The eyes were crooked, one big one small and even the ^_^ face sucks too! The ^ is like one long one short. Keh. But the humour is great haha ... Ayaka ... manz. I'm going to watch Gundam Seed Destiny later hahaha ... then go watch The Apprentice le at 10pm Channel 5!
Oh we went to some place i forgot the name for dinner and had fish steamboat! Yeah it was great!!!! It's been a long time. =) Oh yes, my Mai Hime Ep26 yesy sub finally dled finish le!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha Shizuru is so darn cute ... smiling and asks for forgiveness ... heh sleeping during the speech on her graduation day?! LoL That's so unlike the Kaicho we know!!! Hahaha maybe this is her true colours! She's more sticky to Natsuki now since they know their feelings for each other ... OVA anyone? Hahaha ... i wanna see the relationship development =P. Ah, it was an ok ending la. Okok i gotta go watch GSD and screenshot it yeah! CYA
Ah yes, a special Anime AMV Clip of the Day tonight! This AMV ROCKS!

Anime AMV of da Day:
Maria-sama ga Miteru 'Sei X Shiori' - M by Ayumi Hamasaki

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