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Monday, April 25, 2005

Gakuen Alice Ep5 ...

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Wooo, it's been along time since we had Gakuen Alice! So here it is, Gakuen Alice Ep5 screenshots!

I'm Da King Of Da World.Stop Drooling.What?! I Lost?!
I'm Ranked Zero?!Slave Driver!Get Away From Me.

Haha, Gakuen Alice's a great anime, never fails to amuse me ... Ep7's up for grabs now, i'm watching Ep6 later along with Mai Hime Ep24 and Ep25 i hope. Also with Magister Negi Magi Ep13 and Ep14 LoL. I am a very busy person. Ok speaking of Gakuen Alice, Mikan's finally been accepted offically into Alice Gakuen. However, Hotaru is still as cold as ever to her. The class still is not really accepting her much haha. Especially Sumire, she played a trick on Mikan and angered the teacher teaching. So the teacher, i forgot his name, gave Mikan a 'Zero' star(s) ranking. Hahaha, so funny, then the 'Zero' star ranker must clean this, do this and do that. Then i forgot what happened le hahaa.

Another day of 'A Conversation With Me, My Father And Mother'.
Mother: 'So When Are You Going To Take Your Highway Code?'
Me: '...'
Father: 'Yeah, I Took 2 Years.'
Me: 'Hahahaha, 2 Years To Take One Little Test?!'
Father: '2 Years To Finish Taking Up The 5 Classes Hor.'
Me: '...'
Mother: '...'
Father: '...'
Me: '... Oh ... That's Cool.'
Mother: 'Well, Since Your Daddy Can Drives All Sorts Of Vehicles. You Should Take All 5 Too.'
Me: 'WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!'
Uh, there are 5 classes, motorcycle, car, lorry, bus and i dunno. LoL .. But it's great my dad can drive all sorts of vehicles.

Hm, nothing much happened today, juz more animes to watch muahahahaha! So cya!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Kannazuki no Miko OST - Kannazuki no Miko by Kubota Nami

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