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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep24

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My eyes are burning!! My eyes are burning!! ArghhhhHHH~

Nagisa Dancing With Tamao.Shhhh! ...Awww ...

Nagisa and Tamao were practicing the dance for the up coming Etoile Election, their coach was none other than Rokujou-kaichou who was as Nagisa said, ‘The Etoile’s Demon’ LOL. Rokujou’s really pushing Nagisa and Tamao to their limits, even when Nagisa fell, Rokujou merely said that the dance’s very important in the Etoile Election so get up now, stop wasting time and start practicing! [Oooh~ Scary] In Nagisa’s mind, she’s thinking that she should try her best with Tamao for the Etoile Election … this would be enough isn’t it? Shizuma’s watering her plants in the greenhouse with her right hand as her left hand was hurt from trashing her room in episode 23. [I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this but ... a bandage hand seemed sexy on Shizuma lol] It’s snowing in Strawberry Panic! world, at the Ichigo-sha, Rokujou requested Shizuma to be the coach to Nagisa and Tamao as she’s busy with other stuff. Rokujou then left the room, telling Shizuma to consider about it. Shizuma murmured to herself, ‘Asking me to be a coach ... for the sake of nurturing her to become Etoile ...’ Nagisa and Tamao were walking back to the dorms with Nagisa complaining how her body will ache tomorrow however it is already aching now lol and thinking about facing more dance training ... sigh.

Nagisa said that Rokujou really wanted St Miator to get the Etoile title huh. Tamao wondered if that’s the true reason ... by selecting Nagisa and herself to participate in the Etoile Election ... Just then, Chiyo, Kagome, Kizuna, Lemon and Tsubomi were also walking along the same path as them. As Nagisa’s about to complain to them about her hellish training from Rokujou, Tamao covered Nagisa’s mouth and reminded her that Rokujou had told them not to tell anyone until they are ready. Nagisa noticed that Tsubomi’s looking very grumpy lol and asked her what happened. Tsubomi just humph in response lol. Kizuna then explained that Amane and Hikari’s announcement to participate in the Etoile Election had been cancelled. Lemon added that Tsubomi had been looking forward to seeing her beloved Hikari-sama. Tsubomi blushed and protested lol. Nagisa asked what had happened. Tsubomi cranky told Nagisa that she don’t know and to ask around then. ‘When you know the reason, I won’t mind listening to it.’, Tsubomi continued lol. ‘You are not being frank’, Lemon said lol. Meanwhile, Hikari, Shion and Yaya were in the school infirmary with the unconscious Amane lying in bed. Hikari had been holding Amane’s hand in hopes of her awaking.

Hikari ...Amane's Awake!!!Amane-senpai Forgotten Me!

At the Ichigo-sha, Nagisa knocked on the door of Hikari and Yaya’s room but no one answered. Tamao came back from asking around and told Nagisa that Amane, Hikari, Shion and Yaya all had not return to Ichigo-sha. The girls began wondering what had happened. Nagisa told Tamao to go somewhere and ran off. At the school infirmary, Yaya told Hikari that it’s late and to return back to their room for some rest. Hikari replied that it’s okay as she wanted to be with Amane when she wakes up. Yaya protested but Hikari told Yaya that she wants to stay so please, let her stay. Hikari wouldn’t give up, said that she knows how Hikari feels but, before Amane awakes, tiring herself makes no sense. Nagisa and Tamao had run to the St Spica Institute to check things out. Yaya tried to convince Hikari to rest by getting Shion to take care of Amane for the time being. Hikari finally got up and a drop of her tear fell on Amane’s cheek. [?! CHESSY! LOL] A few milliseconds later, Amane opened her eyes and sat up on bed like nothing had happened. [Looks like she didn’t break her back lol] Amane looked around confusingly. The girls were delighted when Amane awoke, Shion asked how Amane’s feeling. Amane replied that her head hurts and she remembered that she fell off from Star Bright. Shion joked and said that monkeys sometimes do fell off trees too. [LOL!]

Hikari defended Amane by saying that Amane’s not a monkey, Yaya commented that Hikari sounds scary~ Hikari spoke with relief as she wouldn’t know what to do if Amane had not woken. The girls then noticed something wrong with Amane. Amane unemotionally apologized for worrying them, got up, wore her shoes and coat and started to leave the room. Shion told Amane that if it’s alright to have the participation announcement postponed to tomorrow then. Amane asked what participation announcement? The girls were shocked beyond words, Shion stuttered that well, the announcement of participation in the Etoile Election. Amane told Shion not to joke around and said that she had told her before that she was not interested. [Here comes the final blow!] Besides, she doesn’t have a partner to participate with. Hikari’s eyes were widening with shock. As Amane left the room, Hikari collapsed but Yaya was there to support her. Hikari’s filled with grief and mumbled why, Amane-senpai? From the windows of the school infirmary, Nagisa and Tamao witnessed the whole scene and seemed concerned about the whole affair. The next day, Amane’s walking to school, fangirls around were greeting Amane as she walked by. Hikari’s following Amane in a distance, after walking for a while, Amane stopped, turned and noticed Hikari as the girl from yesterday.

Kawaii Amane.Pissed Yaya....

Amane asked Hikari if there’s something, Hikari hesitantly replied no and started to say something when … [Here’s comes the final KILL!!] Amane said, then please let me be alone. Amane then left the tearing Hikari standing at the pathway. This was once again witnessed by Nagisa, Tamao and other students as well. The two girls felt pity for Hikari since they knew Amane had lost her memory and the doctor had said it was temporary and to see how it goes. At the St Spica side, the students were wondering why the announcement of participation was cancelled, one of the girls said that there seems to be a divergence between Amane and Hikari. Another student said that she heard that Amane felt that Hikari’s not suitable for her. Is there a third party? If it’s Amane-sama, she could pick anyone, another gossiped. Yaya happened to be in the room where the students were chitchatting loudly. Angered by the words, Yaya stood up and reprimanded the students for not knowing anything and stop spreading rumours. ‘You don’t know Hikari’s feelings ...’, Yaya hissed. Both Kaname and Shion were not looking happy too. Amane’s walking along the place where Hikari used to wait for her when she saw Yaya standing there.

As usual, the ‘rivals’ spoke little to each other as Amane asked if there’s anything, Yaya just said no and left. Nagisa and Tamao were asking Rokujou if they could postpone the candidature for the Etoile Election because of Amane and Hikari. Tamao added that to continue the election after all these had happened would be ... inappropriate. Rokujou replied, ‘They wouldn’t be able to concentrate ... I understand.’ As Nagisa started to speak. Rokujou yelled at them to stop joking around. Rokujou continued that she knew about the incident about Amane but these are two separate things and if Nagisa and Tamao were to pull out from the Etoile Election, there wouldn’t be any Etoile Election this year. Rokujou said she would not break the tradition and no matter what happens, Nagisa and Tamao must attend the Etoile Election. Nagisa and Tamao were stunned by Rokujou’s insistence. It’s dusk at Strawberry Panic! world, Amane strolled along the path where Hikari always used to wait for her again, Amane wondered to herself why she wandered unconsciously to the place again. At the Ichigo-sha, Nagisa and Tamao were in bed and were surprised by Rokujou’s forcefulness and Nagisa replied that she’s indeed ‘The Etoile’s Demon’ lol.

Yellow Scarf ...Humph ...Angel!!!!

Nagisa then asked why Rokujou’s so persistent, Tamao replied that probably she wanted St Miator to retain the Etoile title. Nagisa said, ‘Is that so? ...’ Tamao seemed surprised by Nagisa’s response and kept quiet. Meanwhile, Hikari’s moping around at her bathtub about Amane [Ah, it’s been a while lol] and Yaya’s looking concerned about Hikari. Amane’s arranging her closet when she noticed a yellow scarf [Hikari gave it to her in episode 7] in the pocket of her coat. The next day, Amane’s walking to school with fangirls greeting her as usual again however, now we have Chikaru, Chiyo, Hikari, Kagome, Kizuna, Lemon, Tsubomi and Yaya following her from behind lol. The imoutos were worried about Hikari and couldn’t think of a way to cheer her up ... unlike how easily they could cheer Nagisa up lol. Tsubomi told them to think properly since there’s more than one brain among them. Chiyo asked if Tsubomi had any good ideas? Tsubomi retorted that she would say hers when others said theirs lol. The girls laughed and said, as expected, no ideas lol. Tsubomi just pouted in response. Even WONDER BEAR ASHIBARU had nooooo ideas to cheer Hikari too! =O.

Chikaru seemed to be planning an idea. At the church, the choir’s having practice but Hikari’s not there. Amane seemed to be walking around the places she met Hikari in school. At the Maria-sama statue place, Hikari’s looking spaced out. Chikaru arrived to try to cheer Hikari. Sitting beside Hikari, Chikaru said that it will be alright, Amane’s heart had only been covered by a coat of snow and definitely Hikari, the sun will soon melt the snow. Touched by Chikaru’s assurance, Hikari went for Chikaru’s chest and started rubbing against it ... I wonder why ... seek comfort on Chikaru’s chest and asked what she should do. Chikaru replied to be as she is and just believe in Amane, no matter what, believe in her and that way Hikari will warm Amane’s heart. Hikari thanked Chikaru for the suggestion. Just then, Amane appeared in front of them, excused herself for interrupting and left LOL. Chikaru teased Hikaru saying that Amane might be mistaken about them lol. Hikari replied that it’s alright as she believes in Amane. At the greenhouse, Shizuma’s watering her plants as usual and she remembered in episode 22 where Shizuma said that the plants were wilting away.

=O ...=) ...No One Can Live Alone.

But Nagisa replied, no, the flowers will surely bloom beautifully once again when she saw the plant starting to live again. [Will Shizuma believe in Nagisa to have a love that blooms beautiful once again?] Meanwhile, Amane’s looking at the sunset at the lakeside, Hikari arrived and asked if she could join in. Amane thought for a moment [Wayyyy too long] and said sure. Both of them looked at the beautiful sunset in silence and Amane took out the yellow scarf in her coat pocket, looked at Hikari for a moment then turned and continued looking at the sunset. Nagisa’s waiting for Tamao at the stage for dance practice and wondered to herself the reason of selecting her and Tamao for the Etoile Election and why the Etoile Election needs two persons to participate. At that time, Tamao entered and told Nagisa that Rokujou will be late due to student council meeting. Nagisa asked Tamao why the Etoile have to be two persons, isn’t one enough? Tamao replied that it might be so but, a person can’t really live alone. Tamao further explained that the Etoile exist for the purpose of assembling everyone’s feelings, sometimes gentle, strict and a role model. But no one can be perfect so there’s another person to fill in the points each other is lacking.

Nagisa said that Tamao’s always helping her most of the time. Tamao said that no such thing, after Nagisa entered St Miator that she had felt this way that she had been helped by Nagisa a lot too. That’s why Tamao had realized that a person can’t live by himself or herself but in harmony with another person and give each other strength to live on. Nagisa understood why Etoile has two persons now, to assist and take care of each other to live. All these were heard by Shizuma who was hidden behind the curtains. Shizuma made a determined face, walked out and told them to get on stage as it’s practice time. Standing in front of each other, Shizuma cupped Nagisa’s face and asked if she’s decided to participate in the Etoile Election? ‘Yes.’, Nagisa replied. ‘Then you must be determined. Be Etoile, Nagisa. No, you MUST be Etoile as this is what you chose.’ Shizuma said. Nagisa made a firm expression and nodded. Shizuma then started coaching Nagisa and Tamao as they began practicing the dance steps again. In Shizuma’s mind, she made a resolution to nurture them ... Nagisa to Etoile is her final duty as Etoile. Rokujou arrived a while later and saw Shizuma coaching them seriously and breaks a smile. - END -

ANGST!=O!Hai, Shizuma-sama!

... Hikari x Amane [Hikamane] angst, but thank god for Chikaru, the reincarnation of Maria-sama managed to comfort Hikari and gives her strength to face the clueless Amane. Not much to comment about this episode ... I wonder why. Hm, I think I’m rather optimistic of a Shizuma x Nagisa [Shizugisa] ending, dunno why, I just felt that way haha. Everyone’s so patriotic to their school in St Miator, Rokujou for the sake of St Miator, her persistence and insistence in winning the Etoile title. Shizuma, the current Etoile, for the sake of St Miator and final duty as Etoile, nurtures Nagisa and Tamao into Etoile and discards her love for Nagisa. What’s the heck with duties/missions in these few episodes!? Damn duty, embrace love! LoL.

I’ve got this feeling ... to joke around whenever I read the direct translations when I copy and paste the summaries of SP on an online translator;
Shizuma: ‘I’m sorry, Nagisa, it’s my duty as Etoile to groom another Etoile for the sake of St Miator.’
Nagisa: ‘I understand, Shizuma-sama.’
Shizuma: ‘Actually, I really love you. Even if you’re bonded to some *hiss* Blue Ball ... I, Quiet Horse will love you forever!!!’
Nagisa: ‘Oh~ Quiet Horse-sama, Beach Sand is so happy!~’

LOL! I’m just feeling crappy … urgh.

Art: 7/10 [Bleh]
Story: 6/10 [... Sorry but this episode bores me]
Characters: 7/10 [Chikaru once again~]
Overall: 6.5/10

Seems like the next week preview’s more about St Spica, will Amane gain back her memory? Duh. I wonder if Chikaru’s going to appear next episode ...

[Signing off @ 6:01 PM]

PS: Argh, posted up as wrong title name just now lol.


  1. LoL, the summary this time was really hilarious. xD You gave me the idea of a mummified Shizuma O_o. warped huh?

  2. Quoted by akayuki
    My eyes are burning!! My eyes are burning!! ArghhhhHHH~

    This is funny lol

  3. Thanks for summary, it's true that this episode bored many people but at least we've got some hint that Miyuki might has plan for them and the flower on episode 22 that Nagisa talked that it will bloom again. I don't know what Shizuma realize about this. However I was screw up when Shizuma decide to train them. But on the next episode I'm sure that these mess will resolve.

  4. Loved your summary about Shizumi.

    : )

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  5. Despite being boring and empty episode. I find Nagisa is pretty entertaining especially when Shizuma's holding her face up. Also, it's pretty nice to put the setting this way, Nagisa is learning to dance right? She's doing girl's part while Tamao's doing man's part. There's a hole that some speculations about Shizuma join the Etoile at the very last minute might fit in. Who knows? Has Spanic not having last minute mess plot yet? lol most of the time it leaves us shocked. Before this I just don't get my the series was named "strawberry Panic" now I got it. It leaves us shocked each episode. Shock can someone make us panic XD

    Haha Hikari and Chikaru.. I love this scene the most not just rubbing against ahem. Chikaru is an angel for everyone. Also I want to see how Hikari revive Amane. I want the long awaited kiss to screen. Also Amane has her own room? No room mate?!

    Shizugisa, Hikamane nicely blend akayuki-san XD

  6. Already the ending, and they still drag the storyline. I'm slowly drift away

  7. Hehe~~ ya with each passing eps, it makes me shock and more shock at how the story progresses ..

    Talking about this shock thingy, hehe~ maybe last eps they will come out with a shocking ENDING !!!

    HAHAHAHA~~ sorry for getting carried away and sprouting nonsence... i m getting desperate tats all .. angst .. mad .. dispair .. OMG~~~~ SHIZUGISA ENDING !!!! PLS !!!!


  8. to wolf, ... mummified Shizuma ... sexyyyy~~~ LoL.

    to sherman, eh, I got sore eyes on that day when I typed the episode 24 summary lol.

    to anonymous 1, yeah but I'm still rooting for Shizugisa!~

    to zeber, yeah not much development, chessy scenes and I-wanna-smack-some-sense-into-Shizuma club was set up lol. More Hikamane next episode yay. Oh the Shizugisa and Hikamane was taken from the tagboard ... =)

    to anonymous 2, I feel that way too ... but it's ending soon ... 2 more episodes, must watch till the end =).

    to Dorazz, YES! Shizugisa ftw! It's not maybe ... it must ... or at least they suggest a Shizugisa ending muahaha.

  9. Gosh can't wait for a episode where there's Nagisa x Shizuma.

    Also when are you going to put up a summary for the Manga chap 12 for SP?
    (just curious because I just can't wait.) ^^

  10. Sorry, chapter 12 didn't came out yet. Maybe it comes out at the beginning of October,....... I think.

  11. Shizugisa forever!!

    Ok this episode pissed me off and I don't know if I could actually blog this or not.

    What the writers planning to do?! Are they trying to gives us some surprise like what was stated by zeber? I don't need no surprise I was a resolution. My heart keeps aching eversince episode 18. I thought after episode 16 (behind the scenes), I could get nice Shizugisa especially the episode ended like they fell in love. And now for the past 2 months I've been dragged to this sh*t! Dam* I'm angry. Again what are they trying to pull now? I thought nothing will go wrong for Hikari and Amane and almost end they give me this shocking amnesia instead of hot yuri action or even nice romantic words. And what's with Shizuma with her obligation to make Nagisa the Etoile? I never thought I'll be getting only and one kiss from the main couple. Seriously, this is not a bad anime as it convey like what zeber said. Now I get the meaning of the whole series. Thanks man :D

    I'm sorry to sound for immature, but I can't help. I just want to yell and twist those story writers.


  12. Eh, I'm not sure if Chapter 12 is coming out any time soon ... *looks at yamibo*.

    LoL, I think we all wanted to bomb the story writers. Maybe I'm just a little sick of the angst haha.

  13. It's obivious mates, we won't be getting any yuri scene anymore :(

  14. Unless they magically pull a season 2. The sales are decent, maybe if we give it time the sales will go up if the prices go down. I mean, 2 eps per DVD (is that correct?) is not enough -.-;

  15. To sell better make sure in the DVD comes with English subtitles. I wanted to purchase but I heard it's without english subtitle so whats the point of me purchasing. Price are ok to me.

  16. Annoymous 3 from the bottom, Don't be too sure. Looks like there will be yuri scene in ep 25!

  17. It's time to give up Shizugisa's fans. In this episode clearly Nagisa potrayed that she has had Shizuma become her past. She don't longging for Shizuma anymore and also she is not sad anymore.

    Tamao should take Shizuma's part now. Nagisa slowly realising that she needs Tamao and vice versa.