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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

[CD] Nakahara Mai - Concept Mini Album - Fantasia

[Posted @ 9:19 PM]
As usual, your friendly amazon link to the mini album =).

Japanese Title : コンセプトミニアルバム - ファンタジア by 中原麻衣
English Title : Concept Mini Album - Fantasia by Nakahara Mai

Nakahara Mai - Concept Mini Album - Fantasia 1. Nakahara Mai - Concept Mini Album - Fantasia 2.

CD Tracks:

1. 瞬間ファンタジア
3. ラストボーイフレンド
4. 記憶レコード

Only 4 tracks in this mini album, probably fans could expect a full album anytime soon? =).

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  1. This is a great CD when you're feeling really, really, crappy.

    I had a fight with a friend and was trying to relieve the stress and came across this.

    Mai-sama has a very cute voice. I really do hope she releases a full album soon <33

  2. When will Shizuma seiyuu would release album XD

  3. What's with her voice in Girly Glory? I mean I don't mind squirky, but too squirky. Also I had this horrible feeling listening :D

  4. Yeah, I think it's about time she release a full blown album at her career peak =). But she seemed kinda busy as she's like in most of the anime titles lol.

    to anonymous 1, eh, not sure? Or rather I have no idea but I hope for SP Hanazono Shizuma character album =).

    to anonymous 2, eh squirky? Kinda, esp when she singing G-I-R-L-Y LOL. I was like ... cring G, cring I, cring R, cring L, cring Y. but it's catchy when you're in a happy mood =), I'm like swaying my head to the beat.

  5. Hanazono Shizuma's album out?! Where to buy? Please where to buy???? I love her voice...

    hahaha Girly Glory actually I think that song belongs to the new anime that Mai-san VC called Lovedoll~Lovely Idol..I think...

  6. akayuki-san, do you have the lyrics for the 4th song? I love it of all 4.