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Sunday, September 24, 2006

[OST] Strawberry Panic! PS2 Game OP&ED&OST CD

[Posted @ 9:20 AM]
I know many Shizugisa supporters will kill me if I post this at this point of time but ... I just gotta post it!!! LoL alright, you can purchase the PS2 Game Strawberry Panic! OP & ED & OST CD at your friendly amazon link. Anyways, it's already out on 21 September 2006, I'm just slow.

Japanese Title : PS2ゲーム「ストロベリー・パニック!」OP&ED&オリジナルサントラCD
English Title : PS2 Game [Strawberry Panic!] OP & ED & Original Soundtrack CD

PS2 Strawberry Panic! OST 1. PS2 Strawberry Panic! OST 2.

CD Tracks:

1. 静馬のテーマ [Shizuma's Theme]
2. 渚砂のテーマ [Nagisa's Theme]
3. 玉青のテーマ [Tamao's Theme]
4. 千代のテーマ [Chiyo's Theme]
5. 天音のテーマ [Amane's Theme]
6. 光莉のテーマ [Hikari's Theme]
7. 夜々のテーマ [Yaya's Theme]
8. 蕾のテーマ [Tsubomi's Theme]
9. 絆奈のテーマ [Kizuna's Theme]
10. 千華留のテーマ [Chikaru's Theme]
11. 檸檬のテーマ [Lemon's Theme]
12. 籠女のテーマ [Kagome's Theme]
13. 聖アストラエアの丘 [Saint Astraea Hill]
14. 百合百合シーンその1 [Yuri Yuri Scene 1]
15. 百合百合シーンその2 [Yuri Yuri scene 2]
16. いちご舎の生活 [A life in Ichigo-sha]
17. Sweetest (Off Vocal Ver) -Strawberry Panic PS2 OP-
18. あなただけを愛します [Just Wanna Love You]
19. おまけ [A Little Extra]
20. 天使と悪魔 Ver.1 [Angel And Devil Ver.1]
21. 天使と悪魔 Ver.2 [Angel And Devil Ver.2]
22. パニック☆1 [Panic! ☆1]
23. パニック☆2 [Panic! ☆2]
24. Sweetest -Strawberry Panic PS2 OP-
25. そばにいるよ[By My Side] -Strawberry Panic PS2 ED-

The OP and ED of the PS2 is included in this CD, so it's worth to purchase it =). The OP's by CooRie while the ED's by Nakahara Mai, the seiyuu of Nagisa. Even if you don't have a PS2 to pay the game with ... you can listen to the OST instead =) [Like me].

Wanted to post this up last night but something's wrong with the stupid connection again ... the DSL can't freaking connect even after 1 hour ... what the hell? Connection's alright early morning, late at night ... You know, nothing piss me off more than not connecting to the internet. GRRRR, I'll call singnet tomorrow.

WHOA, I just got a miss call from this stupid spam number which it will incur high idd charges if you call back. So if you get a miss call starting with +861, DO NOT CALL BACK! [It's like some overseas call number] Do not take the call too, cos it's like ringed less than 1 sec and just miss call already. So pass it to your friends if you're in Singapore.

Anyways, update in my life, I'm going to out this afternoon to Seoul Gardens for bbq with the usual tb14 girls =) it's been hm a while since we last met or rather I met them lol.

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  1. Quick question,

    Would going to Japan to pick this game (special Edition, of course) and a PS2 up, seem weird?

  2. Yuri scene?????? Anyone got the game? Can descibe a little..ehhehehe

  3. To Anonymous 2: Where did you heard of the yuri scene?! I don't remember hearing about the game being an H-game!

    I have the CD but I have yet to listen to the whole thing. It's cute! ^^

  4. To Wing of light.
    No I don't heard about yuri scene, I just read here

    quoted by akayuki
    14. 百合百合シーンその1 [Yuri Yuri Scene 1]
    15. 百合百合シーンその2 [Yuri Yuri scene 2]

    That's why I wanna know how the scene was like XD

  5. Where did you get it? I can not find it on Tokyotosho

  6. to anonyomous, eh no? If you're rich... lol.

    to Wing of Light and anonyomous, don't think there's any yuri scene, it's just the title says 'Yuri Scene' doesn't mean it's yuri scene lol ... bleh, I dunno. Ask those who played the PS2 game.

    to anonymous, there is. Or you can search for Serin or check their website for link.

  7. It's going to be hard to follow me so here goes, I already play the game and I recognize the yuri scene songs. Heres how the game work, you must make Nagisa, Hikari, or Kizuna(I'll refer from now on as YOU) close to a girl. When you play the game, you'll realize there're a lot of different path to choose from. If you chose the right path, then you'll be treated to a picture with YOU and a girl, then the background song plays from there. One more time, It's important to collect pictures in the game because it'll go to the CGs collection menu, which allows you to view the pictures anytime you want, so you don't have go thru all that trouble on story mode again.