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Friday, September 22, 2006

Otome wa Onee-sama [Boku] ni Koishiteru Trailers

[Posted @ 3:21 PM]
Here's the screenshots for the two Otome wa Onee-sama [Boku] ni Koishiteru trailers. Click on the picture to see view a larger picture, enjoy.

Kawaii yo Mizuho-chan.Gasp! A Bishoujo!Olalala ...
Let Me Help You.Gasp! Tall, Dark, Bishoujo Onee-sama!Hmph.
Heh Heh Heh.So Agressive?!Fan Service ...
Characters of Otome wa Boku/Onee-sama ni Koishiteru.Title.Konichiwa.
*Stunned* ?Himeko ... uh I mean Mizuho ... meet me at the Rose Garden ... uh I mean classroom.Hai, Onee-sama ...
Mariya-chan ...Gasp!!Angst ...

Alright, screenshots 1-9 are from one of the trailers while 10-18 are from the other trailer. Anyways, I got the trailers from Jason's blog but I've also uploaded the rar file in sendspace, yeah click here.

Screenshots 13-15 really reminded me of ... Kannazuki no Miko episode 1 lol where Chikane went past Himeko and whispered, 'Meet me at the Rose Garden' or something like that cos I forgot exactly what Chikane said lol.

By the way, wanna know who's who? Refer to screenshot 10 as I describe who is who;
1. Mizuho Miyanokouji - Brown haired, red eyes, main character
2. Shion Jyuujyou - Black haired, grey eyes, tall, bishojo
3. Mariya Mikado - Purple-maroonish haired, copperish eyes, the one doing the peace sign with the 'X' hairclip
4. Takako Itsukushima - Light orange haired, blue eyes, with dark brown ribbons tied to each side
5. Yukari Kamioka - Dark orange haired, copper-reddish eyes, at the back with a white hair band
6. Kana Suouin - Loli blondie, golden eyes, with huge pink ribbon tied in a ponytail

In case you want it, here's the link to the offical Japanese website of Otoboku.

Whoa, it's aired a day after my birthday ... yay?

EDIT: Ehh sorry, screenshot 9 violated photobucket's whatever rules. Anyways, reuploaded it in imageshack.

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  1. Yay I'm actually preparing to watch this after SP has finish simply because voice actress that played Hikari will be in this series. Also I don't know if this is because of girls. I love shojou-ai :D

  2. Some of the screens are just like in the game. I have yet to play it <3

    And yeah, I need something to do when SP's done.

  3. waig so this is serie is new right and have any episode come out yet

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  5. Dark haired girl looked like Sachiko from Marimete but the scene like you mention was like himeko and chikane 1st episode scene. Aww help me I can't wait for this

  6. Wow, can't wait to see this. Also, I've heard that this show is about a boy crossdressing to go to the school. Because one of his family member got ill or something. Before that person died, he wrote it in his will. Is that true?

  7. In the fourth pic, Kana looks a lot like Saber from F/S night! ..Sorry.. just got to mention it. ^^;

  8. Haha, great to see quite a bit are looking forward to Otoboku although it's not purely shoujo-ai technically haha.

    to rikka, yep it's true. I forgot if it's the grandfather or mother or whatever, he just had to attend the girls' school to fulfil the person's will/wish.

    to sakura/rider, ... hm kinda, the hairstyle =).

  9. It was the grandfather who wanted the main char to attend the school.

    What a bizzare grandfather ._.;

  10. I heard somewhere about this series, actually the school practices yuri tradition, so it's almost like Maria-sama Ga Miteru and Strawberry Panic.