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Friday, September 8, 2006

New Anime Titles To Blog And Watch This October!

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Alright, Strawberry Panic! is ending soon ... uh to be exact, on 25th September 2006 ... NOOOOO!!! Will there be a second season? Well, I don't really mind if there's a second season, I have mixed feelings about second seasons though, shrugs.

Anyways, on to the topic, only THREE yes, three anime titles managed to catch my interest this fall,

Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge.Negima!?Otome wa Boku-sama/Onee-sama ni Koishiteru.

1. Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge aka Perfect Girl Evolution or 'My Fair Lady' by Chuang Yi or 'The Wallflower' by Del Rey, they are all referring to the same manga. No manga had ever made me laugh till I cried before, Yamato Nedesico Shichihenge did it. Hope the anime can do it too. I have high expectations for this but the art seemed to dampen the mood lol, I think some people even mistaken the guys to be girls -.-||| Maybe I'll blog this ... depends.

2. Negima!? aka Mahou Sensei Negi or Magister Negi Magi. Season 1's a dissapointment ... especially in the animation section. Thank GOD, it's SHAFT producing the second season of Negima this time. The animation's sooooooooo freaking much better but I can't help but go Pani Poni Dash! or Tsukuyomi! or NEKOMIMI MODE! lol. Anyways, I watched the DVD preview that's included in the limited Volume 15 of the Negima Manga and it's pretty well done =). The character designs were roughly the same and the hair colours of some characters were changed into more 'practical' and pleasant colours. Of course, more Setsuna x Konoka plz =) and I'm blogging this.

3. Otome wa Boku-sama/Onee-sama ni Koishiteru. A word play on the title of the anime, 'Boku' and 'Onee-sama', the word 'Boku' means 'I', usually used by guys while 'Onee-sama' means 'Older Sister'. It kinda fits into the story of the anime because it's about a GUY which I don't know for whatever reason enrolled in a girls' school and hence became a 'female' student there. So that explains the 'Boku' and 'Onee-sama' title. I'm a sucker for red eyed characters so I'm watching this. Um, I'm a sucker for those 'Onee-sama' kinda shows with subtle shoujo-ai so it's highly possible I'm blogging this.

Out of the three, I'm currently reading the mangas of two, Negima and My Fair Lady. Usually I'm only interested in anime titles which either have very beautiful art or I have/read the manga of it, the rest, it depends on my mood and interest ba. I'm more of a manga kinda person than an anime kinda person, if you ask me which I prefer, Manga or Anime, I would say Manga =).

So, what are you going to watch this October? Tell me about it and I'll consider watching what you recommend too =).

Oh for those living in Singapore, buys English manga and loves smutty Shinjo Mayu works ... GOOD NEWS!! BECAUSE Chuang Yi's publishing the English version of 'Kaikan Phrase' AND Shinjo-sensei's latest work after Love Celeb, 'Blaue Rosen' [<- title still tentative]. It's a really refreshing change from the usual virgin-girl-loves-horny-handsome-guy, horny-handsome-guy-rapes-virgin-girl, angst, virgin-girl-raped-by-other-handsome-guys, more angst, horny-handsome-guy-admits-love-for-virgin-girl, make-up-sex, end lol. Anyyyyways, I'm looking forward to it =). YAY.

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  1. that red-eyed 'girl' is the GUY?? ah..could it be a reversed ouran host club?? dotz.. heard from those who played the game that the guy is moe-er than the girls. lol. oh but the pics full of shoujo-ai subtext and use of onee-sama.. could be a mix of marimite. woo~

  2. Otome wa Boku-sama/Onee-sama ni Koishiteru looks so awesome! I thought he was a girl in the promo pic. But regardless, I still want to see it <33

    Well, isn't Hikari's seiyuu playing the TDB?

  3. I don't actually like getting stuff from singapore, all of them are censored. Singapore has one of the tightest censorship regulations in the world.

  4. Do blog this "Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru" XD I'm loving the arts of it. Also you are not planning to blog marimete S3?

  5. to icestar, Um I'm not sure if it's that red-eyed 'girl' who's guy but it's highly possible. Really?! Moe-er than the girls? LoL. Yeah probably another Marimite or SP kinda setting.

    to wing of light, yeah she's voicing as Shion Jyuujyou, the greyish-green eyed girl beside the red-eyed girl, 'Mizuho'.

    to anonymous 1, Yeah, but I had no choice ... if you get those US translated mangas, on average they were all above $12 but CY's like around the $8 range. But anyways, cross ur fingers for Shinjo-sensei's works ... restrict them to 18 and above or anything, just don't censor too much. *Can always rely on friendly scanlations to see the original scenes lol* But overall, I think the censorship for the english side ain't that bad yet ... no cuts & pastes as yet just 'erasing' on nipples and stuff. I'll just get whiny if things don't go my way heh.

    to anonymous 2, um, Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge's pretty had straight couples, some cross-dressing lol [Poor Yuki], Negima had some shoujo-ai and mostly straight ... I wonder Otome wa Boku-sama/Onee-sama ni Koishiteru is considered as shoujo-ai too even if the main's a guy lol. Oh well.

    to anonymous 3, yeah I like the art too, it's pretty nice, kinda reminds me of D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season ... [Duh they were produced by the same company! lol] It's highly possible I'm blogging this ... if anyone's subbing it or what =). Oh Maritmite S3? The OVA's been dragging for like forever, I'll blog it when the sub comes out and for the S3 too.

  6. Runte said...

    I've watched Negima s1, so I'll probably watch s2 too.. 'coz the ending sucked ^^;

    Other one, that intrests me pretty much is that Otome wa Boku-sama (I started laughing, when I read the name xD)I've also seen couple of pics, and that looked pretty intresting 8)

  7. Oh akayuki, I'm glad you'll blog Maritmete S3. Still long way to go till November. In the meantime I'm entertained by Negima and Otome wa Boku-sama XD

  8. 'ello akayuki ~
    Id love to see more anime bloggin's. You always bring more enjoyment into reading the summaries, much love for your hard work !