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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Studying Japanese in Japan

So, I'm now in Japan and as the title suggested and studying Japanese from scratch (I gave my hiragana and katakana back to my sensei of 10 years ago) in a language school in Tokyo.

I could vaguely read/guess hiragana and katakana but oh boy, writing them is another story, so I was placed in Beginners' Level 1 xD

I'm currently living in a sharehouse in Asakusa, it was okay until I have to shower or use the bathroom... going out of my warm room in the middle of  winter night (1-2 degrees!?) is TERRIBLE. I'm starting to wish I lived in a small apartment with my own private toilet and shower lol.

I'm in my 10th day and only been around my home area, school, Ueno and Akihabara. Doing a lot of walking, it's great in this cold weather and the sun kinda shining on my face.

Uh, gotta stop here, took a break from writing numerals in my notebook xD, until then!

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