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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chocolate Ahoy! Goodbye BB.

[Posted @ 9:20 PM]
First thing first again ...

Thanks HQ for the dark chocolate. I absolutely adore, worship and love dark bitter chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Just For Me Sia! LoL.

Never ate this brand before ... most of the time i ate the Hershey's Dark Chocolate [Yes the unbaked one LOL, supposed to be for cakes but i juz ate it like that LOL YES EVEN THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS LOL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA], Toblerone's Swiss Dark Chocolate [Drool], Droste Holland's Extra-Dark/Semi-Sweet-Dark Chocolate ... Swiss Delice Extra Fine Dark Chocolate or normal chocolate brands, like Cadbury [Too many la, all types XD], Nestle [Crunch, Milo, MilkyBar], Godiva [Sometimes la], M&M [Peanuts!], Merci [Some were nice], Ritter Sport [Peanuts!], Van Houten [Not really nice ... but cos it's cheap lol], Kit Kat [Have a break have a kit kat lol], Kinder Bueno [Seldom], and Ferrero Rocher [Heaven.] Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread is great too, always got a bottle at home XD. Glico Pocky Sticks Chocolate, Strawberry, Milk i ate ... but not Banana. Dun like. Seldom eat Jap brand chocolates lol.

A PERSONAL FAVE, I highly recommend this ... when i was in secondary school i used to have this 1 every 2 weeks lol, tat explains my size now XD.

Whittaker Almond Gold Chocolate Bar! It's a New Zealand brand. Around S$1.50 ba or more or less i dunno, it used to be around S$1.20 or something ... sia la inflation! LOL.

Come to think of it ... i never ate truffles before. LoL. They're expensive i heard ... made from wild mushrooms? LoL Hopefully i can buy it myself with my first paycheck XD. Wah talk abt chocolate ... wasted my 30 mins here le lol, researching the net for the chocolate brand names =).

Anyways, sigh. Goodbye B for BB ... no more straight Bs this sem ... damn u BB ... even though u are 'BB' but i will not get B ... damn lol. 完蛋了啦!!!!

Why doomed? ... Cos for question 1a, i wasted 45mins on it and i'm not sure if i even got it right. 1b was ok. I crapped through abt the 4Ps. Thanks C, u said it, it came out sia lol. Lol i overheard u guys. 'Anyhow blah 4Ps la.' lol

Then 2a was ok, i juz crapped. 2b also juz crapped 5 stuff out. 3a(i) ... i drew the diagram explained abit lol. My stimulus is YanZi! LoL. As for 3a(ii) ... drew diagram but no time to explain ... juz diagram. So it's like 9 marks gone. 3b ... was like all 7 marks gone la, i barely wrote anything ... i was left 15 seconds LOL. Then 'Pens Down' i was still scribbling ... but then the guy came to collect i stopped. It's hopeless.

I did 4a,b,c,d before Question 3 cos i knew that the best. However, for 4d, 12marks i suddenly brain block sia. I can't think anymore LOL. Really bad paper. Hope moderate sia lol.

Anyways, happy things ... actually nothing happy la ... juz got dark chocolate, shared the chocolate brownies and ... went home and watch Wallace and Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD! WOOT. It was funny lol. WERE-RABBIT! LOL. God, the rabbits looked so 'toot' LOL. Really. Like complete morons ... especially the one that turned into Wallace LOL. I can't stop laughing.

Speaking of movies, HQ told me she would like to watch Final Destination 3. [Cos i said i wanna watch in my blog a few posts ago and also while we're going to watch I Not Stupid Too?] I was like 'You sure or not?' Brain-thinking, if you faint how lol, i can't carry u out le. Hahaha. Really if it's not ur cup of tea, plz, don't force yourself. It's not good for your health =). I'm not really dying to watch it anyways, i seldom watch movies ... maybe half a year once lol. But if you insist, then i help myself then LOL.

After BB paper, everyone went to 'Have-You-Studied-IB-Le-Ma?' mode. God it's juz after a paper! How could i have studied already? I'm a lazy lazy lazy lazy person lol really. I'll studying tomorrow. Wake up early ... cos need to record something for LC ... =)

K gotta go read fanfics! I love fanfics, i wanna write one on my own someday. I wanna write some taboo love story muahahahahaha. God forbid me, i shall still go on!

[Signing off @ 10:09 PM]

PS: So crazy~ Namie Amuro is da bomb! Woot. Heart to heart~ Ganbaru~ So crazy for your love~

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