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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Seriously Dying From Work Overload.

[Posted @ 11:12 PM]
Swamped with 5 projects in my stupid hands. I'm so freaking pissed lol. God. The week on tomorrow and next week will be a freaking crazy 2 weeks.

I'm now rushing my stupid IB Walmart PPT, i know i shld have done like on thursday but i dragged to today ... it doesn't really matter cos i'm going to finish soon lol. MUAHAHA.

Next, LAM Part 3 ... STUPID LOUSY SURVEY! Mistakes here and there, instructions not clear ... and some stupid inside ... secrets i cannot reveal here in case some tutor comes alot and read lol XD and brings the whole BS down to drain. Ha. Anyways i think it's really pointless. I mean ... god. I couldn't really explain cos i can't say it out. Damn. It's juz absolutely pointless i say. And they rush us somemore cos some grps couldn't hand in on time i dunno why. And god, 3000-3500 words, how are we gonna crap it out in 2 days? LoL. I sure dun want to. But i will do it anyways. Like i had a choice.

Next SMM, ok, we're dumb, how the hell do i know we're so rush till we're RUSHED lol. I should had assigned it like b4 CNY or watz. But no, i'm in such a CNY mood that i thought we could do it after CNY. Sigh. But it's ok la, we assigned and all we had to do is combine and stuff. It's still workable. We can do it. We're just gonna do it in time for the presentation then report can slowly edit. But still the report must be to some standard. I want to do well for the second project.

BPC peer assessment ... ok, i'll do it later. The report? NEXT WEEK THEN SAY LA STUPID!

BB? LoL, god, i dunno wat i wanna say. Luckily no report but presentation is tough. We're gonna analyze the stuff ... gonna think of a scenrio? ... wat the.

I juz wanna complain for a moment. Ok i feel better le. Cya gonna rush ... no sleeping till 3am ba ... and it's raining. SUCH A GREAT WEATHER TO SLEEP IN! ... But no, i had 5 stuff waiting for me.

Sigh. Life sucks.

[Signing off @ 11:21 PM]

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