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Sunday, February 26, 2006

How To Make Chocolate Brownies In a Day LOL

[Posted @ 5:53 PM]
Wait, first thing first.

To HQ: Ok la, i'll bring the big can of Hello Panda on Tuesday JUST for u k lol. Come early hor lol. I'll be bringing some chocolate brownies too =) yay, it's food heaven before BB paper hahaha.

Exam Timetable :
1. Services Marketing Management - 24 Feb 2006, Friday - 2 PM to 4 PM - Blk 56 04-07 - Seat No 36
2. Buyer Behaviour - 28 Feb 2006, Tuesday - 2 PM to 4 PM - Blk 56 02-08 - Seat No 34
3. International Business - 2 Mar 2006, Thursday - 9 AM to 11 AM - Convention Centre Level 1 - Seat No 47

K, we made the chocolate brownies yesterday but my bro forgot to buy whipped cream so when we went to Ang Mo Kio to have dinner and we bought two cans of whipped cream from NTUC Fairprice at the same time =). That's why it took a day lol. But the whole process took juz 1 1/2 hours ba ... quite short la.

Then we wanted to try out the new oven my mum bought with my Best Denki $700 vouchers =(~~~ I wanted to use that to buy hard drive de~~~ LoL. Then they left like $150 for me ... i dun think it's enough ba ... how much is a freaking hard drive anyways? I want 300GB one ok lol and the last time i checked it was freaking $600 ... sigh.

Ok here's step by step [Uh not really la] instructions on how to make instant chocolate brownies =). Manz, my anime/manga blog is becoming some food recipe blog le lol.

Pre-Heat.Add Mixture + Water + Oil + Eggs.Stir Mixture.

First, you pre-heat the oven for 5 mins la. So that the heat will be constant when you bake the brownies. [Dun ask me, i dunno why, my bro juz did that hahaha] Secondly, you pour the instant brownie mixture [Mine's Betty Crockers] in a bowl, add eh 3 teaspoon of water, 1/2 cup of oil and two eggs. [Should be right ba, if not just see the instructions on the mixture box lor lol] Next, whisk the mixture up clock wise ... and keep it constant dun do clock wise then anti clock wise after a few beats lol. If not it'll have cracks on your cake ... <- my bro say de lol.

Pour Mixture.Bake For 30 Mins.A Little Snack.

Ok then you pour the mixture into a pan, the white nutty things are walnuts that is with the mixture itself ... i think we bought the walnut brownies mixture yeah. Then put the pan in the oven and bake it for 30 mins. Meanwhile you can eat a tuna + diced tomato sandwich while u wait lol. That Jacob bowl is my fave lol, i'll use it everytime ... lunch or dinner to store my rice =).

Almost Done.Done!The Chocolate Cream.

Ok, after 30 mins, leave the hot pan to cool for around 30 mins also ... then while you wait for it to cool, time to do up the chocolate cream to cover the cake! Open a can of cream and add some whipped cream instead ... lol how come my bro's one is fluffy ah, ours macham water de why LC?! Why?! LoL. My bro said probably we didn't shake well enough and it's not chilled lol.

Stir.Add Almond Nuts.Stir Again.

Then add some Hershey's Cocoa powder in the mixture ... to make it bitter and chocolaty. After that, add in crushed almond nuts ... to make it nutty lol. Then stir well again.

Spread Chocolate Cream On Cake.Blow Some Cocoa Powder On It.Itadakimasu!

Then you spread the chocolate cream when your cake is cooled. Spread it nicely and evenly lol, everytime this job is done by me =). Then blow some Hershey’s Cocoa powder on the cake ... i dunno why, my bro blew some on it ... Lastly, put it in the fridge overnight for it to chilled and harden ... then it's time to eat! Add some whipped cream on the top =). Yummy.

Sounds fun? Try it next time with your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles ... watever ba =). LoL, i'm lucky to have a bro who likes to bake cakes, cookies and brownies lol. Everytime he said he wanna bake cake, i'll go 'Huh, again ah, you sissy la, like to bake cake so much!' Then he'll go 'What la, boy cannot bake cakes meh, when i bake, you don't eat ah!' Then i'll go 'WHAT! Ok ok la, you manly la, i wanna eat the cake ok? I'll help you.' LOL. I'm so realistic.

=) I love my bro.

Oh we're baking some German sausages on the new oven for dinner tonight yay =). Yeah! We're having western food tonight! Salad! Chicken chops! Potatos! Yum. Will post the pics later =).

[Signing off @ 6:46 PM]

PS: Lol, didn't read IB notes last night ... MUAHAHAHAHA, read some later ba.

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