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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Dragon & Lion Dance!~

[Posted @ 11:08 PM]
Whoa, juz returned home from my aunt's son-in-law's house. Ha. I dunno wat house do i call it ... i think Terrence house ba, then i know it's three stories, so they're darn rich lor. Ha.

First, we went there, hanged around there for a moment before we walked in and grabbed da buffet food. Woot, there's like sushis by Sakae Sushi, seafood pasta and the usual buffet stuff. Chicken, rice, vegetables, fish and curry lor. Oh we had curry puffs too, i had two of them, not bad, then got this roti-bread like thing, it's good too when u add with the curry sauce yummy. I had a little of everything there lol. I had quite alot of sushi XD. Yummy sushis haha.

After eating and drinking, there's even Dragon and Lion Dance!!! I've only seen Lion Dance in real life like only 3 times ... so this is my 4th time. But it's my FIRST time seeing a real life Dragon Dance!!!! SOOO COOL! LoL, but the space too small la, the dragon can't move around ... but the rapid rolling and turning and twisting thingy is really cool lol. Now my ears are still ringing from the 'Boom', 'Kong' and 'Cheng' LoL. Overall it's pretty exciting but too fast le, cos the space small, lol can't do much stuff.

After the Dragon and Lion Dances, my bro and i went into the house and ... investigate XD. Manz, really big, like got 5-6 rooms inside and freaking big kitchen, my mum will love it there lol. Then we went up to second level, god, there're two rooms in that level, got one indoor balcony complete with sofas and a coffee table there for ya to hang around. Then from the balcony, below is the living room, so i was like trying to kill myself by running from the balcony and side and hanged one of my legs over the railing LOL. It was fun. Noone saw it la, juz fooling around XD.

After that went to the master bedroom XD, i didn't open the door, but my bro did. Then he said inside was big, got fridge then inside got chocolate ... wine and a half-eaten cake LOL. I was like ... oh. Ok. LOL. There's alot of stuff to do with chocolate ... wine ... cakes and ya know whipped cream ... *wriggle eyebrows* LOL.

Yeah then after we got down, the people were doing the 'Lao Yu Sheng' thingy le ... like got 5-6 tables people Laoing Yu Sheng lol. OHH yes, i forgot to mention the number the Lion Dancers left, they left '8790' LOL. GO BUY 4D!!! LOL.

Yeah after Lao Yu Sheng, hopped around, slacked around then went home le ... now darn tired. I wanna go bath. And later do IB Walmart PPT ... haven't do yet XP ... and SMM Project ... sian la ... and BPC Assessment ... crappy. So cya.

[Signing off 11:27 PM]

PS: Like i will do. Do tomorow ba ... i wanna read fanfics ... XD

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