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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Love Letter + YanZi SK Ad On Life!

[Posted @ 9:34 PM]
Juz joking k, LoL, catchy subject XD juz to attract attention lol. It's really sweet of HQ to give everyone a friendly card ... kinda between a goodbye-cya-my-friend cardy ... =D First time someone gave me this kinda card ... juz like the time she gave us bottles of yummy M&M chocolates XD.

I took a photo of it, hope HQ dun mind ah ... haha, no secrets inside de la haha.


Inside ...

Sweet huh? ...
PS to HQ : I'll skin ya alive if u dare bad-mouth YanZi ... lol and i'll let the 'Lexmark' issue pass ... XD. Joking joking only ah lol.

Speaking of YanZi, YanZi's SK Advertisement on Life! again! A bit late [It's on 4th Feb 2006] but ... better than nothing. Whee. But it's at the back this time. My lovely bro pointed it out to me ... he might grumble and whine how much i love YanZi ... and how much he hates YanZi. In the end he's such a sweet brother who helps me lol.

YanZi SK Jewellery Advertisement @ 4th Feb 2006 Straits Times LIFE!

Ok, now let me list down what i gotta do sigh.
Here's My To Do List:
1. Watch Animes - Blood+ 10-14, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-14 by ... goodness knows when.
2. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 2, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
3. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
4. IB Wal-Mart PPT On Tuesday Yay. It was a pretty good PPT ... but i love other groups' last question answers ... they're all so good [Sob especially Maz & HQ's.]
5. Finish Draft SMM Project 2 [My Part on Smart Voice] By Tonight ...
6. Do SMM Project 2 PPT Slides on Wed/Thurs
7. Rehearse SMM Project 2 PPT on Fri morning? [Discuss with grp mates first]
8. LAM Part 3 [Start Analyzing and split parts] On Thurs/Fri
9. vPOST Data Entry on the Bishan ITE thingy
10. Start on BB analyzing using SPSS & do up PPT Slides on Fri/Sat [Hope PPT on Friday]
11. Finish Final Edition of SMM Project 2 by Sun
12. Finish LAM Part 3 by 14 Feb, Tues
13. BPC Final PPT on 15 Feb, Wed [Cross fingers!]
14. Start BPC Individual Report on Wed
15. Submit BPC Individual Report by 20th Feb
16. Study for EXAMS le! SMM, BB and IB ... ARGH!

Thank god, LAM was extended. If not die! LoL. Quite alot huh. Ha. One step at a time ba.

Oh yeah, u know, i never really notice the bus advertisements at bus stops ... but ever since YanZi endorse for SK Jewellery, my eyes were glued to every bus advertisements my bus to school went by LOL. I noticed there's a YanZi ad in the middle of nowhere at Mandai Road for the monkeys and monitor lizards to see ... lol. Then at the Rail Mall along the Upper Bukit Timah Road, juz after the Cold Storage also got another YanZi ad XD. I remembered this, it's a pic of where YanZi held a present against left ear and went >.< expression LOL so Kawaii~! XD. Another YanZi ad is at the bus stop after the overheard bridge to Beauty World ... then every morning got alot of NP students there waiting but could not get on 184 bus lol.

Then when it's time to go home, there's another YanZi Ad at the bus stop before 184 turned right ... just a stop from the NP bus stop. Then when the 184 turned ... the following bus stop also got YanZi ad ... haha ... in front of the Shell Petrol Station XD. Hahaha. Any i missed out? ... Plz tell me ... looking at YanZi advertisements really makes my day! Hahahaha.

Today was ok ok la ... BB lec was ok ... lecturer gave obvious good hints [Hehehehe]. IB PPT was ok. IB Revision tut was ok too ... obvious good hints are also given. Then after IB tut, my grpmates and i went to some study corner near LT22 there and discuss our SMM project. Then during IB lec, more stuff were stated. Yeah overall an ok day la.

Argh, gotta do my SMM part le ... if not i slack again ... cya!

[Signing off @ 10:17 PM]

PS: ... SMM SMM ah, why art thou so ma fan?

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