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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Western Food =)

[Posted @ 11:17 PM]
Toldja i'll post the pics later right? Here i am now lol. Fast one k. I wanna go read fanfics le lol.

Here's my aunt's plate ...


My lil bro's plate with the German Sausages ... it's quite nice la but the taste is pretty strong ... i ate halfway then i can't finish le ... if not i'll puke lol.


Ah, i wanna say you know the winner for Channel U's SuperHost that was tonight is my relative? My grandfather's brother's daughter ... lol. 性林的 [Xing Lin De] le lol.

Anyways, gtg cya.

PS: I'm going to miss ya too HQ =) Also 3B14 ... glad we have grown pretty close even though we knew each other for only less than a year ... the last year in a school is always so memorable and hard to forget =). [Like when i was sec 4 in NVSS ... i made the best friends in my life XD and also for pri 6 in PYPS haha]

[Signing off @ 11:27 PM]

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