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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Exam Timetable 1

[Posted @ 10:47 PM]
Oops, forgot all abt exams lol. I started studying only like last night. I was reading through stupid IB chapters from the textbook and fell asleep halfway. Yes it was so boring. Hahaha. Haven't even started SMM yet. Shessh.

Exam Timetable :
1. Services Marketing Management - 24 Feb 2006, Friday - 2 PM to 4 PM - Blk 56 04-07 - Seat No 36
2. Buyer Behaviour - 28 Feb 2006, Tuesday - 2 PM to 4 PM - Blk 56 02-08 - Seat No 34
3. International Business - 2 Mar 2006, Thursday - 9 AM to 11 AM - Convention Centre Level 1 - Seat No 47

Oh yeah, went around and surfed the net for movie trailers this afternoon and chanced upon Final Destination 3's website lol. Then i learnt abt the story of Final Destination 1 and 2. FD 1 is abt this guy who got this feeling that the plane he is goona sit is gonna crash so he got some people off and they escaped death. But ... did they really escaped death? Will death let them go so easily? Will death come back and haunt them again? Muahahaha. One by one the students who cheated death died in gruesome freak accidents. FD 2 is ... the same plot but different scenario, this time, it's a girl who got this feeling when they went on a road trip ... and the same plot comes in again, one by one those who cheated death died. This time FD 3 is abt some kids who escaped some freak roller coaster ride accident. This is more thrilling lol, FD 1's scenario is pretty cool, FD 2's not that cool. There are limitations of gruesome road accidents hahaha.

So cool sia the trailer, now i'm dying to watch leeee~ LoL. Then when i closed the window to the website it gave this this picture lol.


How they know my name? Cos i typed my birthday and name when i went in the site wondering what they're going to do with it lol. A nice surprise =).

Oh, i juz had a great idea of tomorrow's post. I'm going to tok abt my dream room. Hahaha and i'm probably going to draw it out or something heh. So cya, gotta watch America's Next Top Model. And oh, Nicole won. Hahaha.

[Signing off @ 10:58 PM]

PS: Muahahaha spoilt ya again!

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