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Friday, February 24, 2006

My Exam Timetable 2

[Posted @ 10:35 PM]
Boo yeah, this afternoon's SMM paper ... can't say it sucked but i flunked 1 question. Didn't managed to finish it, 13 marks le! Argh, i juz thought of the answer at the last 10 mins and i haven't even finished my Qn5 ... so i was flipping between scribbling Qn4 and Qn5 answers lol. I did the record of scribbling a paragraph in 1 min!!! YAY, thanks for my lit experience, i have been known to scribble rubbish in 30 seconds LOL.

Exam Timetable :
1. Services Marketing Management - 24 Feb 2006, Friday - 2 PM to 4 PM - Blk 56 04-07 - Seat No 36
2. Buyer Behaviour - 28 Feb 2006, Tuesday - 2 PM to 4 PM - Blk 56 02-08 - Seat No 34
3. International Business - 2 Mar 2006, Thursday - 9 AM to 11 AM - Convention Centre Level 1 - Seat No 47

Manz, i hate this feeling of 'I know how to do but i can't finish!!!' damn, i rather i dunno how to do, then at least i have a clear conscience and said that i tried my best lol. Damn. Now i 'Mei Gan Jue' le haha. Really no feeling le. Haha, today also funny, C went to the wrong classroom lol, he went in with us then sat on the wrong seat haha, all of us were like huh, u in front de mehhh? LoL. But in the end, i think it's an okay paper la, can pass with a B probably. I've a feeling i'll have straight Bs this sem =) Yay. My dream results! Straight Bs! I know i can't get straight As so i strive for Straight Bs! Lol, juz like my Os, juz tat stupid maths and history/ss and lit ... i thought i could get B3 for history/ss and lit cos my prelims for them are pretty good ... but to my dismay i got only C6s. Damn, even worse than my worst enemy which is Maths, i got C5 LOL. Shocker sia. I was thinking of all B3s and stupid maths and get C6 for all i care haha. Then my results will looks so pretty~

Sigh, so hope i get Straight Bs this sem! My Cs are getting lesser each sem and so far no Ds =) Yay. Plz, let my last sem be good! I paid for NUS/NTU application le ... and the chances of getting in are ... 0.0000000000001% lol. At least there's still a 1 huh hahaa.

Oh yeah i forgot, here's a pic of my dream room/library ... manz, i changed the position and the stupid thing freaked up ... so it's blurry now.

Watashi no Dream Room.

Cool huh, the background u are seeing is currently the wallpaper of my lappy =), i love it so much, so i hope i can kinda make it my 'floor wallpaper' in my dream room so tat everywhere i move, roll and crawl i can see Shizuru-sama's face XD!!! LOL.

Next, my junk food to be stored in my tummy when i'm burning the midnight oil before exam days lol. Kit Kat and half of Doritos were gone this morning oh and Calbury chocolate too lol. I'll continue eating Doritos BBQ on ... hm Monday haha before BB exams XD. Eating chocolate is really good, it improves my memory. Speaking of memories lol, i think my brain's bandwidth exceeded this morning cos i had a major headache and i had to lie down for a while before i split! LOL.


I started studying SMM only this morning .. which is 7am, i slept at 1am ... reading fanfics hahaha. So i studied from 7 AM - 9 AM before i had a headache so i rested for 30mins 9.30 AM started studying to 10 AM then i went to bath, ate and stuff and chatted with LC abt SMM questions. Then i went to POSB to apply for ATM card at 11 AM and i was studying SMM when i was on the bus there and to school. Reached school at 12 noon, so i studied alone for an hour there till HQ, JX and ZY came and bothered me lol. No la, i was finishing soon anyways. Especially JX ... lol ... so technically i only studied 3+hrs? How cool is that?! LOL.

I think i'm really lucky, i always spot the right questions and could do averagely in my papers ... what if i studied hard? I could score full markts? ... ha. My mum always say that to me ... XD.

After the SMM paper, went to North Point's CC to buy Girls Bravo #5 and Magister Negi Magi #9! YAY. I read a few pages of MNM le ... heh, tomorrow then continue ba haha. Ohhh yes, then i saw my Secondary 2 English teacher ... also form teacher there ... i was like 'Holy shit. Mrs Teng!!!' ... Then i quickly ducked on side and covered the left side of my face and hope that she didn't see me LOL. She was looking at some promotion roadshow thingy there ... the Osim thingy? I forgot lol, i dun notice things around me except my mangas and my bread ... i was darn hungry hahaha. I think she didn't see me ba LOL.

Ah, it's Samurai 7 time ... cyaaaaa

[Signing off @ 10:56 PM]

PS: Shut up fish ball, stop coughing and sniffing lol.

PS 2: OHH Forgot to thank ZY for bringing the YanZi SK brochure for me~~~ So sweet of her to remember of me lol. I went in the exam room with a smile on my face haha, knowing that YanZi is supporting me in my baggy hehehehe.

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