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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

My To Do List 1

[Posted @ 10:01 PM]
I dun think i'm blogging any Anime/Manga stuff for this moment, i juz wanna organize myself on my work ... yeah so skip this post if u dun wanna read about it.

Here's My To Do List:
1. Watch Animes - Blood+ 10-14, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-14 by ... goodness knows when.
2. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 2, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
3. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
5. Finish Draft SMM Project 2 [My Part on Smart Voice] By Tonight ...
6. Do SMM Project 2 PPT Slides on Wed/Thurs XT will compile it.
7. Rehearse SMM Project 2 PPT on Fri morning? [Discuss with grp mates first] Edit: Yep.
8. LAM Part 3 [Start Analyzing and split parts] On Thurs/Fri
9. vPOST Data Entry on the Bishan ITE thingy - Edit: Do It Tonight
10. Start on BB analyzing using SPSS & do up PPT Slides on Fri/Sat [Hope PPT on Friday]
11. Finish Final Edition of SMM Project Report 2 by Sun
12. Finish LAM Part 3 by 14 Feb, Tues
13. BPC Final PPT on 15 Feb, Wed [Cross fingers!]
14. Start BPC Individual Report on Wed
15. Submit BPC Individual Report by 20th Feb
16. Study for EXAMS le! SMM, BB and IB ... ARGH!


[Signing off @ 10:04 PM]

PS: Watch Amercia's Next Top Model later woohoo. A productive day XD.

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