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Friday, February 3, 2006

Blood+ Ep8

[Posted @ 10:08 PM]
I'm lazy. Darn lazy. Didn't do my parts. Slacked for 2 whole days ... watching animes and ... reading fanfics XD. And i kinda enjoy it. But ... this must not keep up.

Uh Nice Drawing LoL.XD Hagi + Red Rose = Hot.=O
Saya And Min.Evil.Nice Blue Rose.

- Saya's in the boarding school as mentioned in Ep7 as a student in vietnam. Meanwhile, Kai and Riku were in Vietnam but they're being tricked and abandoned probably to ensure their safety and stuff haha. Saya got in the school, Lycee and adapted to the surroundings pretty well. Min, Saya's room mate became fast friends with Saya and told her abt the Phantom story haha, juz some story abt this Phantom who fell in love with a girl named Rose. Then when the Phantom proposed to Rose, Rose asked for a blue rose. The Phantom never found a blue rose and so Rose died. Phantom wept and his tears created blue roses. And so the story goes that whenever a blue rose is given to a girl and she goes missing, it is assumed that she's taken by the Phantom. Kai and Riku then decided to find Saya themselves. LoL, Hagi became the heart throb of Lycee ... and the girls are kinda jealous Saya got so close to Hagi.

- Saya told Hagi that she suspect that the rumoured Phantom might be a Chiropteran and told him that she will go investigate but her plan was foiled by a teacher, Miss Lee. At bedtime, Min crawled in Saya's bed and they had a girly chat lol abt kissing, boyfriends and marriage. Min asked if Saya kissed before, Saya recalled the first Ep where Hagi ... kinda 'kissed' her and blushed lol. Saya said she never kissed before but Min saw through Saya's lying and made this damn funny face ahahaha and said Saya lied! LoL. Min then rattled on boyfriends, marrying and having kids, haha a funny scene but nice one ... Saya got up from bed, saw some light at the clock tower and went to investigate again. Saya met the Phantom at the clock tower and was cornered by him. Stabbing him with the dagger Hagi gave her, Saya confirmed that the Phantom is a Chiropteran.

- Hagi jumped up to the clock tower from nowhere and threw a dagger at the Chiropteran, but it caught the dagger with its mouth. Hagi then fought with the Chiropteran for a while before the Chiropteran jumped down the clock tower and disappeared. However, it left a blue rose behind. [Meaning it's gonna capture Saya XD] -END-

Art: 7/10 [Not bad ...]
Story: 7/10 [Interesting haha, Nice friendship bonding scene]
Characters: 7/10 [Min's a really nice friend]
Overall: 7/10

I'm really lazy.

I'm not going to do that stupid timetable thingy again. Doesn't help i think. Makes me worry all day.

Sigh, got SMM, IB Walmart, BB and LAM Part 3 to do. Dammit. Why do the dumb O levels kids have to admit early this year? Now they squeeze all our shitty stuff in less than 6 months. Waste my freaking money, pay the same price but get less days in a sem. Wat the hell. I'm so fucking pissed off. I do not like to be pressured. Especially not when it does me no good. Dammit. God. Dammit damn damn damn damn.

Manz, i'm so gonna hate next week and next next week. I dun think stress shows on my face. Dunno dun care.

I dun even want to blog. But i juz feel like typing some bad words ha. DAMN. FUCK. GODDAMMIT!

[Signing off @ 10:21 PM]

PS: Stupid fucking school.

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