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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My To Do List 3

[Posted 11:21 PM]
Finally. Juz need to take out 35 words from my stupid LAM report and it'll be 3500 words! YAY.

Here's My To Do List:
1. Watch Animes - Blood+ 10-14, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-14 by ... goodness knows when.
2. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 2, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
3. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
4. Discuss quite abit today ... try to start something tonight ... on PPT Assigned BB tasks to grpmates.
5. Finish LAM Part 3 by 14 Feb, Tues -> Almost there!
6. BPC Final PPT on 15 Feb, Wed [Cross fingers!]
7. Start BPC Individual Report on Wed
8. Submit BPC Individual Report by 20th 17th Feb -> Cos i dun wanna come to sch on Mon juz to submit. -> Start On 16th.
9. Do Slides on BB ...
10. BB PPT on 17th Feb ... Last PPT in NP!
11. Campus Running Event on Sat, 18 Feb, 9am-12noon.
12. Study for EXAMS le! SMM, BB and IB ... ARGH!
13. Goodbye NP.

... did rehearsal for BPC today. Supposed to be a family of 3, 2 didn't come, left me alone. One sick, other overslept.

I hate this feeling when i cannot do things right without help of others.

In this case, i can't act out the role of 3 person in the same time right. So i dunno why i went for BPC also, but watching others have fun is good.

I think big words of 'I'm fucking pissed off.' was stamped on my face when go home. I dunno if some saw it or not ... but yes, i'm was fucking pissed off.

So i'm sorry for those who saw my black face ha. Those who got up the 184 bus with me. And thanks to JX who asked me if i wanna join them. But really, in my current condition, i'll snap at anyone at the slightest thing. Even looking at YanZi's face on the way home only brought a tiny grin in my face before it faded.

I seriously hate this feeling. I don't get pissed off easily with humans. Hell, i didn't even get angry or whack my parrots when they bite me till i bled. But if i really get angry, i'll show you i'm angry ha.

My temper was really short and i used to shoot my mouth off with no regards to how people feel. It's no difference now, except i'll curse that person in my mind LOL. My temper was really flaring this afternoon and the god damn hot weather ... i got even more pissed and was stomping around when i was waiting for 171 for only 5 mins. I mean i used to wait for 15 mins and never get pissed off.

I was seriously staring at anyone who looked in my way. Hahaha, i'm really bad, transferring my anger into innocent people -.-||. Well sorry to all!

In the one hr bus trip, my anger only went down 5% ... so i got home, kicked around and cursed. Then i went to take a nap. I couldn't be bothered to reply messages. So i slept till 7.30pm then i felt alot better. So i started doing my LAM report and watched TV yeah.

I'm still feeling a little pissed but i'm ok le. Must be suffering from 'God-I-Have-Not-Watched-Animes-For-A-Week-Le!' Ha. So cya.

Jia you all tomorrow! I think our PPT's pretty cool lol.

[Signing off @ 11:43 PM]

PS: Argh blogger is nuts!

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