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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally, An Official KonoSetsu Pactio Kiss!

[Posted @ 6:17 PM]
According to yours truly, Mahou Sensei Negima! Season 1 animation's KonoSetsu Pactio Kiss doesn't count, Mahou Sensei Negima! Life-Action's KonoSetsu Dream Kiss doesn't count, Negima! Neo's Anniversary-Of-Being-Friends-4ever Kiss doesn't count as well.


This Passionate Pactio Kiss in Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga COUNTS. Know why? Because there's TONGUE ACTION INVOLVED! *GASP*

KonoSetsu Pactio Kiss!

I hope this is a permanent pactio, it'll be like a legal marriage! LOL.
More scans of Chapter 252 here or if baidu doesn't work for you, go to AstroNerdBoy's blog.

Ending this on a sweet, 'Awwwww~' note.

KonoSetsu Cheek Kiss!

*waits patiently for C252 scans*

Edited on 26th May 2009;

Scans are out at Aquastar Forum, grab them nao!

Where Is Secchan Grabbing?!


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  1. *first comment*
    BUWAHAHA I was filled with joy when I first saw this!
    I only hope *this* scene will get animated too, maybe in the new Negima OADs

  2. LOL, I didn't expect this. But maybe the author'll explain "a right meaning" of it later :D. I wouldn't be surprised.

    Thanks for the information.

  3. omgomgomg YAY! \O/ I've been waiting for this since book 2!

  4. to Jessie & Rinu, \O/ yeah! I was stunned lol, totally.

    to Hayashi, wah so early lol, I only got the vibes at the Kyoto arc xD, guess your gaydar is more powderful then mine lol.

  5. KonoSetsu fans would be happy to get a kiss period - but this is particularly great as it was genuinely sweet and blatantly romantic. Konoka is such a flirt.

    I'll be surprised if it's a permanent pactio (yet), but I'm hoping they'll have one by the time the manga ends.

  6. I think I am officially dead with happiness!
    Please wait for a moment...
    -maniac mode ON!-



  7. to Diodati, lol yeah, Konoka certainly didn't waste any time and immediately lunged for Secchan's lips haha. I find the aggressiveness of Konoka Ojou-sama sexy xD.

    Well, one can always hope, I've always hope for a KonoSetsu pactio and it happened! *hopes for a permanent pactio*

    to DynamiteiSei & Anon, haha, hmm I guess Akamatsu-sensei throws in some KonoSetsu once in a blue moon to get those fans worked up =x

  8. been losing just a bit of interest in the series lately bcuz its been turning into dbz with every character falling in love with negi ><. but now... WOW! i hope there's a huge story arc focusing on these two! lol prob not though, way too much stuff going on in the plot as it is!

  9. lol, I thought I'm the only one who noticed where the hand is grabbing. :P

    But that was a beautiful scene. ^.^
    Imagine, its my first chapter as well for this manga HAHAHAHA.
    I skipped 251 chapters because this is all I wanted to see. :))
    But I've watch the anime though.

    Also, hello akayuki I enjoy reading your blogs. I've been lurking for long time now, this first time to post here though heh. ^^
    Been wandering around yasashii sekai lately as well because of GF! HAHAHA. My high quality drugs. Wonder why you don't have review of it here, or I'm just blind. o_o;

  10. Woo~ i never read the manga but this looks good :D thanks alot!

    Btw akayuuki-san~! I'm happy to know that Lililicious will be doing Vol. 2 & 3 of Hatsukoi Shimai.. which means that everyone will be able to read it in English :DD I had pray for this day to come & it finally came! =D

  11. lol back again, same here Yumiko! totally made my day when i checked mangaupdates and i saw lililicious release that chapter. pretty disappointed with SevenSeas though, still sour about not being able to read the final strawberry panic novel, or continue to buy volumes of last uniform and hatsukoi shimai. i hope hayate x blade is selling well, because im on the 3rd volume now ><.

  12. to tsuyo_puyo, lol seem here, I've been reading Negima since Volume 1 but I've only been reading the manga (not scanlations). Now KonoSetsu have pactio-ed, I'll definitely look out what artifact Secchan will get xD, perhaps that will happen in the next few chapters?

    to Miko, lol xD great minds think alike. Oh? Have you read the Negima Neo then? There's also KonoSetsu in Chapter 29 xD.

    Oh, I see lol. Ehh, I'm reading Girlfriends though but I'm just lazy to post something about it lol. Yeah, maybe after the manga ends, I'll do something about it xD.

    to Yumiko & tsuyo_puyo, ohh, that's cool, and yeah Seven Seas should do something about the licensing soon :< I want the last volume of last uniform ... Ohh I've yet to buy hxb ... but at least it's been released at a pretty fast pace.

  13. I have to admit, when I saw that I was shocked! Not because they kissed to perform a patio, but the hand behind Setsuna's neck from the ever mysterious Konoka, whose feelings were never made clear. Although, this still doesn't confirm it concrete, it does give hope to us fans of the couple. My only thought behind the 'passionate' kiss is because of fanservice or Akamatsu is making it cannon on the two. I certainly hope it is the latter. Desite all that, I was pleased beyond measure.

  14. to anon, yeah, same here. It's so cute/sweet that Konoka's latching on Setsuna's lips until Secchan went breathless xD. I'm not optimistic of the future development of KonoSetsu, but I'll take whatever I can get haha, I've learned not to expect so much =x.

  15. i saw this and died. konoka obviously likes setsuna's lips/mouth/tongue LOL

  16. It was konoka Who put a tongue on setsuna? omg, i have a poor vision XD

  17. to setenshi, indeed xD. Now we need a fanfic or fanart on this.

    to Saki, ehhh lol we're assuming there's tongue action =P

  18. definitely tongue action. you see konoka's mouth open...and i'm sure in normal kisses...one doesnt OPEN THEIR MOUTH unless there's some kind of tongue action :P

    konoka definitely like setsuna. i just reread 250 and saw her literally throw her onto setsuna when setsuna comes back from her scouting mission. she probably missed setsuna as much as when they were first separated when they arrived at the magic world gateport incident. i think she appreciates setsuna more after being unwilling parted from her...and konoka is showing her love for setsuna via date/pactio/makingout/tongue :P :P

  19. lmao i wouldnt have noticed that if u didnt point that out.
    i think they r so cute.

  20. Where can I see that Negima neo's anniversary for being friends 4ever kiss? thanks in advance