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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Candy☆Boy Ep7 Finale [Maybe!?] Out On 8 May 2009

Edited on 3 May 2009;
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Evil. Pure Evil. They knew I was going to BUY both the DVDs. EVIL. ALL OF THEM. EVIL!

Candy☆Boy Ep7 Finale [Maybe!?] Out On 8 May 2009.

The covers for Candy☆Boy Volume 2 DVD are out, we have the 'Lovely' version and the 'Friendly' version. You know, those darn DVDs ain't cheap! :< 6800 yen each ... which is around S$102!!! Two DVDs for S$204 =A= Oh well, hopefully there will be discounts for pre-orders [10-20% will do!] and I will definitely buy BOTH of them xD. I've a few books I want to buy as well hmmm.


Candy☆Boy Ep8!?

So maybe, Episode 7 is not the finale after all huh, *got a feeling that it will be a cliff-hanger* ... Oh I was too engrossed on the Episode 8 that I missed this '「サイン入り奏抱き枕カバー」プレゼント応募券' ......... Wait a moment. Is this what I think it is!? A Kanade Hug Pillow!? Somehow I think it's a ticket or voucher to win an autographed Kanade Hug Pillow ... or something.

Man 24 June ... 52 days moar!

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  1. Aww! I can't wait! once again thx for the notice :D how are u these days anw?! =) all the best in everything u do~~~ :D

  2. to Yumiko, yep, just a week more. Yeah I'm doing good, a few assignments, exams and I'll be done for the semester xD.

  3. cool! (:
    thanks for posting up again.
    can't wait till fridayy! ^-^

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