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Sunday, May 31, 2009

[Raku-Gun] Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel Part 1 Script

[Posted @ 7:23 PM]
\O/ in celebration of the KonoSetsu pactio kiss, I bring you, what else but a KonoSetsu doujinshi! This is just the script for Pages 2-14 [+ Cover] though, I'll continue Part 2 [Pages 15-26 + End Cover] next weekend perhaps?

Thank Jessie/RotemChan for kicking my arse requesting this xD.


only Mandarin to English.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, so I don't claim ANY credits for it. The author for this doujinshi is Raku-Gun and I'm just translating for those non-Japanese readers, so don't ban me for it =(.

[Raku-Gun] Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel.

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: [PFY工作室][NGM][刹木][楽玩]FEEL

As usual, pardon me if there're any mistakes or whatever XD.

'Feel' by Raku-Gun Script Part 1;

Title: Negima! Fanbook #2 – ‘Feel’
Mangaka: Raku-Gun

Main Characters;
- Sakurazaki Setsuna (Secchan)
- Konoe Konoka (Ojou-sama, Kono-chan)
- Negi Springfield
- Kagurazaka Asuna
- Konoe Kokoemon (Oji-chan)

-... for sound effects (SFX)
*...* for signs etc
@...@ for small text or hand writing text
###... for long lines (Double bubbles)
(...) for translator's notes or explanation
_..._ for emphasizing (Bold, Italic letters...etc.)
[…] thoughts (Square boxes, fluffy bubbles)
+...+ for Using Original Japanese Word
{…} Translation of Original Japanese Word


/Page 2

[If I should say,]

Asuna: Konoka?
### She left in the morning already.
@Speaking of which, Negi is gone as well.@

[That my heart is pulsing,]
### [My blood is circulating]

Setsuna: … I see.

Setsuna: Thank you very much.

Asuna: Ah? Leaving already?

Asuna: Why don’t you wait for a while? Perhaps they will be back by then.
### You are not busy, aren’t you?


[And I am breathing---]


Asuna: Setsuna-san?

/Page 3

[Just think, what made all of that possible?]

Negi: Erm--- Konoka-san.

/Page 4

Konoka: What is it, Negi-kun?

Negi: I… Can I really do it?
@This kind of thing …@

Konoka: Hm, you are right, if Oji-chan {Grandpa} finds out about this …
### And if things go horribly wrong, there’s a possibility that Negi-kun will get fired from his job.

Negi: !?

Konoka: On top of that, you might get turned into an ermine.

Negi: !!?

Konoka: Ahaha, I am just joking.
### It wouldn’t happen, don’t worry about it.

Konoka: In any case, I am the one who involved Negi-kun in this …
Konoka: It is not his fault,
### … … Even though we did such a thing.

/Page 5

Konoka: Please forgive Negi-kun,
## Secchan.


Setsuna: The Headmaster is looking for you,
### Ojou-sama. {Mistress}

Negi: Setsuna … -san.

Konoka: Ah~Ah~ such a pity.

Konoka: The free time I have been trying to hold on is gone just like that.
@To think I was musing that it was rare that you didn’t come.@

/Page 6

Konoka: Well then, Negi-kun, thank you for your hard work,
### Dismissed!!


Negi: Eh, just like that!?

Konoka: There’s nothing we can do, it is impossible for us to escape now.
### It was because of my own willfulness that I dragged you into accompanying me, for that, I thank you.

Negi: What do you mean by your own willfulness, Konoka-san---

Setsuna: Ojou-sama.

Setsuna: Please make haste.

Negi: Se-Setsuna-san, you too!
### You knew Konoka-san hates Omiai--- {Japanese Arranged Marriage}


/Page 7

Negi: Isn’t … it …
### Um, Eh?

Negi: … Er---m.

Konoka: Oji-chan is getting angry?

/Page 8

Setsuna: No ... just that the other party has been waiting for a while,
### So I was thinking that perhaps we should hurry …

Konoka: Ah I see. Sorry to trouble you, Secchan.
### After all, it is a rare holiday for you.

Setsuna: It is okay, the reason of my existence is to wait upon you, Ojou-sama.
### No matter what kind of orders I am given, I am aware that it is all for Ojou-sama’s sake.

Konoka: [… Really, she’s so stubborn.]

/Page 9

Konoka: … … …

Konoka: For my sake … is it?

Setsuna: ?

Konoka: Secchan.
### What do you wish for me to do?

Setsuna: For you to do … is referring to?

Konoka: Un--- to be specific, I am referring to something in the future.

Konoka: Do you wish for me to obtain happiness?

Setsuna: Of course.

/Page 10

Konoka: Even if it is given to me to by someone else,
### Even if it is not what I considered to be happiness?

Konoka: My own happiness,
### I wish to choose it for myself.

/Page 11

Setsuna: --- I

Setsuna: As long as Ojou-sama obtains happiness,
### I will be content as well.

Konoka: Therefore---

Setsuna: After that,

/Page 12

Setsuna: I will be Ojou-sama’s shadow and continue to protect you until my dying days. That is my duty.


Setsuna: We should go soon,
### Ojou-sama.

/Page 13


Konoka: … No, it is not that …


/Page 14


Konoka: --- In other words,


Konoka: If I don’t say anything you would assume that I have given up?

Setsuna: Eh?

Konoka: There is a loophole, Secchan.

Setsuna: !?

- End of Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel Part 1 Script -

I just love cliffhangers, don't you? =P

[Signing off @ 7:27 PM]


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  2. I hope RotemChan don't mind me for sharing this link? Here it is; http://rapidshare.com/files/209963029/Feel.rar

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  5. to DynamiteiSei, xD no problems and thanks! I love the new layout as well =P.

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  6. This is the continuation of one life?

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  8. Well hopefully we do.
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