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Friday, May 15, 2009

Doropanda Tours Doujinshi Loot

[Posted @ 5:04 PM]

Doropanda Tours Doujinshi Loot.

Envy me, because these are all mine, baby. Well maybe not the Mai Otome Drama CDs, giving them to someone =)

Thanks to shezaei-neko, I was browsing around a week ago and saw her post on ShizuNatsu goodies and it felt like my prayers were finally answered lol. I don't think I even hesitated to get those puppies.

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  1. Hmm...are those at the bottom right the newest doujin? Haven't spotted the scans anywhere in the net before.

  2. Ah! That's really nice! I've always wanted to collect the Doropanda Tours series but it's too bad every mail package I receive gets scanned by the parents. ><

    Guess I'll need to wait until I'm living on my own again. And to echo Anonymous, which issue is the bottom right one? I haven't seen that before too. Mai-HiME Destiny? ^^

  3. XD I see you've received yours too already!
    I got mine some days ago. :]
    I never thought that you got into that LJ thanks to my post...good to know that I help a shizunatsu fan! ;)

    BTW, those at the bottom, if I'm not mistakne are just like specials that are in the comiket and are comments from the author, right?

    I wanted to get the doujin that had those but I didn't have enough money so it was hard to choose. ;_;

  4. Yeah they are pamphlets from Mai Hime and Mai Otome Doujinshi events [http://hoshihime.sokubaikai.com/], [http://www.zhime-fes.info/index.shtml] and yep comments from the author as well.

    *pats shezaei_neko* but you got the hotjuicy ... uh good ones! xD

    Ah yes, as for the page that is on the bottom right, I've never seen it online before either ... probably a special page by itself and yes, it's just two pages of it.

  5. O,O I'm so freaking jealous!!!
    Seriously, I screamed when I saw this!
    But I'm really happy for you! Ah, I've seen the bottom page on the right online once! Everybody was lurking everywhere for it cuz all we had was a bad picture of it!
    I'd like to ask, even if it's only artwork, could you scan what never came up online for us? I'd like to see it please! Especially that really short story!
    I'd really appreciate it, n worship u for the rest of ur life! I'll bake cookies?

  6. Wooow! I really envy you, so lucky XD.
    I'm happy for you, hope you're enoying these!

  7. wow... i can only wish!

  8. Aww~! I'm soooo envious over u once again >< u make me jealous.. eek! anw gratz on getting them =D

  9. Hm yeah sure, but I don't have a scanner right now ... I'll scan it when I get back =x

  10. thats a nice collection you got there! are there still new Doropanda Tours doujins coming out, and isnt the artist also drawing the queens blade manga? i havent looked into it, but i recognized the art style

  11. to Tsuyo_Puyo, thanks! I'm not sure about that ... but I'll be sure to post any scans if they're out xD.

    And yes it's the same artist as the Queen's Blade - Hide & Seek manga.

  12. so if there is still new Tours coming out, are you going to scan them all?
    if so thanks

  13. WOW! So amazing with all those Mai-HiME-Otome stuff there! Sheesh! I totally envy ya for having the real stuff!
    Well here's hoping that you'd scan them for us who also want a glance at your blessings! XD
    I also wish those untranslated Doropanda ones will be translated soon.
    I really miss my ShizuNatsu (T^T)
    More power to you akayuki-san! ^_^

  14. ... i want to have all of those too!!!!

    ... envy you very very much!!!

    ... where did you get those!!!

    I need to know!!! XD