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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Answer Is ... Stefanie Sun's World Tour Concert 2009

[Posted @ 6:02 PM]
OZMG! OMFG! *Squeals like a mad fangirl for about 30 minutes*

Stefanie Sun's The Answer Is ... World Tour Concert 2009.

I've already purchased a ticket (S$168 Seat) through yanziunlimited ... so glad I managed to slot my way in lol. I think the official ticket release is on April 16th, so book your tickets through Sistic Singapore on that day xD.

Oh yeah I have some random rants about the animes I've been watching for the past ... 2 weeks at the bottom of the post =). Please share your comments about it as well xD.

I was just browsing through the forum last night and I was like 'OZMG! CONCERT!' *clicks thread* 'OZMG! Deadline is on 13th April!' I stared at the clock and its around 1.50 AM, Tuesday [Brisbane Time] so it's still 11.50 PM, Monday [Singapore Time], I was like ... =A=!!!! *yelling/screaming/shrieking at Skype VC* Thinking back, it's so funny lol.

Anyways, the first stop for Stefanie Sun's concert is at Taiwan as usual, the best seats selling for NT4800 each =O which is a whooping $214 in Singapore Dollars =A=! Wow. Speaking of Wow lol, I'm so freaking lucky! I thought I was going to miss it lol, but I will still be in Singapore on 11th of July~~~ HAHA Heaven got EYES! HEAVEN IS ON MY SIDE!!! *Chuckles devilishly* Hmm, school starts on 26th July, probably drag it till like 25th before going home or something lol.

Oh man, xD happy happy mood tonight and days to come as I count down to the day of the concert. This will my additional motivation to OWN this semester!


Random anime rants;
Oh, hmm I've watched Queen's Blade... lol yeah and has continued to watch Episode 2 as well ... uh no comments lol. *whispers boobies milk nuking* muahahaha.

Oh, I've watched K-ON! too, AND YOU SHOULD TOO! >:| Currently hooked on the ED, 'Don't Say Lazy' xD 'please don't say you're lazy, datte honto wa crazy~' Love it. Episode 1 made me wanna watch Episode 2 but ... somehow halfway through Episode 2, I was experiencing this flashback of watching the anime Hyakko again =A= ... I felt the story was becoming draggy and *gulp* boring =O but the last part saved the Episode :< It was a close shave.

Ah, also Episode 1 made me wanna go learn the Electric Guitar LOL, I've been thinking of learning to play a guitar since I was uh 16 I think [After my O Level back then]. But I was just plain lazy, got into poly and forgot all about it till now lol. Hmm, must remember to purchase an electric guitar when I get back \O/

Next up, SAKI! Amazingly, despite GONZO's attempts to butcher the anime with Magical Nanoha-like scenes in the OP, I enjoyed Episode 1 and 2 a lot. The Nodoka-Angel reference in Episode 2 was ... tolerable as well lol, somehow it kinda highlights Saki's impression of Nodoka. Hm so yes, I remembered the scene where Nodoka 'slams' her body [andboobs] on her bed in Episode 2 as well =A= I think I cringed. I was like '... Doesn't it hurt!? =A=!!!!' *whispers* I think her boobs are made up of silicon =OO LOL =x.

Hmm, what else ... ah yes, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood~ Episode 1 was a total blast! I enjoyed the OP a lot [It freaking made me cry lol] and the ED was cute. The animation is awesome, hmm interesting how this remake of FMA took no crap from the manga and first anime lol and created its own Episode 1, it's pretty awesome I should say. I've yet to watch Episode 2 yet ... it's in my folder now \O/

Gotta go for dinner, hungry xD.

[Signing off @ 7:35 PM]


  1. AH!!! Stephanie's Concert! lucky u >< I have never been to one, not until when i grow up.. envy u loads! =) &..&.. Queen's blade not bad too XD

  2. wow i downloaded the first episode of queens blade over night, popped it in my flash drive, and ALMOST watched it at school, but dam, good thing i didnt lol.. and what a coincidence, you're watching the same series that i'm watching (well almost)! i love saki, in my speech class we recently had to pick a random topic to give a speech about, and i chose mahjong, and we're required to use a visual aid for our speech. now here i am trying to find the right clip from Saki to show to the class haha. have fun at ur concert!

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. to Yumiko, yeah guess I'm really lucku haha xD. I'm not so sure where Queen's Blade is heading o_o

    to Tsuyo_Puyo, haha it's good that you didn't watch QB in school, it's not something you want to show to your friends xD. Whoa, awesome, speech class ... I've always wanted to use something related to anime for assignments. Good luck for your speech!

    to Hapi, hey thanks for visiting, have a nice day as well =)

  5. You're so lucky to be able to see Yanzi in concert - I live in the Southeastern US and we almost NEVER get any Asian singers performing in concert here. (the ONE exception was when the 12 Girls Band stopped over to do a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina).