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Monday, January 9, 2006

School Rumble OVA 1 + 5 More Days

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Oh Oh. Ya know, it feeelsss so great to sleep in the last two days that i was lazing around bed with no intention of getting up till afternoons XD. Cos it's raining! Soo cold, so comfortable ... makes me wanna hibernate haha. Really. It rained for a full day last night that i simply lazed around, rolling on my bed like a sushi XD. Anyways here's School Rumble OVA 1 summary~

Yakumo!When Yakumo First Saw Sarah.Must. Let. Me. Have. That. Seat.
XD S&M!Using Her Hair =OLOL! SO KAWAII!!!!

- Ep started with ... eh what's his name? LOL. Not sure XD. Some delinquent wannabe and he wanted to get into Harima's good looks. So he said 'Ah, Harima, you're in 2-D?' then got whacked LOL! I remembered this from the manga, Tenma's in class 2-C ba ... and Harima desperately wants to go there too lol, in the end he begged the teacher to change him there when in the end he was not even in Year2 but demoted to Year1 LOL. -Slots in OP-

- The next part of the Ep's abt the yurilicious [Kyaaahh~ With all the sakura petals floating around.] flashback of how Yakumo and Sarah + Iori met. Followed the manga pretty closely =D. YAKUMOOO YUMMILICIOUS~ Ha. Yakumo's got this ... ability to read the minds of people. Manz, Yakumo looks so lonely here cos the girls are too afraid to approach her. Yakumo looks way too heavenly ... ha. There's this incident where her cat, Iori was attacked by some wacko dog.

- Yakumo rushed in and tried to protect Iori, then looked out to the crowd for help but the crowd expects Yakumo to handle it by herself. Suddenly Sarah came into the picture and saved the day with her 'Wan-wan~' HAHAHAHA. Yay. Finally, Yakumo got a friend =D.

- Next part, Tenma and Karasuma are in the same class. Tenma's powered up to be seated next to Karasuma. Then came the hit, they're assigned to seat via lucky draw. LOL. Tenma was like ... 'AHHH WHHHYYY!?' LOL. Then she had to get number 6 to be sited in front of Karasuma lol. She got number 6 ... nope she got 9 lol she saw wrongly LOL. Then number 9 is wayyy front, 'Box Seat' LOL! Harima was like ... what? Tenma's in front and treatened to be sited in front too.

- Juz then, the guy who sat on seat 6 wanted to change and Tenma volunteered to. LOL. LOL Tenma was like bowing so rapidly to the guy [Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu~ lol. Harima was then sat next to the guy at the front sit LOL. Then Harima changed back la lol, so Tenma sat in front of Karasuma and Harima is beside Tenma. =D.

- Next part, Yakumo in the art room, drawing a portrait of herself cos she had slept through an art lecture ... Yakumo seems to have trouble drawing a nice expression. While drawing, a girl suddenly appeared in front of Yakumo and then said she's not human and stuff then attacked Yakumo. The girl asked Yakumo if she likes men or hates them. Yakumo said she doesn't hate them and doesn't have a person she like too.

- The girl questioned why and said she knew Yakumo could hear the thoughts of people who are interested in her. Yakumo replied cos she could see and so she could understand ... and doesn't really got a reason. The girl seems to accept that reason for now ... and left. Yakumo is back to the art room ... and a nice expression of herself was on the portrait.

- Last part, Mikoto, Eri and Tenma are in an Female Onsen. [Hot Spring.] Harima, Hanai and Imadori are in the Male Onsen lol and they heard the voices of the girls. Imadori ... went 'D! D! D! D!' LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Then he tried to go peek. Harima rushed to listen when he heard Tenma mentioned his name. LOL.

- Tenma told everyone that Harima's trying to hit on Yakumo ... LoL. Hanai's pulling Imadoki from climbling over to peek lol then suddenly the wooden plank separating the male and the female side turned up. Revealing Harima there standing on tiptoes. As Eri was sitting in a position where she could see him, she stared at him with this LOL damn kawaii disgusted expression.

- The worst is that Harima's towel ... came off and lol Eri's expression, still disgusted, eye brow twitching with a little blush was shown lol!!!!! But in the end, she didn't gave Harima out and said she saw a monkey ran pass LOL.

- LoL on side note, i love the part where the girl in Yakumo's 'dream' went to ask Tenma if Tenma likes men LOL. Then Tenma was like 'Ah, DAISUKI!!!!' LOL and placed her right hand behind her head like she's a little shy XD. LoL damn funny action/expression that i had to repeat around 5 times LOL.

- Enjoyable Ep~ woot, i'm looking forward to season 2 really~ hahaha the art's nice, humour's there~ and the story's pretty ... uh cool too. Ha =D. Nice ED lol, the part where Harima and Tenma went to buy a present for Karasuma's birthday and Tenma fell asleep on Harima's shoulders XD. Quite magical lol. I'm waiting for OVA 2~

Art: 8/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Sent me laughing for 25mins XD]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Eri-chan~ Yakumo-chan~]
Overall: 8/10

Ok, i'm procrastinating. I admit. LoL, but i was really rolling around in bed, didn't want to move. I didn't do anything for my projects XD. Anyways, ah, hm. Nothing much today. Went to school for LAM lec ... boring. About casinos, gambling ... what impulsive gamblers and stuff. After that my grp talked a little on the LAM project then went for SMM lec. LoL, almost slept. But i kept myself awake by taking down notes. The lecturer even said we're good today LOL. Cos half of us were probably stoning LOL. That's why! LoL.

Was watching Super ... uh Super ... oh yes Campus SuperStar on Channel U lol i know the mandarin title but didn't know the english title hahaa. Oh, sorry i was browsing the website of Campus SuperStar XD. Anyways, i think YanZi's the best XD. Oh let's count down to her concert k? -See subject XD- 5 MORE DAYS! YEAH!

Cya, wanna go read fanfics then ... sleep like a baby~~~ btw i'm reading this damn complicated 3 way love triangle. SO COOL! LOL. I'm so loving it and i'm hooked!

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