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Monday, January 2, 2006

Animes I Might Be Watching In 2006

[Posted @ 7:55 PM]
Yes, i'm lazy, so i figured i'll juz blog on animes titles i'm itching to watch on 2006!!! YAY. Besides i need to study for my LAM ... XD.

Before that, now currently wanting to download are;
1. Gundam Seed Destiny - Final Plus
2. Itsudatte My Santa OVA 1
3. School Rumble OVA 2
But i juz need to clear the animes on my folders first before i download them.

Next, anime titles i might be watching in 2006;
1. School Rumble ~Season 2~ [Meeting us in Spring as stated in School Rumble OVA 2.]
2. Fate/stay Night [Sounds famous, adapted from some PS game?]
3. Lemon Angel Project [Well, the art looks nice.]
4. REC [Sounds cool, art looks ok to me.]
5. Ouran High School Host Club [Ha, i read the manga and the story's damn funny ... so i'm looking forward how they will do in the anime =).]
6. XXXHOLiC [Every CLAMP fans are waittttingggg~ haha]
7. Girls' High School Students aka Joshikosei [The art looks nice and i read previews for the manga and it's damn funny too XD.]
8. Ergo Proxy [God, the art looks pretty cool and ... hm mecha ...]
9. Kagihime Monogatari - Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku [Cos it's by Kaishaku, great art, fucking cool website and had magical usagi-eared girls KYAAAHHHH KAWAII~~~~~~~~~~ XD]

EDIT: [Hmm, i guess i better separate the shoujo-ai [girlxgirl] genres which i'm sure the titles i'm stating will have and place it below XD]

1. Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl [Well, i guess it's every shoujo-ai fans' must watch? LoL i read the manga and it's ... ook la.]
2. Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Season 3~ [Classic. Yep yep yep, i'm so waiting and looking forward to it XD.]
3. Strawberry Panic! [God, the website i went looks so yurish lol. XD. Anyways i think i saw the chapters of the manga somewhere and the art's pretty good too =D.]

Hmmm, i think it's all for now ... will add when anime news network got some juicy news XD. Cya, time to eat and study!!! I will post up Mai Otome Ep9 tomorrow then.

[Signing off @ 8:07 PM]


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